How to get the sexual crimes certificate

Step-by-step guide to request the sexual crimes certificate to work with minors in Spain, both online and in person

Let's see how to get the sexual crimes certificate, the official document necessary to work with minors who proves the lack of crimes of this type in Spain. This certificate official can be requested both online online (through Digital Certificate, electronic DNI or cl@ve system), or in person at a Ministry office, by appointment. Below we explain what exactly is this document and what does it certify, in addition to the necessary steps to request it.

How to download the Sexual Offenses Certificate

How to obtain the sexual crimes certificate in Spain

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What is the sexual crimes certificate

The certificate of sexual crimes allows you to prove that in the Central Registry of Sexual Offenders There are no records that the applicant has not committed any crime of a sexual nature. This is an official document only valid in Spain, so it is not useful if you want to work with minors in other countries. According to the state administration, “The certificate of Crimes of a Sexual Nature, according to Spanish regulations, is the only valid certificate issued. to regularly work with minors”.

The crime certificate requested by Internet and of in person in the administration offices. Keep reading to learn how to request it through either method.

How to obtain the online sexual crimes certificate

The online application via the Internet is the simplest and most comfortable; so much so, that if there is no incident or setback, it can be obtained in just 5 minutes through secure user identification. To begin the online process, access the following official administration link:

Now click on the option Online processing with cl@ve. The following links are divided into the following sections:

  • The option Application allows the user to download the personal certificate.
  • The option Check the status of your request and download allows you to download the certificate already requested previously.
  • The option Verification and download allows a third party (company or school that is going to hire the interested person) to verify the validity of the certificate.

How to get the sexual crimes certificate

Let's see how to access the application with Digital certificate as an identification method, similar to the system with electronic ID either cl@ve.

Start by filling out the form data correctly:

  • Name
  • Surnames
  • Father's name
  • Mother's name
  • Address
  • Etc.

How to get the sexual crimes certificate

With all the data entered correctly, you go to the data confirmation screen to later go to the direct download link, obtaining the certificate online, which can also be easily printed.

How to obtain the in-person sexual crimes certificate

The second method to obtain said certificate is in person through some administration offices, such as the Central Citizen Service Office in Madrid or in the Territorial Management of the Ministry of Justice around the territory. In both cases it is necessary to ask appointment.

Documentation necessary to request the certificate in person

  • Application model with all fields correctly filled out.
  • Identification document in force with which the prior appointment was obtained (DNI, NIE, passport, Spanish driving license or community identity document).
  • Minors or those with judicially modified capacity will have to be represented by one of their parents or his legal guardian.

The person who attends the in-person appointment on behalf of the interested party You will also have to provide:

  • Original or certified photocopy of identity document or family book in the case of a minor of the interested person.
  • Original or certified photocopy of document proving representation by any legally valid means that leaves a reliable record of the same (public document authorized by a notary, private document with signatures legitimized by a notary or private document, granted in personal appearance of the interested party before a public employee, who will record this circumstance through diligence).

How to fill out the sexual crimes certificate application form

When attending a prior appointment to request the certificate, it is necessary submit the application form, which can be obtained through the following official link, although it can also be requested at the offices themselves:

It is necessary to fill out all the sections correctly for delivery to the administration.

How to get the sexual crimes certificate

Now you know all the steps to request the certificate of sexual crimes necessary to work with minors in Spain.

How to get the sexual crimes certificate

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