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Join Warren on his path to discover what they did to him at CREO Industries in The Surge.

Get the IronMaus armor



The best implants

Here we leave you a video with the best implants that we can equip ourselves in the game.




To find the sunglasses the first thing we have to take into account is don't give junk to JO. Then we must look for them in Development and Research after defeating Big Sister 1/3, when collecting them we obtain the "Achievement/Trophy "Sunglasses at Night".

The Surge - Achievement/Trophy Sunglasses at Night


Mallory Audio Notes

You have to find 11 in total, by collecting them we obtain the Achievement/Trophy "Follow the white rabbit".

The Surge - Mallory Audio Notes - Achievement/Trophy Follow the White Rabbit


Dr. Murphy Audio Notes

To get the Achievement/Trophy "Theory of Evolution", we have to find the 9 audio notes from Dr. Murphy.

The Surge - Dr. Murphy Audio Notes - Achievement/Trophy Theory of Evolution


Ferguson Audio Notes

Here we leave you a video with the location of the 5 Ferguson Audios, when collecting them we obtain the Achievement/Trophy "Furious Drones".

The Surge - Ferguson Audio Notes - Raging Drones Achievement/Trophy


Liberator Audio Notes

In total you have to collect 4 of these notes, by doing so we will obtain the Achievement/Trophy "Liberation".

The Surge - Liberator Audio Notes - Achievement / Liberation Trophy (Liberation)


Iron Maus Comics

There is 6 Comics distributed throughout the game, by finding them all we get the Achievement/Trophy "Sniffed Around", the locations are shown in the video.

The Surge - Iron Maus Comics - Achievement/Trophy Snooping Around


The Surge Achievements/Trophies

PAX – You have defeated Automaton Peacekeeper X.

Arsonist – Defeated the LU-74 "Arsonist".

Big Sister – You have defeated the Big SISTR 1/3

Black Cancerbero – Defeated the Echelon 9 Security Chief

Brave New World – Finish the game without corrupting Utopia protocols

For the Sake of Humanity – Finish the game after corrupting Utopia's protocols.

I'll be back – Dead for the first time.

On my own two feet – You've gotten your own exoskeleton I THINK.

Oops, I dropped it – You found your lost tech scrap after dying

!Hey listen! – You have gotten your own CREO companion drone.

I THINK Killed the Video Star – You've met Don Hackett.

Prepare your equipment – You have upgraded your exoskeleton for the first time.

Vigilante – You have received the security upgrade for your exoskeleton.

Who commands here? – You have found the board.

Turing Test – You have met Sally in person.

Its alive! Track! Conquest! – You have obtained the Iron Maus equipment.

Sunglasses at night – You found some sunglasses.

Camel – You helped someone refill their medicine supply.

I Melt – You have defeated all five casting machines.

Regular Customer – You've given Jo tech junk three times.

They will not pass – Defeated the guard in the CORE elevator.

Right Tool for the Job – You have upgraded a weapon using the Nanocore crafting component.

Man of Steel – Upgraded an entire team using the Nanocore crafting component.

Core Power – You have achieved a core power of 80.

Duty Calls – You have accompanied a lost soul on his mission to find himself.

There's a Ghost in the Machine – You've accompanied a father and his little daughter through the facility.

Follow the white bunny – You have found all of Mallory's audio notes.

First day of work – You have gotten your work equipment.

Liberation – You have found all the audio notes of the famous "Liberator".

Furious Drones – You have found all the audio notes from and about Ferguson.

Theory of Evolution – You have found all of Dr. Murphy's audio notes.

Butcher's Bill – Cut off all limbs of human enemies at least once.

Jack of all trades, journeyman of none – You have reached level 5 Weapon Knowledge on all weapon types.

Most Wanted – You have provoked and defeated the security forces at Production Plant B.

Infidel – You have defeated the vending machine cult.

Ultraviolet Light – Killed an enemy in a dark area using the ASTir SpectreBite.

I choose you – You have found a BOTECS energy core for your companion drone.

Homo Machinalis – Killed Barrett after he transformed into Homo Machinalis.

It was yours? – You have defeated a boss with his own weapon.

Guard Dog – You have obtained the complete equipment of the Black Cancerbero and the Judge MG.

Nothing to Lose – You have transported over 50,000 Tech Scrap.

Overconfidence – Defeat a boss while carrying at least 20,000 Tech Scrap.

Goliath – You have obtained a complete GOLIATH team.

Operator – You have obtained a complete team of OPERATOR.

Sentinel – You have obtained a complete SENTINEL team.

Snooping Around – You've completed your Iron Maus comic collection.

The Surge – You have unlocked all achievements.


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