Super Mario Odyssey Guide – All Cappy Screenshots

In this section of the guide we show you the 52 captures that we can take with Cappy on the different enemies and objects and take advantage of their advantages!!


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Below we leave you with 52 captures that we can take with Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey, indicating the location to be able to get them all and complete the list.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

01 – Frog, it helps us to jump much higher than with Mario, we can find it in several Kingdoms, such as the Sombrero or the Lunar. 

02 – Spark post, serves to become a spark and be able to travel distances through power lines, we can find it in a lot of Kingdoms, such as Urban or Sands.

03 – Winged Goomba, this friendly enemy allows us to fly and reach places that would be impossible with Mario, it is a classic from the Sombrero Kingdom.

04 – Chomp Chains, capturing the Chain Chomp is perfect for using them as a projectile against rocks to reveal secret areas or Power Moons, we will see them in the Kingdom of the Falls.

05 – Great Chomp Chains, like the Chomp Chains, these are much larger and serve the same purpose...throw them!!

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

06 – Chomp Chains of Broode, this golden Chain Chomp accompanies the mother of the Broodals, after the fight against her we will add it to the list.

07 – Tyrannosaurus, the largest capture in Super Mario Odyssey, we can see it in the Falls Kingdom and the Wooded Kingdom. With it we will destroy structures and kill enemies very easily.

08 – Telescope, this object helps us to see the horizon and obtain the power moons of the flying Kin Triga, we find them in several Kingdoms, such as the Hat of the Falls or the Hat of the Sands. 

09 – Bill Bala, thanks to Bill we can reach places impossible for Mario and make things explode.

10 – Mo-Guay, these stone men are characteristic of the Kingdom of Sands, thanks to their vision we can see hidden paths.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

11 – Cactus, it really is of no use but if we find it and move it we will find a Moon in the Kingdom of Sands.

12 – Goomba, Goombas are needed to find the Power Moons related to Goombette, the Goomba Girl. Furthermore, when we are a Goomba, the ice does not affect us and we will not slip on these surfaces. 

13 – Hand of Katunda, we captured them to defeat Katunda, the boss of the Sand Kingdom.

14 – Mini rocketBy throwing Cappy on this object we will access special areas where we can get a pair of Power Moons, we can find them in almost all the Kingdoms.

15 – PlaneosaurusThanks to this winged reptile we can plan long distances by jumping from high places, in the Sand Kingdom, the Woodland or the Riverside Kingdom we will see it.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

16 – Lakitu, by capturing Lakitu we can fish to get some Moonlight Energy, we will see it in the Kingdom of Sands.

17 – Zipper, zippers are characteristics of the Lake Kingdom, thanks to them we can open areas and unblock paths.

18 – Cheep Cheep, oxygen problems with Mario?? capture a Cheep Cheep and solved, we will see them in the Lake Kingdom and the River Kingdom.

19 – Puzzle Piece (Lake Kingdom), in the Lake Kingdom we have a puzzle to get an Energy Moon by fixing a column.

20 – Poisonous Piranha, the piranha plants can also be captured, but if we throw Cappy against them they will eat it, before capturing them you have to throw a stone at them so that while they are chewing it we can capture them, we can find them in several Kingdoms.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

21 – Chives, the Chive is a great ally in the Wooded Kingdom, thanks to its roots that stretch we will be able to reach high areas and get a few Power Moons.

22 – Brother FireBy capturing these fire Koopas we can shoot fireballs at the enemies to kill them or light bonfires and candelabras, we will find them in the Woodland Kingdom and the Stove Kingdom.

23 – Sherm, a very striking object to capture, thanks to the tank we will quickly finish off enemies and obstacles, we find it in the Wooded Kingdom, the Urban Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom.

24 – Monerrana, by capturing this strange being we can shoot coins that are deducted from our score and destroy enemies and obstacles, it helps us collect some Power Moons. We can find it in the Kingdom of Sands and the Wooded Kingdom.

