Warcraft 3 cheats, all the keys and codes

All the codes, keys, cheats and tricks for Warcraft III The Frozen Throne on PC

Take advantage of these tricks and codes to move faster Warcraft 3, the most important real-time strategy game for PC of all time and from which most games of the same genre are inspired.

With these tricks, when playing the Campaign or in Skirmish you can use the codes and therefore you can cheat, which will give you a disproportionate advantage during battles and you will be able to overwhelm enemies by having unlimited resources, build quickly and be invincible

In addition to Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, these cheats are also valid for the Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne expansion. With the departure of Warcraft 3 Reforged announced by Blizzard, these cheats are still valid today.


Warcraft 3 Codes for PC

These tricks are valid for campaign mode. They also work in skirmishes and LAN custom games. They do not work in multiplayer mode.

Below we show you the complete list with all the Warcraft 3 cheats that exist.

Press “Enter” and enter the following keys. When the cheat is correctly entered and activated, the message “Cheat Code Enabled“:

keysersoze: Get unlimited gold. If it is written alone, it will give you 500 units. But you can add a figure if we write the code, space and the exact amount we want to obtain. For example: keyserzone 3000

leafittome: Get unlimited wood. If it is written alone, it will give you 500 units. But you can add a figure if we write the code, space and the exact amount we want to obtain. For example: leaffittome 3000

greedisgood: Get unlimited gold and wood. If written alone, it will give you 500 units of each. But you can add a figure if we write the code, space and the exact amount we want to obtain. For example: greedisgood 3000

riseandshine : It becomes daylight instantly.

lightsout : It becomes night instantly.

itvexesme : You can't win.

iocainepowder : Die quickly.

synergy : Deactivate technology tree. It means that you don't need the prerequisites to be able to research or build any item.

WhoIsJohnGalt : Activate R&D. It's about a Easter egg to investigate faster.

motherland [race] [level] : Select level for a race. Write the code, a space, name of the race in English, a space and the level. The available races are: orcs – orc, humans – human, night elves – nightelf and undead – undead. For example: “motherland undead 3”

DaylightSavings [time] : Set the time to the time we want. Enter the code, space and then a time from 1 to 24 and the time will change. For example: DaylightSavings 16 so that it is four in the afternoon.

warpten : Construction and research speed is increased to ultra fast.

PointBreak : Removes food and population limits. With this you can build more units. But you can never go over 90 units. If the code is entered again it is deactivated.

StrengthandHonor : You can not lose. That is, even if you are defeated in campaign mode, you can continue playing with the units you have left.

TheDudeAbides : Don't wait for spells to recharge. You must use it when a spell is on cooldown and it will recharge instantly. If there is none, it will have no effect. You must activate it and then use it again to deactivate it and have it take effect the next time you use it.

allyourbasearebelongtous : Instant victory. The game ends and you win the game.

thereisnospoon : Unlimited mana.

somebodysetupusthebomb : Instant defeat. The game ends and you lose the game.

whosyourdaddy : Units become invincible and super powerful. They are capable of eliminating any enemy with a single blow.

Iseedeadpeople : Reveal map by removing battle fog, allowing you to see the entire battlefield.

sharpandshiny : Improve research and increase speed to make it faster.

= : repeat the last code (to go faster and not have to write the same thing every time)

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Secrets in Human Missions

1. Strahnbrad's Defense

  •  Each unit you kill, other than a Footman, will have a corresponding Ghost in the Graveyard. There will be a maximum of seven Ghosts in the Graveyard. 

