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All the tricks, characters and secrets of Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul

Relive all the mythical fights of the series in Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul.

Combos System

He square button (Weak Attack) and the triangle button (Strong Attack) they serve us to start the combos, we can combine them in a very simple way:

square button square button square button square button

square button square button square button triangle button

square button square button triangle button triangle button

square button triangle button triangle button triangle button

triangle button triangle button triangle button

All these combinations send the opponent into the air, pressing L2 button  + X button We chase our enemy to be able to connect a new combo, and if we do any of the previous combos we can follow the rival again by pressing L2 button + X button (the chase uses a blue bar) so we will always have to be attentive to our bar, if we have it all we can chase up to 4 times. 

Also if we press L2 button + square button either triangle button We will hit our rival who throws him away (Throw) and we can continue with a chase L2 button + X button.

Finally we can also use special attacks R2 button + square button either triangle button at any time as long as we have a bar to use them.

So the way we can execute the combos is, start with a simple combo from those above, or with a throw L2 button + square button either triangle button, carry out a chase with L2 button + X button and repeat the process until finishing with a special attack, always looking at our blue bar which is what allows us to perform Throws, Pursuits and Special Attacks. We can load this bar by holding down the button L2 button.

About the Big Bang Attack R2 button + circle button, We can only put it in a combo when we have activated the seventh sense (pressing R3 button when we have the yellow meter full), and series the same as the special attacks, in the middle of the combo we perform it and the vast majority hit easily, 

Character Unlock

In Saint Seiya Soldiers' Soul we have a total of 72 characters, many of them we unlock by finishing the 4 sagas that the game includes.

In the Sanctuary Saga, we unlock the Golden Knights, in the Asgard Saga to the Divine Warriors, in the Poseidon Saga to the Marine Generals and finally in the Hades Saga we unlock The specters. The first thing we have to do is complete these 4 Sagas to unlock a lot of characters, but apart from all the ones we unlock in the Sagas just by completing them, we leave you here a list of how to unlock the others. Many of them we need to buy in the Store in the "Outfits" section, be careful with buying the "Character Models" it is not the same, we unlock the playable characters in Suits.

Bronze Knights in Divine Armor

  • Seiya – After completing the fight against Tanathos in the Hades Saga.
  • Shiryu – After completing the fight against Misno, choosing Seiya in episode 4 -15 (Hades Saga), with this we unlock his purchase in the Store.
  • shun – After completing the fight against Minos, choosing Shun in episode 4-15 (Hades Saga), with this we unlock his purchase in the Store.
  • Hyoga – After completing the fight against Minos, choosing Shun in episode 4 -15 (Hades Saga), with this we unlock his purchase in the Store.
  • Ikki – After completing the fight against Aiacos in episode 4-12 (Hades Saga), with this we unlock its purchase in the Store.

bronze knights

  • Jabu (Unicorn) – To unlock it in the store we have to win the Bronze Cup in "Galactic War" Mode.
  • Ichi (Hydra) – In the Sanctuary Saga, in chapter 1-4 and obtain S rank against Gemini to unlock Ichi in the store.

Golden Knights in Divine Armor

Apart from the 12 Golden Knights of the Sanctuary Saga, can Unlock each of them with divine armor. To get these characters we have to play in the "Golden Battle" mode, we will have to complete the fights to unlock these appearances (you do not have to buy them in the store) which also change the Big Bang Attack. But To be able to participate in these fights we will need Torches, an item that is purchased in the store for 2,000 points.

Get money fast

With all of the above, we will need a lot of money to buy all the characters, settings and more. We leave you a video to get money faster. It consists of playing battles against on the lowest difficulty and in the selection of Battle rules set "First Strike" to obtain an S rank very easily by obtaining 3,000 per combat.

Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul trick for easy money



Bronze Trophies  

I will keep fighting until someone stops me! – Complete the "Sanctuary Chapter" of the Legend of Cosmos.   

