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Core Exchange Achievement

ReCore - Core Swapper Achievement


Achievement Identity Crisis

ReCore - Achievement Identity Crisis


Light as a Feather Achievement

ReCore - Light As A Feather Achievement


Master Juggler Achievement

ReCore - Master Juggler Achievement


Recore Achievements

Here we leave you the complete list of Recore achievements.

10G Achievements

  • I'll take it!: Extract an enemy's core. 
  • Tinkle!: Level up a corebot. 
  • Workbench Adept: Create 10 pieces. 
  • Craftsman's workbench: Create 25 pieces. 
  • Descent into madness: all entries in Julius Roldan's registry. 
  • I love you, little girl: Find all the entries in Thomas Adams's registry. 
  • Dust devil: Find all of Natalie Bright's log entries. 
  • For the revolution!: Find all of Violet's log entries. 
  • Juggler: a combo of 20. 
  • Master juggler: Get a 40 combo. 
  • Total power: Deals over 10,000 damage on one hit. 
  • Sticky fingers: Do 20 immediate extractions. 
  • Loaded and ready: Maximum level of Joule's energy rifle. 
  • Well fed: Max out a friendly core with core fusion. 
  • They are getting older: Raise a friendly corebot to level 30. 
  • The architect: Find all the sets of plans. 
  • Major hunt: Complete all hunting challenges in a category. 
  • I have never felt better: Improves Joule's health to the maximum. 
  • Prismatic perfection: Find all the prismatic cores. 
  • Core catcher: Extract 25 cores. 
  • Core Collector: Extract 50 cores. 
  • Core Expert: Extract 100 cores. 
  • Constant and sonant: Collect 50,000 E-gas. 
  • Let's do it, Violet!: Use a fast travel point. 
  • Speleologist: Complete each dungeon once. 
  • Surface scraper: Dig up 10 objects with a K-9 body. 
  • Dune destroyer: Dig up 20 objects with a K-9 body. 
  • Light as a feather: Glide for 20 seconds straight with an FL1-R body. 
  • Cuenca with discounts: Find all the pieces of the Solitary Basin after repairing turret 512. 
  • Cradle robber: Find all the Cradle hardware pieces. 
  • Veteran of restricted access zones: Find all the pieces of the Quicksand. 
  • Core Swap: Use all lethal combinations.

20G Achievements

  • Safe Harbor: Find the entrance to turret 512. 
  • Workbench Portent: Create 50 pieces.

30G Achievements

  • The end of the beginning: Complete the Granite Steps. 
  • Apprentice at the work table: Create a piece. 
  • Same colors!: Eliminate an enemy with a color match. 
  • Terraformer: Restore turret 512. 
  • Color barrel: Upgrades Joule's energy rifle. 
  • The more there are, the better: Seth has joined the Joule team. 
  • So you are Victor: Complete Core Smelting. 
  • Three are company: Duncan has joined the Joule team. 
  • Toxic traffic: Complete The Labyrinth. 
  • Central Paradise: Reach the Tower of Eden. 
  • Quick removal: Do an immediate extraction. 
  • That will leave a scar: Smash something with AP-3's body.

40G Achievements

  • Ready for takeoff: Make a flying body. 
  • Affinity matrix: Find all the energy rifle accessories. 
  • Stay here!: Defeat Victor at the base of Tower E. 
  • The end of the trip: Complete all story missions. 
  • Identity crisis: Place Mack in a non-K-9 body. 
  • Getting stronger: Use core fusion to increase a core's stat. 
  • Dresses for success: Equip a corebot with a complete set of parts of any type.