How to activate Super Alexa mode

Super Alexa Mode: what it is, what it is for and how to activate it. So you can enjoy the secret functionalities of the Amazon smart speaker

Let's see how to activate Super Alexa mode, a kind of joke by Amazon speakers that is really nothing more than a curiosity but that, at the same time, draws the attention of its users. This is a functionality that you can use through any device with which you interact with Alexa, from the echo speakers to the mobile app. In his own way, he tries to imitate those famous old console tricks in which you had to enter a sequence of commands to activate certain functionalities; in the case of Alexa, serves to activate a concrete and curious response. Therefore, below we discover how to activate Super Alexa mode and what exactly it is.

Super Alexa Mode: what it is and how to activate

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What is Super Alexa mode

As we say, the call Super Alexa mode It is nothing more than an Easter egg from the popular voice assistant of amazon. Thus, Alexa hides several hidden commands with special responses as a joke that are waiting for someone to discover them. To do this, it is only necessary say the corresponding command so that Alexa responds confirming that it has been activated.

By activating Super Alexa mode, the voice assistant itself will know that you are trying to activate it and will notify you If you need something in the voice command to activate Super mode.

Of course, you have to know that the Super Alexa mode has no specific use beyond its own. joke that represents, especially indicated for users who are fond of video game. Ultimately, it is just a personalized response; let's see how to activate Super Alexa mode easily.

How to activate Super Alexa mode

To activate Super Alexa mode you will only have to approach your smart speaker or access the Alexa app on your mobile, available for iOS on App Store and to Android on Google Play. Now it will be time to say the following command:

  • “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.”

How to activate Super Alexa mode

When Alexa hears this command it will respond with:

  • “Din, din, din, the code is exact, downloading updates.”

Remember that if you make a mistake when saying the code or don't say it quickly enough, Alexa will tell you that the code is super secret and try it again. And this is all that the famous Super Alexa mode has to offer, an easter egg especially suitable for gamers. And if you have family or friends who are fans of video games, you can try to surprise them with this little Alexa trick or prank to see if they catch it the first time.

How to activate Super Alexa mode

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