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All Resident Evil HD tricks, cheats and unlockables

Tour the mansion again in Resident Evil HD.

Healing plants

The pots you will find can be three colors. Learn their effects as soon as possible because they are the way to survive in the game, healing sprays are very rare. As a general rule, you cannot mix more than one blue or red plant in a combination, and you cannot add one red or blue to two greens.

  • Green- Heals 25% health
  • Green + green- Heals 60% health
  • Green + green + green: cures 100%
  • Green + red: cures 100%
  • Green + blue: cures 25% and poison
  • Green + green + blue: cures 60% and poison
  • Green + red + blue: cures 100% and poison

Unlockable Outfits

  • Inspired by Sarah Connor (Terminator 2) – Finish the game twice with Jill on any difficulty.
  • Resident Evil 3 – Finish the game twice on any difficulty with Jill.
  • The Mexican – Finish the game with Chris on any difficulty.
  • Code Veronica – Finish the game twice with Chris on any difficulty.

Unlockable Modes

  • Real survivor – Finish the game normally
  • invisible enemy – Real Survivor ends
  • Again… - Complete the game once on any difficulty
  • A dangerous zombie – Complete the game with Chris and Jill on normal or higher with the same save file.

Unlockable Weapons

Samurai Edge – Finish the game on Normal or Hard in five hours or less.

Infinity Rocket Launcher – Finish the game on Normal or Hard in three hours or less.

Secret message

Finish the game in stealth mode in less than five hours. You will unlock a secret message from Shinji Mikami, director of the remake and creator of Resident Evil, as well as a gallery of discarded costumes for the protagonists.

Resident Evil HD Cheats for PC

We leave you an interesting video to activate several cheats on PC. We can put infinite ammunition, infinite life, obtain all the keys, etc.




Not a scratch.
Complete the game on Very Easy difficulty or higher.
Complete the adventure on Very Easy, Easy or Normal difficulty.

Minor injuries.
Complete the game on easy difficulty or higher.
Finish story mode on easy or normal difficulty.

Blood, Sweat and Vice Versa.
Complete the game on normal mode or higher.
Actually, it refers to finishing the adventure in normal mode.

Stealing from the Dead?
Get the stone and metal item with Chris.
It refers to the hexagonal object that you will find throughout the adventure. The process with Chris is a little more complex. Do it and you will get the trophy.

High Risk Gardening.
Defeat Plant 42 with Chris.
In the chapter “The Damned Plant”, you will have to kill a huge plant that will block your way. Do it with Chris to unlock it.

Complete collection.
Get Volume 2 with Chris.
It refers to the volume of the Umbrella scientist's diary. If you get all the keys, on the last inspection you should find it in 2F.

Family meeting.
Defeat Lisa Trevor with Chris.

Defeat a Crimson Head Prototype 1 with Jill.
In the guide we have called it “Big Crimson Head”, but it is the same. It is the creature that is in the hanging tomb of the crypt.

Get the helmet key from Jill.
Unlockable throughout the adventure.

Monster Hunter.
Defeat Yawn with Jill.
Kill the giant snake playing as Jill.

Searching for the Truth.
Manage to enter the laboratory as Jill.
In the final stretch of the adventure, you can enter Umbrella's secret laboratory whose access is on the back stairs of the lobby. Do it like Jill and the trophy will be yours.

This is Resident Evil.
Die for the first time.
You won't have any problems getting it...

It smells like steak.
Burn a zombie.
Take the kerosene container, pour it on a zombie and burn it with the lighter so that it doesn't get up again.

Hunted hunter.
Defeat a Hunter.
Unlockable throughout the adventure.

Bravo, Rebecca, Bravo.
Save Chris with Rebecca.
Unlockable in Chris' adventure.

A gentleman.
Save Jill with Barry.
Unlockable in Jill's adventure.

Delaying the Inevitable.
Save Richard with the help of a serum.
When Richard asks you to find the serum to save him from Yawn's bite, you will have to quickly go get it and come back. If you take too long, Richard will die and you won't be able to get the trophy.