2. Blackrock n' Roll 

  •  At the entrance to Searinox's Lair, there are a bunch of trees before the entrance, to the south. Make a path through them until you see a Gnoll Guardian, who when killed will drop a Rod of Negation.
  •  Down to the right of the two towers on the northeast side of your base, there is a path that takes you to a small pond of Murlocs. After finishing them off, go to the west side of the lagoon, near the bones, and you will see a tree and two rocks. Destroy the tree and go through the path. You will see a ramp with some trees. Take those trees down to another ramp, also full of trees. Kill them too and you will see a small Ogre town. There are two Ogre Warriors and one Ogre Wizard. When the Ogre Wizard dies, he will drop Gloves of Strength +3.
  •  In the center of the map are two Grunts and a campfire. After killing them, go down the path on the right until you reach a small group of Gnolls. Kill them and continue through the lagoon behind them. There you will see a large rock and a small one. Knock down trees, always upwards, and continue destroying trees until you find some Murlocs. One of them can hide at night, so you'd better attack during the day.
  • After the image of the Sword Master being murdered, and him speaking to his Demonic Masters, the Footman who speaks becomes called the Unfortunate Footman. 

3. The Ravages of the Plague 

  •  There is a hidden Ogre village on this map. Go the way Jaina came and you will fight several Ogres. After giving you a potion, go to the sheep. It looks like a simple animal, but killing it will give you a Bracelet of Agility.
  • When you talk to the farmer on the bridge, he will tell you something about some taxes. If you have gold, more than 50, you can get up to 210 gold. But, if you have 100 or more gold, you will receive gold and a Health Potion.
  •  After the taxes, you go to a flooded area with some Murlocs. Kill them and destroy the cabins as well. You will get an item that will increase your hero's strength +1.
  •  After the Murlocs, continue and take the other path to a bandit camp. After killing them, you will find a Scroll of Protection.
  •  After destroying the Infected Barn, destroy the boxes. One skeleton will come out per box. 

4 – The cult of the damned

  •  In the lower right corner of the map there are Trolls waiting for you. Kill them to get some Claws Attack +6. If you destroy their huts, you will get a Scroll of Protection.
  •  Once we know the Dwarves who kill skeletons, go where more skeletons come out and kill everything to get a Mantle of Intelligence +3.
  •  In the center of the map, there is a Goblin Merchant and nearby are some Gnolls. When you kill them, one of them will drop a Health Potion.

5. The Scourge March 

  • In addition to the Ogres located around the map, there are also some more powerful Ogres in the lower left corner of the map. Continue and you will find more Ogres to eliminate, leaving, at the end, a Talisman of Vitality. 

6. The Massacre 

  •  In the middle of the map, on the left, there are some very strange enemies. Rats and other very strange beings. Kill them all except one rat, named Filson. It's because he has a skill called Evasion, which evades the 100% of your attacks. Given this, simply continuously click on it until it explodes, leaving a cool Evasion Talisman. 

In level 7 “The Shores of Northrend” there are no secrets.

 8. Disagreement

  •  In the top left corner of the map, there are three skeleton enemies, two of them archers and another a sorcerer. One of them will drop a Goblin Night Telescope.
  •  In the center of the map there are a few hostile creatures. To the right, hidden among the trees, is a Panderan. Access it by destroying the trees and kill it. He will drop a Mana Earring. 

In the last level of the Humans “Frostmourne” there are no secrets. 

Secrets in the Orc Missions

1. Land in sight 

  •  In the bottom right corner of the map are a bunch of Murlocs. When you finish them off, you will be awarded a Vitality Talisman and a Mana Potion. 

2. The long march

  •  After reaching the first Oasis, look around a bit and you will find Murlocs and their respective homes. One will drop an Ancestral Figurine and another a Mana Potion.
  •  As you walk towards the second Oasis, you will see a Goblin Camp. Get close and you should be attacked by Harpies. Kill them and destroy their nests. In the nest there is a Mantle of Intelligence +3.
  •  Continue towards the second Oasis and, behind a Power Totem, you will see the Queen of the Harpies and her nest. Kill them both and you'll get another item.
  •  On the path to the second Oasis, to the right before the Goblin Camp, there is a small Centaur camp. One will drop a Health Scroll.
  •  A little further down from the second Oasis you will see another small Centaur camp. Upon destroying enemies, one will drop a +2 Book of Agility.

In mission 3 “The Cry of the Warsong” in mission 4 “The Spirits of Ashenvale” and 5 “The Shadowhunter” there are no secrets. 

