Shovel Knight Cheats for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, PC, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS

All Shovel Knight cheats, secrets, unlockables and achievements

Defeat all members of the No Quarter Order and access the Tower of Destiny in Shovel Knight.

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Unlock Plague of Shadows and Challenge Mode

By completing the game for the first time, we unlock these new game modes, but we can also do so by entering the following codes on the title screen.

Plague of Shadows:

With the attack button pressed we press D-Pad up D-Pad up Right D-Pad D-Pad down Left D-Pad Left D-Pad and we let it go.

Challenge Mode:

With the attack button pressed we press D-Pad up D-Pad up Left D-Pad D-Pad up D-Pad up Right D-Pad D-Pad up D-Pad down D-Pad up and we let them go.


In Shovel Knight there are many codes, to activate them you have to create a game by entering the code, we will receive a notice that activating it will deactivate the feats (Achievements/Trophies). We can only activate one code per game.

Invincibility, all Relics and augmentations

Introducing the code STQQTXVX We will be invincible, we will have all the relics from the beginning with infinite ammunition and rapid fire, more speed and more jump.


Entering the code WOLPSNLK All relics will be available from the beginning to purchase in Chester's store.

With these codes we will start the game with the indicated relic and it will not cost us magic to use it:

  • JBSZELSC – Phase Medallion.
  • JBSZELSC – Dusty Knuckles.
  • SXXKGZWE – Alchemist Coin.
  • SBYHIZRA – Throwing Anchor.
  • NRDUIWCW – Movable Gear.
  • NRDUIWCW – War Horn.
  • NXTXIZMV – Propelling Dagger.
  • SJPACXWH – Pyrovarite.
  • FHOYIZYI – Sphere of Chaos.
  • SBYHIZRA - Rod.


  • NVVYSZFD – Increases the price of items in Chester's shop.
  • UCDIQWMQ – Deactivate the Cook (we cannot increase health).
  • KASKQYYQ – Deactivate the Mage (we cannot increase magic).
  • FBRVCJUV – We lose all the gold when we die.
  • JRJEYIBG – Enemies deal x4 damage.
  • XJRZZWAK – We die in one hit and there are no checkpoints.


  •  PIJMFJUG – Speed x2.
  • CRGYGUKP – Speed x3.
  • RYAQGVIE – Speed x2 on stairs.
  • JARXHTMF – Speed x3 on stairs.
  • PGPHIJJH – Attack speed x2.
  • QHGOILFF – Attack speed x3.

All Musical Scores

To obtain the Melomania Achievement/Trophy We have to find all the musical scores and deliver them to the musician in the city, we leave you a video with the location of the 46 scores.

Shovel Knight Walkthrough / Guide - All Music Sheets Locations (3DS,Wii U,PC)


Fight Kratos

In the Playstation versions there is a secret fight against Kratos, to fight him we have to go to the Mansions of Champions and find the 2 secrets, the first is to light all the chandeliers and the second is the one that takes us to the fight. We leave you a video on how to get it.

Shovel Knight: Fight Kratos! [PS4/Spanish]


Fight BattleToads

As in the Playstation versions, in the Xbox One version we can fight against the mythical Rare characters, the process is the same as to unlock the fight against Kratos, we go to the Mansion of Champions and after the room with the chest and the note we use the shovel down at the bottom right. This fight consists of 3 Bosses, Zitz, Pimple and Rash.



Victory! – Complete the game.

Melómania – Deliver all the sheet music.

Inshore Fishing – Catch a game at 5 fishing spots.

Todologer – Acquire or unlock all relics, equipment and upgrades.

Reliquary – Defeat an enemy using all the relics.

Icoreria – Get a sample of all of King Truchanzana's ichores.

Cap – Help all the freeloaders in the store.

Let's Reflect – Hit your enemies 30 times with reflected projectiles.

With a plus – Complete a Game+.

Championship – Solve the problems in the Mansion of Champions.

Encounters – Defeat all the errant knights.

Rustlers – Defeat four members of the Order Without Quarter.

Millonetis – Spend 25,000 gold pieces.

Untouchable – Complete a level without taking any damage.

Immortal – Complete the game without dying.

Closed Fist – Complete the game without spending any gold.

Now I'm not falling – Complete the game without falling into the void.

Rampage – Destroy all checkpoints in the game.

Shopping – Purchase your first item.

With shovels – Acquire all the upgrades available for your shovel.

Flare Wand – Defeat an enemy more than 25 blocks away with your Flare Wand.

Phased – Rescue 2000 pieces from the spikes using the Phase Medallion.

Round – Defeat 5 enemies in 5 seconds using the Chaos Sphere.

Knuckles – Stay in the air for more than 4 seconds using the Dusty Knuckles.

False Coin – Flip the same Alchemist Coin 5 times in a row.

Anchor – Defeat 3 enemies by throwing a single Throwing Anchor.

In mid-flight – Defeat 3 enemies using the Jet Dagger without touching the ground.

Snotblower – Defeat 5 enemies using the War Horn.

Get out of the way – Run over 5 enemies with a single Moving Gear.

And kicking – Complete any level without dying.

Bareback – Complete the game without getting a single relic.

Cagaprisas – Complete the game in less than an hour and a half.

Greed – Reach the sum of 50,000 gold pieces.

Breaking Out – Destroy all checkpoints in a level.

Don't Touch Me – Get out of a battle against a member of the No Quarter Order unscathed.

Lazy Shovel – Complete a level using the shovel less than 20 times.

Sizzling – Complete a level without eating anything.

Where they give them – Defeat Black Knight with a reflected hit.

Wisdom – Listen to all the Croaker's nonsense.

Juggler – Impress Mona with your skill.

Austerity – Do not collect any gold in an entire level of the No Quarter Order.

In the Hoop – Jump for 5 seconds in Hoop Girl's hoop.

Acolyte – Discover the secrets of King Truchanzana.

Who plays with fire – Use common sense and caution around bonfires.

Everything, everything and everything (Plague Knight) – Get all the cryptocurrencies.

Max Out (Plague Knight) – Purchase or unlock all relics and upgrades.

Again! (Plague Knight) – Complete a Game+.

Villain Mansion (Plague Knight) – Complete the Villain Mansion in 3:30 minutes or less.

It does not hurt me! (Plague Knight) – Complete any level without taking damage.

Grappled (Plague Knight) – Complete the game without spending any money (not even cryptocurrency!

Bareback (Plague Knight) – Complete the game without getting magic, bomb items or armor.

Hurry! (Plague Knight) – Complete the game in an hour and a half.

What a lack of control! (Plague Knight) – Destroy all checkpoints in the game.

Do not touch me! (Plague Knight) – Win a battle against any member of the No Quarter Order (non-King Knight) without taking damage

My laboratory! (Plague Knight) – Reconquer the Explotatorium without breaking any gray blocks during the boss fight.

Bargains (Plague Knight) – Sell all the useless relics to Chester.

Hovering (Plague Knight) – Hold 10 seconds in the air before falling.

Jump-bomb (Plague Knight) – Destroy an Order Knight using only bomb jumps.

Poor Oolong (Plague Knight) – Give Oolong a sample of all the explosives.

Weirdo (Plague Knight) – Watch Mona's dance in full

Saving (Plague Knight) – Complete any Order area using 15 bombs or less.

Teetotaller (Plague Knight) – Complete the game without drinking any tonic.

Out of here! (Plague Knight) – Find Plague Knight's secret room.

Sizzling – Take down a boss using sparks.

Victory! (Plague Knight) – Complete the game.