Tekken 7 Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

All the cheats, secrets, new moves and achievements of Tekken 7

It finally arrives Tekken 7 On consoles, the new installment of Iron Fist is presented as a great fighting game, with new movements and characters like Akuma, discover their secrets and new movements.

Extra Chapter Story Mode – Fight Akuma

If we complete the Story mode we unlock an extra chapter with a fight between Kazuya and Akuma, once we beat it we can choose it from the Story mode menu.

Rage Art

These new moves included in Tekken 7 are like the X-Ray in Mortal Kombat or the Ultra in Street Fighter. Each fighter has a specific movement, but they can only be performed when we have health below 25%, our character will have a red aura. The lower our health, the more damage the rage art will do if we perform it. If we use it and it does not impact our opponent, we will no longer be able to do it in the same round, that is, we can only do it once per round.

The Rage Arts can be put in combo with certain attacks so it is important to know our character to know which combos allow us to link with a Rage Art. They also have Armor, the fighters can absorb an impact when performing it. You have to be careful not to fail them, because most of them in block leave us very exposed

Tekken 7 - All Rage Arts (Finisher Moves) - All Characters

Rage Drive

Rage Drives also depend on our health bar, like Rage Arts we can only perform them when we have less than 25% of health left, but unlike Rage Arts, Rage Drives do not have armor, they are normal blows with improved effects (when executed and hit, we will see our character with a blue aura and the blows sound different) that allow us combo options, in addition Unlike Rage Art, they are safe in blocks., that is, if we execute them and fail, it gives us time to cover ourselves. Some characters have more than one Rage Drive. The difference between Arts and Drive is that the former are more damaging, but you have to make sure to hit and the latter are faster and allow us to have more attack options and the possibility of warping, it is up to each player to know which one to use at all times. , since we use one or the other we will empty the Rage state.

Tekken 7 - All Rage Drives

power crush

Power crush are armored moves that can always be performed, These blows absorb an impact from the rival, that is, even if they attack us and hit us, we will execute the movement hitting the rival, although we will also receive damage. On the other hand It should be noted that these movements only work against high and medium attacks, low attacks and grabs nullify the effect of Power Crush and our opponent will always hit us if he uses those types of attacks. Many of the Power Crush allow us to link with Rage Art or Rage Drive

These movements are a good resource when our life is higher than that of the rival and we can afford to sacrifice life by ensuring that we hit the rival in case they attack us. In the move list these hits are represented with a red icon.

Tekken 7 - PS4/XB1/PC - Power Crush (Tutorial Video)

Achievements that we can make in Practice Mode

Below we leave you a video with all the achievements that we can unlock by playing in practice mode, they are all explained in the video and are as follows:

  • Rage of the Beast: Deal 1000 damage in Rage mode 
  • You do not have an escape. Surrender!: Perform 10 guided attacks 
  • I'll give you such a beating that you'll end up in hell: 70 aerial combo damage 
  • Elegance in its purest state: 10 screws 
  • Power is everything: 10 Power Crushes 
  • Full speed!: 10 Rage Drives
  • Let's get this over with!: Perform 20 Rage Arts
  • Strong and indestructible: Block 5 Rage Arts 
  • Just relax. You can do it: 3 10 hits combos 
  • Whatever it takes: 50,000 damage in practice
Tekken 7 - Move Trophy Guide - Practice Mode (10 Trophies)


Tekken 7 Achievements/Trophies

I'll get it all back! - Achieve all the achievements of the game.

Do you think you are stronger than me? – Complete the Main Story Prologue

The Prosperous and Inevitable Decline – Defeat Akuma in Arcade Mode or in a special Treasure Battle Battle.

Fear My Wrath – Defeat Devil Kazumi in Arcade Mode or in a special Treasure Battle Battle.  

Don't take it personally – Score a victory with "Perfect".

You fought well – Get a victory with "Great".  

Strong and indestructible – Blocks 5 Rage Arts.

Destructive Drive – Perform a move that destroys the ground.

Devastating impact! – Make a move that destroys a balcony.

Yeah! I got it! – Win a ranked match online.  

Not bad – Win an online player match.  

Come on! All ready! – Win a match in an online tournament.  

Come if you want to fight, I dare you! – Fight in 10 online battles.  

Instant Annihilation – Win 3 Treasure Battles in a row.  

Cool! – Obtain 20 treasure chests.  

You are challenging me?! – Complete Chapter 8 of the main story.  

I demand to know the truth! – Complete 3 character episode stories.  

You do not have an escape. Surrender! – Perform 10 guided attacks.

I'll Beat You So Hard You'll Go to Hell – Deal over 70 damage in an aerial combo (Offline Duel not included).  

Just relax. You can do it – Perform three 10 Hit Combos.

Elegance in its purest state – Activate 10 Screws.

It's going to be fun – Promote to 1st dan.  

Your skill is impressive – Promote to Initiate.  

Don't hold anything back – Defeat 20 higher-ranking rivals.  

Don't Tell My Father – Get deep into the Jungle Outpost stage.

It's just business – Get a total of 5,000,000 G.  

Let's go – Complete Chapter 1 of the main story.  

Ace of Iron Fist – Finish the Special Chapter of the main story.  

Wow, how strong I am! – Win 3 special battles in Treasure Battles.  

I will not accept this fate – Complete Chapter 13 of the main story.  

Lightning of Destiny – Complete 10 character episode stories.  

Whatever it takes – Deal 50,000 damage in Practice mode.  

At full blast! – Perform 10 Rage Drives.

Let's get this over with! – Perform 20 Rage Arts.  

Stun gun! – Achieve victory 5 times at the last moment with Rage Art.

Grrrr! (Good moves!) – Promote to Brawler.  

Rage of the Beast – Deal a total of 1,000 damage in Rage mode.

Are you going somewhere? – Reach the lowest floor of the Forgotten Realm stage.

Excellent – Earn a total of 10,000,000 G.  

Your end is near! – You have seen the Epilogue of the main story.  

I finally find you! – Obtain 50 treasure chests.  

Vehement Combatant – Promote to Warrior.