6. Where only Wyverns venture 

  •  After you have rescued the Wyverns, destroy the nest in the middle to obtain a Mana Potion. 

7. The Oracle 

  •  When Thrall needs Cairne's help to create the bridge, you will take control of Cairne and his Tauren units. Along the way, you will find a Salamander called “Hungry Hungry Lizard” (in my version this was not translated?). Let it eat the mushrooms and when it's done, kill it and you'll see that it leaves some moss behind. Go where he left a gap to find the Horn of the Storm, which creates an Aura of Protection around your hero. 

8. May the Demons take you

  •  On this map there are two Health Sources. Go to the one on the right and kill the Centaur and his soldiers. You will get a Death Mask that will give the hero and his troops the Vampiric Aura.
  •  In the lower right corner of the map are a few Harpies. Kill them all and destroy their nests. In one of them you will find a Mana Scroll.

Secrets in the Dark Elf Missions

1. Enemy at the door

  •  At the end of the mission, in the final scene created with the game engine, you will see a Panderan running in the background. 

2. Daughters of the Moon

  • Where you find the first group of Crossbows, shoot the trees behind to knock them down in a northwesterly direction. There, you will find a… Hydralisk! Catch him with Tyrande and he will join your cause. It will even appear in the final scene. The best easter egg in the game, without a doubt. 

In mission 3 “The Awakening of StormRage there are no secrets.

4. The rise of the Druids

  • After receiving the quest, go to the door and go down until you can't go any further. Destroy the trees on the left and kill the lizards and the Wyrm. They are complicated, but you will get it. The Wyrm drops a Sobi Mask. 

5. Blood Brothers

  • In the cave, try to go as far to the right as possible as soon as you start. You will come to some mushrooms and a skull on the ground. You will also hear some comments about an immense demon. Furion can use a spell that allows him to transform those mushrooms (which are like trees) into attack units. Do this to clear the way. You will see a path full of bones, which doesn't look good at all. Going a little further, you will see the Largest Panda Ever Seen. It's huge and level ten! When he dies, he will leave behind a Magic Immunity Necklace. 

In mission 6 “A destiny of Flames and Desolation” and in mission 7 “Twilight of the Gods” there are no secrets.

Secrets in the Living Dead Missions

1. Through the Ashes

  • When you get the Shadow, you go to the city. There you will see two villagers fighting named Robert and Tyler. These names come from the movie Fight Club. If you kill Tyler, Robert will run away and if you kill Robert, Tyler will be the one who runs. 

2. Raising the Dead

  •  At the bend towards the path where the Wizard is, knock down the trees and you will see a scene with two Sasquatch. When you kill them, one will leave behind +6 Attack Claws.
  • If you approach Tichondrius on this map, he will say that he is hungry and will kill some humans, devouring their souls as well. 
  • After the scene where you find the Urn, in the middle of the map, cut down the trees that are west of the green human base. When your unit reaches the spring, you will have a flashback of a few seconds where you will see the image of a small panda bear on top of a larger one with a sword. Below you will see the message “SECRET FOUND Panderan Relaxation Area” (in my Spanish version this phrase came out in English).

In Mission 3 “In the Eternal Kingdom” and in Mission 4 “The Key to the Three Moons” there are no secrets.

5. The Fall of Silvermoon

  • By killing Sylvannas Windrunner, you will gain a new unit, the Banshees, capable of possessing enemy units. Use them with the High Elf pawns and you will be able to build and use their structures. 

6. Also Blackrock and roll

  • Although you can possess Orc Pawns with your Bashees, you will not be able to construct any enemy buildings. This is because if you could do it, you would be unstoppable. 

In Mission 7 “The Siege of Dalaran” there are no secrets.

8. Under the burning Sky

  • If you finish this mission in 177 actions, you will see an Easter egg.
  • In the center of the map is an Archmage with some enemy forces. If you kill him and his forces, you will get a Tome of Force +2 and a Ring of Protection +5.

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