Titanfall 2 Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

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Combine and play with new pilots, titans and deadliest weapons in Titanfall 2. 


Tutorial…become a teacher

We leave you an explanatory video for get this Achievement/Trophy, to get it we must complete the training circuit in less than 33.65 seconds, the video not only shows how to do it but also tips to master the circuit.

TUTORIAL "...becomes a Master" (TITANFALL 2)


Beat Ash and Richter on Master difficulty

We leave you two video tutorials to face these battles on the master difficulty, with advice and tips to be able to defeat them easily.

How to Beat ASH in Maestro (Titanfall 2)


How to Beat RICHTER in Master (Titanfall 2)


Pilots and Tactical Aids

Tactical aids are your pilots' special abilities, such as grappling hook, holopilot, pulse blade, and more. They also determine your visual identity in battle.

Hook : The hook is ideal for reaching hard-to-reach areas. It can also be used to drag enemies, leaving them within your reach.

Impulse Edge : Lethal and deadly, the pulse blade also features a brief sonar pulse that detects enemies.

Holopilot: Perfect for confusing the enemy, the holopilot imitates the last movement of its pilot.

Stimulant: Provides extra speed to pilots for a short period of time. Heals the player and restores their health while active. Ideal for entering intense combat zones or leaving them with a brief extra speed and health.

Camouflage: When camouflage is activated, players become almost invisible. It is even more effective against titans. Firing a weapon while wearing camouflage will make you momentarily visible.

Phase jump: Teleports you to an alternate space for a short period of time.

Wall+: Particle shield for pilot that enhances his shots. Only vulnerable in its protected base.

Collectibles – Pilot Helmets

We leave you a video to find the 46 Pilot Helmets in the campaign from Titanfall 2. When we collect them, we do not need to complete the mission, they will be saved, by collecting them, we will get 3 Achievements/Trophies, "Off the beaten path", "Collector" and "Until the Last Corner".

Titanfall 2 - Collectibles Guide (All Pilot Helmets)



Titans - Titanfall 2

Below we leave you a description and each of the abilities of the 6 types of Titan.

North Star

The Northstar stands out for its mastery of flying and eliminating enemies with precision. A real sniper from the air.

  • Main Weapon: Plasma railgun and sniper railgun that charges when zooming.
  • Explosive Weapon: Fragmentation Missile, causes continuous explosions upon impact.
  • Tactics: Vertical Hover, Hover function with vertical takeoff.
  • Defensive: Creeper, mine that traps nearby enemy titans.
  • Core: Flight Core, hover while firing missiles at targets on the ground.


The Ronin specializes in lightning attacks. It can deal heavy damage in small bursts, but its fragility makes it vulnerable if exposed for too long. His speed, as well as the Electrowave slowing ability, are ideal for attacking and fleeing in any battle.

  • Main Weapon: Lead Wall Shotgun and High-power, low-capacity shotgun that bounces off walls.
  • Explosive Weapon: Electrowave, by rubbing the sword against the ground, the Ronin generates an electrical wave that damages and slows down the enemies it hits.
  • Tactics: Phase impulse, the ronin propels himself in one direction, changing space-time phase, to avoid projectiles and surprise the enemy.
  • Defensive: Sword Block, reduces damage received. It can be maintained indefinitely.
  • Core: Sword Core, enhances melee attacks and sword skills, and allows new attacks to be made with it.


The Scorch defends and controls strategic locations. Whatever the situation, the Scorch can always find an obvious and forceful action to dominate it. Fire is the Scorch's main offensive and defensive resource.

  • Main Weapon: T-203 Termite Launcher. Lethal weapon with a shot of thermite projectiles that set fire to everything they hit.
  • Explosive Weapon: Pyrowall, the name says it all, fires a directional barrier of thermite at the enemy.
  • Tactic: Pyrotrap, deploys flammable gas containers that activate at the slightest spark.
  • Defensive: Heat Shield, liquefies enemy artillery and deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Core: Pyronucleus, creates an immense wave of fire that destroys everything it finds.


The Ion's power lies in its ability to redirect electricity, its laser precision, and its energy management. The Ion can redirect its power between three weapon systems. The management of this is the main characteristic of this titan.

  • Primary Weapon: Splitter Rifle, a one-shot energy rifle that uses the Ion's core energy system to fire 3 lethal shots at once.
  • Explosive Weapon: Laser Shot, Deadly beam over the shoulder that cuts everything it reaches.
  • Tactics: Detonating Mines, Laser-activated explosive mines.
  • Defensive: Vortex Shield, absorbs enemy fire and redirects it against threats.
  • Core: Core Laser, massive, lethal laser beam from the Ion's chest, capable of stopping any threat.


