Ori and the Blind Forest Cheats for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360

All Ori and the Blind Forest secrets, collectibles, achievements and cheats

Accompany Ori and Sein and save the forest of Nibel in Ori and the Blind Forest.

The 12 Cells of Life

We leave you a video to find all the energy cells, by collecting them they will increase our health and when we get all of them we will obtain the "Master Guardian" achievement.



The 15 Energy Cells

Here we leave you a video to find the 15 Energy Cells that we use to attack, save or open doors, by collecting them all we will get the Achievement "Pure Energy".



The 8 Map Stones

The Map Stones help us to reveal the map of a specific area, by restoring them all we achieve the Achievement "The world at your feet", we leave you a video with the location of the 8 o'clock.



The 43 Secret Zones

We leave you a video to find all the secret areas of the game, by visiting them all we will receive the Achievement "Even in the last corner"It is not necessary to take the items in the secret areas to be counted, simply entering is enough.



The 8 Wells of Spirit

We leave you a video to locate the 8 places where we must save the game to get the Achievement "Safe and Sound".




How many secrets – You found your first secret.

On the right path – You restored your first map stone.

Master juggler – You juggled a rock 5 times without it touching the ground.

Master puncher – You hit your enemies 10 times in a row without touching the ground.

Lethal Evasion – You managed to get 5 enemies to kill another of them.

Flying Fury – Killed 3 enemies without touching the ground.

Self destruction - You caused an enemy to destroy itself.

Crushing blow – You destroyed a battering ram with a stomper.

Lifesaver - Created 50 soul bonds.

Lethal detonation – Killed 4 enemies at once with charged flame.

Lethal Detour – Killed 25 enemies using Strike to deflect projectiles.

A new path – Opened 5 shortcuts using charged flame.

Decisions and more decisions – You used your first skill point.

Lethal Race – Killed 5 enemies with charged jump.

Experienced explorer – You found 50 % of the secrets.

Halfway - Restored 50 % map stones.

Good eye – You found the lost hallway in the Misty Woods.

Forest Master – You covered 100 %s on the map.

Stomp Master – Killed 50 enemies with stomp.

Master deflagrator – Killed 100 enemies with charged flame.

Flame Master – Killed 500 enemies with Spirit Flame.

Flying – You did a double jump 5 times in a row without touching the ground.
10 points

Energetic player – You got 200 energy fragments.

Soul Master – Obtained all efficiency skills from the skill tree.

Utility Master – Obtained all utility skills from the skill tree.

Combat Master – Obtained all combat skills from the skill tree.

The journey begins – You completed the prologue.

The ancestral being – You met the Spirit Tree.

Come back here! – You discovered Gumo.

Rotten inside – You entered the Ginso tree.

For very little – You escaped the waters that rose in the Ginso tree.

Fight today to live tomorrow – You escaped from Kuro.

In the fire - You entered Mount Horu.

Love - You met with Naru.

Safe and sound - You saved your game in all spirit wells.

Pure energy - You got all the energy cells.

Guardian Master – You got all the life cells.

Even in the last corner – You found all the secrets.

The world at your feet - Restored all map stones.

Freak - Obtained all skills from the skill tree.

Supersonic – You finished the game in less than 3 hours.

Immortal – Completed the entire game without dying.

Elite – Completed the game without using a skill point.

In search of clarity – You cleared the Cloud Forests.

Let's be friends - You rescued Gumo.

The top of the world – You obtained the Sun Stone.

Run for your life - You restored the heart of the Ginso tree.

Mainland - You restored the winds of Nibel.

Rekindle – Restored the Heat Element.

The journey ends – You completed the game.