Nintendo Land Cheats for Wii U

All the secrets, tricks and unlockables of Nintendo Land

Enjoy an original game that is made up of 12 fun attractions in Nintendo Land.

Nintendo Land Attractions

Individual attraction (1 player)

  • Yoshi's fruit cart.
  • The octopus dance.
  • Donkey Kong's obstacle course.
  • Takamaru's ninja castle.
  • The dizzying career of Captain Falcon.
  • In a balloon on the breeze.

Attraction for teams (1 to 5 players)

  • The Legend of Zelda: To arms.
  • The adventure of the Pikmin.
  • Metroid combat.

Competitive attraction (2 to 5 players)

  • Mario on the run.
  • Luigi's ghost mansion.
  • Animal Crossing: Sweetening the day.

Unlock secret suits

If you win or compete in mini-games you will earn coins that can be invested to play pachinko. There you will unlock items related to Nintendo sagas, including outfits for your Miis. The appearance is random, it is a matter of trying.

Unlock 2 more levels of Luigi's minigame

To unlock 2 more levels of this minigame you only have to play 20 games of this minigame.


Donkey Kong hidden modes 

How to unlock additional modes for the Donkey Kong's Crash Course mini-game.

  • Level 2 – Complete the first one twice.
  • Level 3 – Finish Phase 2 a couple of times.
  • Level 4 – Complete level 3 twice.

Extra levels

  • Metroid Blast – To get 10 extra missions you must complete the first 20 missions of the game.
  • The Legend of Zelda – Battle Quest: To get 5 extra missions you must complete the first 9 missions.
  • Pikmin Adventure – To get 6 extra missions you must complete the first 16 missions.  

Unlock additional arenas in the Pikmin minigame

  •  Warrior Arena – Play 5 games in the Beginner's Arena.
  • Hero Arena – Play 5 games in the Warrior Arena.

Become a Star Player of all attractions 

Every time you become a star player in an attraction, Monita will come to congratulate you and give you a star.

  • Balloon Trip Breeze – Ends every day (standard).
  • Captain Falcon"s Twister Race – Complete all zones (standard).
  • Donkey Kong"s Crash Course – Complete all levels (standard).
  • Luigi"s Ghost Mansion – Play the attraction 30 times.
  • Mario Chase – Play the attraction 30 times.
  • Metroid Blast – Finish all levels (standard).
  • Octopus Dance – Complete all levels (standard).
  • Pikmin Adventure – Finish all levels (standard).
  • Sweet Day – Play the attraction 30 times.
  • Takamaru"s Ninja Castle – Finish all scenes (standard).
  • Yoshi"s Fruit Cart – Finish all the doors (standard).
  • Zelda: Battle Quest – Finish all levels (standard).

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