25 – Tree, a tree that we can capture to move it and reveal a Power Moon in the Wooded Kingdom.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

26 – Rock, we simply capture it to be able to move it and reach blocked areas, in the heart of the Wooded Kingdom forest we will see it.

27 – Portrait Artist's Piece (Goomba), one of the Power Moons of the Cumulus Kingdom consists of placing pieces to form a Goomba.

28 – Tropical Floruga, this friendly animal from the Lost Kingdom helps us stretch and reach places that we couldn't with Mario.

29 – Elastic pivot, the pivots are characteristic of the Urban Kingdom, they serve to give us great impulses and shoot to high areas or to the sides.

30 – Manhole cover, we will find it in front of the cafeteria in the Urban Kingdom, it is necessary to reach the industrial zone.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

31 – Taxi, we can find this vehicle in the Urban Kingdom shortly after arriving from the spark post to the first area, we only found one in the entire kingdom so pay attention to which one looks like it can be captured.

32 – Remote controlled car, we achieve it by capturing the man who is playing with him in the Urban Kingdom or in the racing circuit minigame.

33 – Soploncio, these clouds are characteristic of the Ice Kingdom, by capturing them we can blow puffs of air to move objects.

34 – Coldland athlete, we have to capture them to be able to participate in the Ice Kingdom's grand championship.

35 – Cheep Cheep (Ice Kingdom)They are simply Cheep Cheeps but from the Ice Kingdom that withstand low water temperatures like a charm.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

36 – Octopus, characteristic of the Riverside Kingdom, we can use them to propel ourselves forward or upward, but be careful because if their water runs out they will be very slow and clumsy.

37 – Lava Drop, the drop of lava helps us move without dying from the fluid that we find in the Kingdom of the Stoves.

38 – DelisubianThese forks are very similar to the elastic pivot of the Urban Kingdom, they serve to propel ourselves upwards or to the sides.

39 – Brother Hammer, thanks to these Koopas we can break the Roqueson blocks in the Kingdom of the Stoves.

40 – Meat, we must capture this object to be able to face the Chefarraco in the Kingdom of the Stoves.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

41 – Arsonist Piranha, like the poisonous piranha, we need to throw a stone at it first to be able to capture it and throw fireballs from the site, we find it in the Kingdom of the Stoves.

42 – Picarito, this bird pecks and allows us to hit objects and enemies and also climb using its beak as an elastic pivot after sticking it into certain surfaces, we find it in Bowser's Kingdom.

43 – Jizo, this statue helps us get some Power Moon in Bowser's Kingdom.

44 – Bowser Statue, we can find it in the Moon Kingdom, moving it we find an Energy Moon under it.

45 – Winged Bones, just like winged Goombas help us fly.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

46 – Bill Banzai, much bigger than Bill Bala, thanks to his size we will destroy everything that gets in our way. We can see it in some area of the Wooded Kingdom.

47 – Placapum, this Koopa is an expert in knocking down obstacles and enemies by charging with his shoulder, we can see it in Bowser's Kingdom.

48 – Bowser, in the last moments of the game we will meet our archenemy Bowser and perhaps in some secret kingdom.

49 – Letter, the letters in the first area of the Urban Kingdom can be captured to get a Power Moon.

50 – Puzzle Piece (Urban Kingdom), After opening the sewer in front of the cafeteria we access the industrial area where we will have to move this Puzzle Piece to be able to get the Energiluna.

Captures with Cappy - Super Mario Odyssey

51 – Portrait Painter's Piece (Mario)Just like in the Cumulus Kingdom with the Goomba, in the Mushroom Kingdom we will have to rearrange Mario pieces to get an Energy Moon.

52 – Yoshi, Mario's inseparable friend returns in Super Mario Odyssey, we can find him in the Mushroom Kingdom when completing the game and also in some secret world.