Mario Kart 7 Tricks for 3DS

All the tricks, Secret Keys for Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS

We help you with all the shortcuts, unlockables and tricks to be the best pilot in Mario Kart 7

Shortcuts for Mario Kart 7 Circuits

This video shows all the shortcuts in the Mario Kart 7 circuits and those that require Mushroom and those that do not.

Mario Kart 7 - All shortcuts with mushroom, without mushroom and alternative routes

Trick to avoid the Blue Shell

Mario Kart 7| Trick to avoid the blue shell

Normal parts for the Kart

Get the corresponding number of coins to unlock a new random part for the kart, at the beginning they give us a part every 50 coins until you reach 400, after every 100 coins until reaching 1000, then every 200 until reaching 2000 and finally every 500 coins until reaching 5000 coins.

 Random Part 1: 50. 
 Random Part 2: 100. 
 Random part 3: 150. 
 Random part 4: 200. 
 Random part 5: 250. 
 Random part 6: 300. 
 Random part 7: 400. 
 Random part 8: 500. 
 Random part 9: 600. 
 Random part 10: 700. 
 Random part 11: 800. 
 Random part 12: 900. 
 Random part 13: 1000. 
 Random part 14: 1200. 
 Random Part 15: 1400. 
 Random part 16: 1600. 
 Random part 17: 1800. 
 Random part 18: 2000. 
 Random part 19: 2500. 
 Random part 20: 3000. 
 Random Part 21: 3500. 
 Random part 22: 4000. 
 Random part 23: 4500. 
 Besti Wing: 5000.

Golden parts for the Kart

Golden steering wheel: Compete in 100 races using first-person controls for at least 80% of time. 
Golden frame: Earn 20,000 coins or get 20,000 points in multiplayer. 
Golden wing: Earn 10,000 coins or contact 100 people through StreetPass. 
Gold tires: Beat each cup and get at least one star in each of them (50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 150cc Mirror). 

Unlockable Characters

Meet the necessary requirements to unlock the corresponding character: 

 Daisy: Complete the Mushroom Cup in 150 cc. 

 Wario: Complete the Flower Cup in 150 cc. 

 Wake: Complete the Estrella Cup in 150 cc.

 Metal Mario: Complete the Special Cup in 150 cc.

 Shy Guy: Complete the Carapace Cup in 150cc.

 Queen bee: Complete the Banana Cup in 150 cc.

 Floruga: Complete the Leaf Cup in 150 cc.

 Lakitu: Complete the Centella Cup in 150 cc.

 Mii: Completes the Centella and Especial glasses.

Game Modes and Finals

Alternate title screen: Visualize the true ending. 
Mirror Mode: Finish each 150cc cup first. 
True Ending: Finish first in all the cups of each modality.

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