The Legion employs all types of ballistic functions, focused on defense and control of the enemy.

  • Main Weapon: Predator Cannon, powerful minigun, which takes a long time to start shooting.
  • Explosive Weapon: Super Shot. Short Range: Knock down nearby enemies. Long Range: Deals damage to all enemies in your line of fire.
  • Tactics: Mode Change, switches between short-range ammunition and long-range precision projectiles.
  • Defensive: Weapon Shield, deploys a protective shield from the Predator cannon.
  • Core: Core AI, the Predator cannon automatically acquires any target within its range.


A beast of fire, this powerful Titan has the ability to create a true hell on the battlefield, it is the Titan with the most explosives, and has enough power to devastate everything it sets out to and turn it to ashes.

  • Main Weapon: 40mm Marker Gun: The 40mm semi-automatic marker gun fires explosive projectiles. *Set goals partially.
  • Explosive Weapon: Homing Missiles, Fires missiles at fully locked targets. * Requires completely setting the objective.
  • Tactics: Locked on Sonar, reveals enemies in the area and partially locks on targets.
  • Defensive: Particle Wall, creates a defensive barrier against the Tone. Its shots can go through it.
  • Core: Core Volley, fires a volley of missiles that can be guided in mid-flight. Prioritizes the locked targets the Tone is looking at.


Supporter's Mark.
Get all the trophies.  

The newbie…
Beat driver Anderson's shadow time on the circuit.  

…becomes a teacher
He is among the top 3 in the circuit classification.  

The graduate
Complete the training.  

BT Prime
Full power to BT-7274.  

Disaster with legs
Defeat Kane.  

By the hair
Get Lt. Shaver and Lt. Freeborn survive.  

What a shortcut!
Enter the Planetary Foundry.  

that I climb the walls
Climb the side city.  

I am not locked up with you
Defeat the enforcers in Ash's Simulation Dome.  

Ashes to ashes
Defeat Ash.  

He was coming for us
Eliminate a lurker in a cage in the Fauna Research laboratory.  

Following the steps
See Anderson's first holographic record.  

secret plans
Complete Special Operation 217.  

License-free nuclear accelerator
Find the electrotool.  

Calling, calling
Activate the beacon power.  

Maximum coverage
Get a working link module.  

See you at the party
Defeat Richter.  

Pied Piper of Hamelin
Use the electrotool to activate a skirmisher stand.  

valuable cargo
Find the Ark.  

Defeat Viper.  

The ark
Get the Ark.  

Titan Deployment!
Order a new BT.  

The real pilot circuit
Complete the ascending world tour.  

Total sinister
Defeat Slone.  

excessive force
Destroy a titan with your burst core in the Campaign.  

Angel of Death
Destroy a titan with your flight core in the Campaign.  

Shoot with everything!
Destroy a titan with your salvo core in the Campaign.  

I have the power!
Destroy a titan with your sword core in the Campaign.  

laser surgery
Destroy a titan with your laser core in the Campaign.  

Destroy a titan with your AI core in the Campaign.  

You call me!
Destroy a Titan with your Pyrocore in the Campaign.  

coup de grace
Destroy a Mercenary Titan with a melee execution in the Campaign.  

Destroy 3 enemy Titans with a core function in the Campaign.  

Eliminate 25 infantry units in 2 seconds as a Titan in the Campaign.  

You can fly with me whenever you want
Destroy an enemy titan as a pilot in the Campaign.  

I know kung fu
Shoot and eliminate 3 enemies in a row while wall running as a pilot in the Campaign.  

Plank entry
Shoot and eliminate 3 enemies in a row while you glide as a pilot in the Campaign.  

Board an enemy Titan in the Campaign.  

supreme predator
Perform a melee takedown while cloaked in the Campaign.  

robotic army
Get 6 or more allied Skirmishers at once in the Campaign.  

Certified pilot
Complete the Campaign on Normal.  

Renowned pilot
Complete the Campaign on Hard.  

legendary pilot
Complete the Campaign on Master.  

Swiss knife
Collect all BT arsenals in the Campaign.  

Off the beaten path
Find 10 collectibles.  

Find 25 collectibles.  

To the last corner
Find all the collectibles.  

This is where it all starts…
Win a Multiplayer game.  

Weapons ready
Customize a Multiplayer arsenal.  

free association
Join a Multiplayer network.