How to know who views your Instagram profile

Do you want to know if someone specifically visits your Instagram profile? Below we discover the best tricks to know who is spying on your publications

Let's see how to know who sees your Instagram profile, the popular social network to share photos, videos, reels, stories and more. And the growth of Instagram is unstoppable, with millions of users around the world sharing their publications. And that is why there are many regular Instagram people who would like to know who spies or watch your posts; Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer any tools native that allows access to said information. Actually, no social network It will give you a list of users who have visited your profile in the last week or month. But we can resort to a series of tricks to try to find out who has been able to visit our profile from Instagram. Do not miss the best methods to know who can spy on your instagram.


Instagram: how to know who is spying on your profile

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Malicious apps

The first thing we must be clear about is that no magic app that you can find on Google Play or the App Store will offer you this information. If you find an app that promises to find out who visits your Instagram, automatically distrust; most likely it is malicious, inserting virus, Trojans on your PC or mobile, asking for personal data and filling your devices with advertising. You will surely find dozens of apps that promise to give you this information: do not download them. Some will even ask you to pay real money; Run away from these apps as far as possible.

Apps like InstaAgent either Instadetector are examples of malicious applications. If you have come this far, you may have installed one of these apps to try to find out who visits your Instagram profile. Yes that's how it is, delete any of these apps from your mobile immediately.

How to know who views your Instagram profile

Check your notifications

Instagram notifications are your best ally to try to discover who visits your profile on regular basis. A clear example is when a user leaves you several likes in several of your posts; This way, you will know that that specific person is a regular on your Instagram profile. This situation occurs especially when you are followed by a new user and wants to take a look at your photos or when someone in particular has a special interest in you.

Others want to make it clear that they have visited your profile, leaving I like old photos, warning that they have been there. On the other hand, there are users who visit your profile and They leave no trace of their activity, since they do not interact with your posts in any way, neither with likes nor with comments.

Spy mistakes

In this case, it is possible that one of your spies make a mistake and leave a record of it for your profile leaving a I like it by mistake; It usually happens when browsing quickly with your mobile, swiping your finger and clicking where you shouldn't. If you make the mistake, Instagram will automatically send you the notification to notify you of such interaction; as long as you have them activated. This way you can know who is gossiping about your Instagram profile.

How to know who views your Instagram profile

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories 24 hours long They can be a good indication of which users have visited your profile to see them. So, if you upload many stories in a row, you may attract those users who have a special interest in your profile. And this type of user usually sees all the stories, until the end. On the other hand, those users who do not usually see your stories show little interest in your posts, so you can rule them out as possible spies or gossipers about your account.

In short, those users who visit your stories, send you DM (direct messages), participate in your surveys, mention you in their posts, leave likes, etc., are potential spies or gossips of your publications. They can be friends, family, acquaintances, flirts or completely anonymous users.

The only methods to detect possible spies on your profile is through those users who have left continuous traces of their activity in your account, whether it is numerous likes or interactions on old posts; On the other hand, if the interaction of users you suspect is less, you will have to continue with the doubt...

Now you know the clearer signs of spy users on your Instagram profile; It is not an exact science, since the app does not offer this type of information, although if the signs are clear, start to suspect.

How to know who views your Instagram profile

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