Punished without dinner.
Save Rebecca from the Hunter.
In Chris's adventure, there is a moment where you can save Rebecca by getting the Monster Hunter off her back. Do it and you will get it.

Lucky Trevor.
Save Barry from Lisa Trevor.
Unlockable in Jill's adventure.

What would you do without me?
Free Jill from her captivity with Chris.

Do I have to do everything?
Free Chris from his captivity with Jill.

Why do not you die?
Defeat a Crimson Head.

By the hair…
Survive Yawn's first attack.
When the giant snake Yawn appears, you must choose not to kill it in the first confrontation, but rather make it flee. Grab the mask and leave the room to get the trophy.

Fried Shark!
Defeat Neptune.
Outside the mansion, when the giant shark attacks you, get away from it to get it.

Spider Sense.
Defeat the Black Tiger.
Kill the giant spider throughout the adventure.

And without paying a cent.
Get all the outfits.
Unlockable by getting all the keys, which gives you access to all the rooms in the mansion. Open them all to increase your wardrobe and get the trophy.

Like the palm of my hand.
Visit all sites on all maps.
Enter all the rooms in both the mansion and the crypt, the outskirts, the garden shed, the guest house and the laboratory.

The end of the Nightmare.
Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
Finish the game on hard difficulty to get it.

We're in this together.
Complete the game with Jill and Chris.
Beat the game with the two protagonists. There are key areas in which the routes or actions to be carried out are different. The most notable discrepancies between one campaign and another are indicated in the respective chapters.

Survival Horror.
Complete the game in Survival mode.
Unlockable after completing the game on hard mode. Complete Survival to unlock “Invisible Enemy” mode.

Chris's first time.
Complete the game with Chris.
Finish the adventure with Chris Redfield.

First time with Jill.
Complete the game with Jill.
Finish the adventure with Jill Valentine.

It had to be Chris.
Complete the game with Chris, rescuing Rebecca and Jill.
At certain times, you will be able to rescue your missing companion Jill and the innocent Rebecca. Do it to get it.

It had to be Jill.
Complete the game with Jill, rescuing Chris and Barry.
At certain points, you'll be able to rescue your missing partner Chris and STARS member Barry Burton. Do it and the trophy will be yours.

Don't leave us, Chris!
Complete the game as Chris without rescuing anyone.
Go at your own pace throughout the adventure and do not save your companions.

DON'T leave us, Jill!
Complete the game as Jill without rescuing anyone.
Don't get Chris out of his cell or make it in time to save Barry to unlock him.

In less than a Zombie sings.
Complete the game in three hours.
The most difficult trophy in the entire game. It is advisable that you go directly to the objectives without stopping to inspect. Take advantage of the ammunition in the “saverooms” and nothing else. Oh, and make it easy…

I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Complete the game in five hours.
Complicated too, but if you manage to finish it in three, you've got this one nailed. You have to know the location of the rooms by heart. Fortunately, pause mode does not consume time.

The Edge of the impossible.
Complete the game with only the knife. (No lighters, defensive objects or stepping on zombies).
Press L1 BUTTON+R1 BUTTON with the selected knife and do not use any other weapons. Overcoming confrontations without daggers or tasers is going to be difficult, especially with dogs, so be careful.

Saving is for Cowards.
Complete the game without saving.
It is recommended that you do not do it in the same game that you use to finish the game in three or five hours. Of course, there is no silver lining, so you gain space in your inventory that you must take advantage of, no matter what, for medical products. Chris will appreciate it.

Burn two zombies at the same time with the lighter.
When several creatures attack you, KO them and, if they are lying on the ground close together, burning one will incinerate the other as well.

Armed to the teeth.
Collect all weapons (including all grenade launcher ammo).
You will find all the weapons throughout the adventure, except for the Colt, which you will get if you defeat the Big Crimson Head with a 75% of preserved health (in the original game you had to find some emblems to get it). Playing as Jill, the grenade launcher ammunition will be given to you by Barry, so don't worry about it. Of course, rescue Barry so that he can give you all the projectiles throughout the game.

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