How to light up the keyboard of my HP laptop

Discover how to turn the keyboard backlight on and off on your HP OMEN, Victus and Notebook laptop, to give a unique touch to your compatible laptop

Let's see how to light up the keyboard of an hp laptop, so that you know how turn the backlight on and off of your HP laptop from the OMEN, Victus or Notebook range. And illuminated keyboards are increasingly present in many laptop keyboards and after dinner, thanks to the popularization of the gamer aesthetic and because they are more attractive to the eye than a standard non-backlit keyboard. But with the different models and HP ranges, many users do not know how to turn the key lighting on and off; Therefore, below we offer you everything you need to know about how to light up your laptop keyboard H.P..


How to turn the lighting on and off on an HP laptop

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Generally, HP laptops with backlight keyboard allow you to turn the keyboard light on and off through the F5 key. If the backlight does not turn on using this method, it is probably necessary reset backlight with a reboot.

How to light up the keyboard of my HP laptop

How to turn on the keyboard light on an HP laptop

Follow the steps below to learn how to turn keyboard light on and off from an HP laptop:

  1. Connect your laptop to your charger, since in some cases the laptop keyboard backlight does not turn on if it is not charged to a certain percentage.
  2. Locate the key Backlight, on HP laptops it is generally F5 (next to the illuminated keys icon), located at the top of the keyboard.
  3. Press the key several times Backlight to toggle the backlight illumination intensity. If this method doesn't work, keep reading.
  4. Try using the key F5 (Backlight) while pressing the key Fn, located at the bottom left of the keyboard; The Fn key enables secondary functions of the laptop keys, in this case the F5 Key Backlight.

How to light up the keyboard of my HP laptop

In any case, make sure that your laptop Has a backlight for the keyboard, since not all laptops have this utility. Check the instruction manual or online documentation for your laptop model to determine whether or not it has a backlit keyboard.

How to reset a malfunctioning keyboard light

If the previous method has not worked, it is possible to try a second method that includes a force restart laptop. Of course, it is necessary that said laptop have a removable battery, since for this reset it is necessary to remove the battery from the equipment. In devices with an integrated battery, it is technically possible to remove the battery, although it is not recommended, since it is necessary disassemble the casing and extract various components for it. Follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect any USB cables or devices of the laptop, such as the charger cable, USB flash drives, mouse, speakers, headphones...
  2. Turn off the laptop through the icon Windows Start – On/Off – Shut Down.
  3. Remove the battery of the laptop by turning the computer over and pressing the battery switches. Gently pull out the battery and store it on a soft, dry surface.
  4. Now press and hold the button On for 20 seconds so that the residual power of the laptop is discharged.
  5. Go back to attach the battery to the laptop and turn it on through the power button from the front of the laptop.
  6. Now try turning on the keyboard backlight again through the F5 or Fn+F5 key.

How to light up the keyboard of my HP laptop

Now I should keyboard backlight turns on. If not, you will have to contact the HP technical service to try to resolve the fault. If the backlight is broken or burned out, it will need to be replaced.

How to light up the keyboard of my HP laptop

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