Knack 2 Cheats for PS4

All Knack 2 Cheats, Collectibles, Chests, Super Moves and Trophies

Welcome to a world of combat, platforming and puzzles full of fun and variety, where the resizable hero is full of energy and ready to save the situation again in the new game in the series Knack 2.

Knack 2 Super Moves

In Knack 2 to get the Trophy "Super Move Master" It is necessary to find the 4 Super Moves, the first "Crystal Sword" They give them to us as we advance through the adventure, but we have to find the other 3, they are "Shock Wave", "Storm" and "Crystal Blast", we leave you a video with the location of the 4 Super Moves and to be able to unlock the Trophy.


Treasure Chests

In total there are 100 treasure chests distributed throughout the game, as we collect them we will receive rewards and we will unlock various Trophies related to collecting the chests, to obtain them all it is necessary to play on normal difficulty or higher, since some do not appear on the easy difficulty, keep this in mind if you want to get them all, here we leave you videos with the location of the 100 chests divided by chapters.

Chests Chapters 1 and 2


Chests Chapters 3 and 4


Chests Chapters 5 and 6


Chests Chapters 7 and 8


Chests Chapters 9 and 10


Chests Chapters 11 and 12


Chests Chapters 13, 14 and 15


Knack 2 Trophies

Rothari Badge – Defeat Rothari.  

Gundahar insignia – Defeat Gundahar.  

Xander Badge – Defeat the relic monster created by Xander.  

Artifact Boss Badge – Defeat the last boss.  

Strong Punch Certificate – Learn Strong Punch from Ava.  

Hook Throw Certificate – Learn Ava's Hook Throw.

boomerang certificate – Learn Boomerang from Ava.  

Great boxer – Defeat 30 enemies with punches.  

kick king – Defeat 300 enemies with kicks.  

cheating customer – Defeat 50 immobilized enemies.  

Jumping Knack – Defeat 100 enemies with jump kicks.  

marathon runner – Run 42 km.  

treasure hunter – Find 30 chests that have relic energy.  

Wall breakers – Break the guard of 50 enemies.  

Evasive – Defeat 50 enemies after evading.  

Nose for treasures – Find 10 treasure chests.  

The Doctor's Apprentice – Complete your first artifact.  

Crystal Relics Collector – Get your first crystal relic.  

New powers – Unlock your first Crystal Knack.  

Techie – Get your first part of an artifact.  

The challenges begin – Get your first Knack medal.  

Up and forward – Perform the first Knack upgrade.  

combo king – Equip a combo meter and land a 100-hit combo.  

Sunstone Bomb – Stun enemies 50 times with Sunstone Bombs.

Relic Corridor – Complete a Time Trial phase.  

Gladiator – Complete an Attack on the Colosseum phase.  

In a small bottle – Defeat 10 enemies using the small Knack.  

Titanic triumph – Defeat the titans.  

Definitive movement certificate – Learn ultimate move from Ava.  

Goblin Bully – Defeat 500 enemy goblins.  

Robot Crusher – Defeat 700 enemy robots.  

Knack rookie hero – Complete all chapters on Easy difficulty or higher.  

Halfway – Get 50 Knack medals.  

The Doctor's Disciple – Get all the gadgets.  

Super Move Master – Learn all the super moves.  

Incredible power! – Learn all the skills.  

Enjoy the punishment – Complete a chapter on Very Hard difficulty.  

Speed crazy – Get 5 stars in all Time Trials.  

king of the coliseum – Get 5 stars in all Colosseum Attacks.  

Knack hero – Complete all chapters on Normal difficulty or higher.  

It's a Knackout – Complete the chapters on Hard difficulty or higher.  

Knack-tastic – Get 70 Knack medals.  

Knack: the definitive invention – Get the rest of the game's trophies.