How to enter Facebook without a password

Guide to enter Facebook without having to enter the password every time. Quick and easy access to your profile in a couple of clicks and forget about the password

Facebook presents an option so that we can enter directly without entering our password daily, which will prevent us from having to enter our personal credentials every time we try to access the popular social network From a PC or browser. And there are many users who make deep cleaning your internet browser, deleting history, cookies or access credentials social networks either E-mail accounts.

Fortunately, Facebook has its own system to speed up the access of its users and that stands out from the usual options for saving accounts and passwords of the internet browsers. Therefore, below we explain how to enter Facebook without password through your own social network configuration in its web version.

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How to configure your Facebook account to access without a password

It is likely that many users are unaware of this Facebook option associated with automatic login without a password, since from the first moment they trust the browsers automatic system Internet to save the credentials of a certain website from the first time we access it. The problem is that every time we clean the browser, we lose this type of assistance.

Facebook, for its part, allows us to configure the automatic access option through its own Facebook settings, an option that will be associated with our profile. To do this, we must do click on the inverted arrow located at the top of the main Facebook screen to display the Option menu of the social network; now we must access Setting to enter Facebook options.

Facebook: how to log in directly without a password

Once in the Facebook settings page, within Setting, we must access Security and login; Now within this menu we must scroll down until we find the option Sign in with your profile photo either Save login information.

Facebook: how to log in directly without a password

Within this section we just have to click on the button Edit located on the right side to display the options Login; Now we can select the function Remember password to activate automatic Facebook access without a password.

Facebook: how to log in directly without a password

In this way we can access Facebook without having to enter the password, just click on the profile image that appears on the Facebook home page and you will enter directly.

How to enter Facebook without entering the password

Of course, we must keep in mind that this option is only recommended for personal computing equipment and never on public computers or that we share with other users, since anyone could access our account through a simple click on our profile image. If we want to deactivate this option, we just have to repeat the same steps and click on the option Disable profile photo login.

How to Login to Facebook with Profile Photo

How to recover your Facebook password from your mobile phone and the official app

To activate Facebook “quick login” you need to know your password. If for whatever reason you don't remember it, you can recover it very easily by following these steps:

  • Access the Facebook App from your mobile phone or cell phone
  • On the account access page, click on the option “Did you forget your password?
  • Use your phone number or email account as a user. If you don't remember this information either, you can use the Facebook tool to scan your mobile contacts and determine which account is yours.
  • Once you enter your username you will have several options to recover your password. Facebook can send you a email or SMS message to your phone to verify your identity. Choose one of them.
  • Facebook will send you a recovery code password to the method you have chosen, SMS or email.
  • Copy and paste the code received in the box indicated for this in the application. Select “Continue”.
  • If you have completed the steps correctly, you will now be able to access your Facebook account.
Facebook: how to log in directly without a password

If you do not want to have to re-enter your password in the future, follow these steps:

  • Open the app Facebook and click on the three dots that appear next to your photo and your account.
  • Choose "Save your login information
  • Click on “Accept”
  • In this way Facebook will store your account data on that device and you will never have to enter the password again unless you delete the app or format the phone.
Facebook: how to log in directly without a password

How to enter Facebook with your mobile phone and the official app

To access Facebook from a mobile or tablet automatically follows the following steps:

  1. Download the official Facebook app for iOS or Android to log in to Facebook without using the internet browser.
  2. Once installed, open the app from the main screen of your mobile or tablet.
  3. Enter your access details to log in to the Facebook app.
  4. From this moment on, you will be able to access Facebook on your mobile or tablet directly without having to enter your access data.

How to enter Facebook with your mobile without the official app

If you want to save mobile resources when using Facebook and you don't want to install the official app (since it consumes a lot of mobile resources), follow the following steps:

  1. Open your mobile browser and go to the official Facebook website.
  2. You enter your access data on Facebook through your mobile browser.
  3. Access the Facebook configuration options and look for the Add to home screen entry.
  4. This will add an access icon to the official Facebook website with your access data already entered, so you can access your account without having the app installed directly.

How to enter with an Internet browser

If you do not have the official Facebook app installed on your mobile because you prefer save space (remember that this application is quite heavy), you can also access Facebook without a password through the Internet navigator. To do this, follow the following steps:

  1. Access your usual Internet browser on your mobile.
  2. Now access the official website From Facebook.
  3. Enter your email and password (this will be the first and last time you have to do it).
  4. Save in your browser a direct access to the Facebook page.
  5. A will appear icon with the Facebook logo which will allow you to always access your account with your credentials already saved and without the need to have the app downloaded on your mobile.

How to enter Facebook with QR code

In addition to the autostart method, Facebook allows access to our user account without having to write the password through the web version with a QR code. To do this, and after having previously logged in on the same computer, we can access our account through our profile image to access a new login window.

facebook enter directly without password

Now we will have to click on the button Sign in with your phone to open a new window in which a QR code and some instructions. Now access the Facebook mobile app, click scroll down and point the camera at the QR code on the screen. Thus, we can automatically start the Facebook session without writing anything.

How to recover Facebook without email or password

If what you want is to enter Facebook and You don't remember the password and you don't have access to the email, in this video they also explain how to do it:

Video - Recover your Facebook without email and password

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