Ads Settings Google: how to know what Google knows about you

Discover what Google thinks of you based on your Internet searches and your browsing history and modify the data in your favor thanks to Ads Settings Google

Let's see what is Ads Settings Google to find out what Google knows about you through your internet searches and you record navigation. Additionally, if you wish, you can modify the data collected by Google in your favor to obtain a better, more personalized browsing experience. And thanks to Ads Settings Google, we can discover What data does Google have about each of us? and how it has cataloged us in relation to our Internet searches. Google watches us and below we show you how to use it to your advantage.

Ads Settings Google: what Google knows about you

Google It is the online platform that stores the most data on all its users, whether through the search engine (the most popular and used in the world, by far), or other platforms such as Youtube either Gmail, in addition to the operating system Android for mobiles. But to what extent does Google know things about each user? Can we do something as users to try to change it?

For those who are curious about what Google knows about each one, there is a way to find out what the online service stores of each user for their advertising integrations through web pages: Ads Settings Google.

Ads Settings Google: how to know what Google knows about you

Follow the steps below to access your information stored in Google Ads Settings:

  1. Access your Google account through an Internet browser.
  2. Now go to the website

Here you can see the configuration of personalized Google ads in relation to your personal Google account, all of them through all the categories in which the search engine includes you to show you personalized advertising based on your searches, tastes or preferences.

All this information is extracted from your internet searches and information through cookies that your account stores when accessing any web page or service. From here, you will be shown ads related to your online behavior that may be more or less accurate.

Ads Settings Google: how to know what Google knows about you

Although what is truly important is that in You can stop Internet ads from being based on your searches and stop responding to your Google user profile.

On the other hand, you can remove all categories related to your digital profile and that you do not believe fit your personality, in order to receive advertising more in line with your tastes and interests.

Of course, you will not be able to prevent Google continue storing personal information of your searches and activity on the network, but at least you will be able to achieve a less intrusive browsing experience that is more in line with your preferences.

Ads Settings Google: how to know what Google knows about you

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