Protect the beauty of Asgard – Complete the "Asgard Chapter" of Legend of the Cosmos.   

You have lost, Poseidon! – Complete the "Poseidon Chapter" of the Legend of the Cosmos.   

This is love, Hades! – Complete the "Hades Chapter" of the Legend of the Cosmos.  

The awakening of the Cosmos! – Achieve an "S" rank for the first time (any mode).

First Test – Complete your first challenge.   

I will pass all the tests! – Complete 50% of the Legend of the Cosmos challenges.

 Eternal youth! – The Bronze Knights Unlock all the Bronze Knights.   

The heroes of the Sanctuary! – The Silver Knights Unlock all the Silver Knights.  

The culmination of the 88 constellations! – The Golden Knights Unlock all the Golden Knights.  

Golden Souls Reborn – Unlock all Gold Divine Armor Knights.  

Enemies of the north! The Legendary Warrior Gods – Unlock all the Warrior Gods.  

Guardians of the Underwater Temple! The Seven Marine Generals – Unlock all Marine Generals.  

108 evil stars of hell! The Wraiths – Unlock all Wraiths.  

Gathering of gods! A New Holy War – Unlock Poseidon, Thanatos, Hypnos, Athena and Hades.  

Vessel of Athena's Blood – Unlocks all Golden Bronze Armor Knights.

First step to becoming a Knight – Complete the Bronze Survival Class.  

You deserve to be called a Knight – Complete the Silver Survival Class.  

First among Knights – Complete the Gold Survival Class.  

Door to a new legend – Complete the Legendary Survival Class.

A Cosmos greater than that of a god – Complete the Divine Survival Class.  

Fist at mach 1! – Complete the Galactic War Bronze Cup.  

Fist at mach 5! – Complete the Galactic War Silver Cup.  

The Knight who defeated the speed of light! – Complete the Galactic War Gold Cup.  

Proud Legendary Knight – Complete the Galactic War Legendary Cup.

Knowledge of a Knight – Tutorial begins.  

All for friendship! – Get the 50% of the support phrases.  

Buy the Graude Foundation! – Get a total of 100,000 CP.  

H-I won! – Perform 50 cosmic KOs.  

This is the ultimate Cosmos! – Hit with a total of 30 Big Bang attacks.  

True Friendship Test – Fill out the spaces for supporting phrases.  

You're still green! – Lose a fight without hitting with any attack.  

Your appearance will give you victory – Complete Survival with Ichi (any class).

I can carry you, my lady! – Complete Survival with Jabu (any class).  

The world will be mine! – Defeat all God Warriors with Alberich.  

The ones I should face… – Defeat all the Marine Generals with Siegfried.  

My dear friends… – Defeat Seiya, Shun, Hyoga and Ikki with Kaza.  

Now You Will Be My Wife – Defeat Athena 3 times with Poseidon (Tuxedo).  

I almost died again! – Defeat Mu with Death Mask (Surplice) after he hits you with his Crystal Barrier.  

Return to the world of the dead! – Defeat Death Mask (Dark Armor) 3 times and Aphrodite (Dark Armor) 3 times with Mu.  

I Have No Ear for Music – Defeat Orfeo, Sorrento and Mime 3 times with Rhadamantis.

Silver Trophies  

Is this… a Big Bang? – Complete the Big Bang Survival Class.  

Combat Fit for the Gods – Complete the Galactic War Divine Cup.  

I've seen all your attacks! Get 100% from the Big Bang Attack Videos.  

The Complete History of the Holy Wars – Complete the collection.  

Demonstration of power! – Get the 80% of the titles.  

Gold Trophies  

Towards a world of light… – Complete the chapters of the Legend of the Cosmos by 100%.  

The Son of the Chosen Knight – Achieve 100% of the possible Legend of the Cosmos S ranks.  

I hear their voices…I hear how they encourage me! – Get the 100% of the support phrases.