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Help Jack fix the temporary mess in Quantum Break, the latest from Remedy.

Quantum Break Powers

Time view

Temporal Vision allows us to see the important elements around you. We will see everything in black and white as long as we do not move, enemies (in red), ammunition (in blue), explosive objects (in orange) and collectibles (in yellow-orange). 


  • Active pulse: We will see the enemies for a while when we use Temporal Dodge or Temporal Haste. 
  • Increased threat detection: Enemies remain marked for longer. 
  • Increased distance: Temporal Vision range increases.

To stop time

This power allows us to create a temporary bubble stopping the enemies inside, very useful for killing certain enemies. If we shoot it, it will explode, seriously damaging the enemies inside.


  • Increased Strength: increases the duration of the created bubble.
  • Increased size: the size of the bubble increases. 
  • Extra activation: It allows us to use the power once more than normal.

Temporary dribble

Thanks to this power we will be able to move very quickly which allows us to position ourselves better in combat and also if we aim when it ends we will have a moment of concentration to be able to aim better.


  • Increased concentration: After dribbling, concentration time increases. 
  • Maximum concentration: increases the duration of concentration. 
  • Extra activation: we can use the dribble 3 times.

Temporary shield

Thanks to this power we can generate a shield that keeps us safe from enemy attacks and allows us to heal our health faster thanks to one of its improvements.


  • Recovery: We recover faster as long as we remain with the shield. 
  • Slow down time:Time slows down while the shield is active. 
  • Increased power:It makes the shield bigger and lasts longer.

Temporal explosion

With this power we concentrate our power to create a temporary explosion that is very damaging to enemies.


  • Increased explosion radius: increases the effects of the explosion. 
  • Reduced cooldown: the explosion recharges sooner.

Temporal acceleration

We can travel long distances while time is slowed down, allowing us to dodge bullets and enemy attacks.


  • Increased concentration: Aiming time after using the power is increased. 
  • Multiple takedowns: Every time you knock down an enemy the required chronon is reduced.

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  • Expanding waves: Watch an episode of the series with all quantum waves unlocked.


  • Area effect: Blow up 15 enemies. You have made them fly in luxury 
  • Chronon Overload: Improves a temporary power,


  • Destroy all his toys: Destroy 15 enemy Chronon Harnesses. You are a monster. 
  • Maximum effort: Fully upgrade all your temporary powers. 
  • Stop and continue: Fully upgrade "Time Stop" and "Time Dribble". 
  • A link to the future: Find a quantum wave and an information object. 
  • Knowledge is power: Find all information objects. 
  • Throwing rocks in a pond: Activate all quantum waves. 
  • Media Baron: Find all the emails, presentations, series, radios and posters. 
  • Mysterious stranger: Meet Beth Wilder. He was about to shoot you... but he didn't. 
  • Take the trip: Enter the time machine. 
  • The countermeasure: You finally have Will's countermeasure. 
  • A fracture of time: You were there when time broke. 
  • An original by William Joyce: Find Will's original time machine. 
  • Something fashionable: Get the Chronon Harness for Beth. 
  • Distant mirror: Beth told you how she met herself. 
  • Last second rescue: Rescue Will in time... on the second try. 
  • Iron fist: Paul has chosen the tough stance for Monarch Solutions. 
  • A subtle touch: Paul has chosen the path of public relations for Monarch Solutions. 
  • You and I: Paul has chosen to focus on his personal connection with Jack. 
  • Most important issues: Paul has focused his energies on Monarch Solutions and his plan. 
  • The right hand: Paul has decided to trust Martin Hatch. 
  • The doctor: Paul has decided to have faith in Dr. Sofía Amaral. 
  • Rational thinking: Despite the pain and confusion inside him, Paul retains his judgment and control of his faculties. 
  • Paranoia: Paul has chosen to give in to his anger and paranoia.


  • Time Bandit: Complete the game on easy difficulty 
  • Marketing speech: You let Paul do his thing.


  • Everyone come closer: Use "Time Blast" on 3 enemies at once. 
  • Concentrate. Take aim. Fire.: You put a bullet in 10 heads while using. Concentrated dribbling.. 
  • One foot in front of the other: Use "Temporal Acceleration" and travel a total of 100 meters. 
  • Personal space: Deflect 200 bullets with "Temporal Shield". 
  • Frozen lead: Accumulate a total of 100 bullets with "Stop Time". 
  • Time Master: Complete all Quantum Break. Well done! 
  • Summer schedule: Stop time for 5 minutes, but in parts. 
  • Hold on to your hope and burn: Finish Act 1. 
  • An unfriendly invitation: Finish Act 2. 
  • You come with us: Act 3 ends. 
  • We will find out, even if it costs us our lives: Act 4 ends. 
  • More than obvious attributes: Act 5 ends.


  • Time Police: Finish the game on normal difficulty.


  • Time Lord: Finish the game on Hard difficulty.


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