Outlast Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Discover all the secrets, collectibles and cheats for Outlast

Investigate the strange cases at Mount Massive Psychiatric Hospital in Outlast.


There are a total of 62 Collectibles in the game spread across  31 Documents and 31 Notes
The Documents are simply collected, the Notes are necessary to film certain Places and/or moments of the game with our Camera. It must be taken into account that we must get them all in a single game. Starting a New Game or Starting a specific Chapter separately will reset all Collectibles collected up to that point.

Collectibles Chapter 1



Collectibles Chapter 2



Collectibles Chapter 3



Collectibles Chapter 4



Collectibles Chapter 5



Collectibles Chapter 6



Collectibles Chapter 7



Collectibles Chapter 8


PC Tricks

Be careful with these tricks since we have to edit files, we recommend making a backup copy.


Go to C:Usersoffic_000DocumentsMy GamesOutlastOLGameConfig and you will see a file called OLEnemy. Open it to make some changes.

Scrolling down we will see titles [OLGame.OLEnemyPawn]and[OLGame.OLEnemyGenericPatient_G].

And enemy titles containing codes like:     NrmAttackNormalDamage=51NrmAttackThrowDamage=51HardAttackNormalDamage=101HardAttackThrowDamage=101, etc… You have to change these values to 0 There are many to change so be careful, if we do it on all the enemies none of them will harm us.

Trick to obtain Infinite Energy Battery In order to create infinite energy batteries, follow the following steps:

1. Go to the Outlast folder, C:Users[your username]Documentsmy gamesOutlastOLGameConfig.

2.Blook for the OLgame.ini folder and open it with notepad or a text editor.

3. Do a search for "bat" files and you will see different lines.




Change the parameters  “true” rather “false” and save the file to have infinite battery life when you start the game. 

Alter enemy behavior

Find the file OLEnemy.ini in the "Config" folder from the game folder, edit it and look for these lines.

Enemy speed and enemy damage.

NormalSpeedValues=(PatrolSpeed=#,InvestigateSpeed=#,ChaseSpeed=#). DarknessSpeedValues=(PatrolSpeed=#,InvestigateSpeed=#,ChaseSpeed=#). ElectricitySpeedValues=(PatrolSpeed=#,InvestigateSpeed=#,ChaseSpeed=#).

Exchange the # for the value you want. For example, 10 are very slow, we can put 15 or 20 and we will still have no problems passing between them.


Change # to modify the damage of enemy attacks.


Elevator Operator (Secret) – Drop the corpse into the elevator shaft.

Polite – Collect 15 documents and complete 15 recordings.

Enlightened (Secret) – Restore power to the administration building.  

Emptying (Secret) – Empty the sewers.   

Soaked (Secret) – Activate the sprinklers in the men's pavilion.  

Emancipated (Secret) – Get the key in the female pavilion.  

Gas leak (Secret) [DLC] – Turn off the gas.   

Awesome (Secret) [DLC] – Turn off the electricity.  

Archivist [DLC] – Get all the documents.   

Legacy [DLC] – Complete all recordings.  

Punished – Complete the game.   

Whistleblower [DLC] – Complete the game.

pulitzer – Obtain all documents and complete all recordings. 

Lunatic – Complete the game in Insane mode.   

Claustrophobic – Complete the game without hiding under a bed or inside a locker.   

Gut blowers [DLC] – Complete Whistleblower in Insane mode.

Tireless – Complete the game in insane mode without recharging the camcorder batteries.


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