How to pay on Wallapop

All payment methods of the famous application to buy and sell second-hand products

Next we will see how to pay on Wallapop, the popular application of buy and sell of all kinds of second-hand products. And it is that Wallapop It has become an essential app for many users, thanks to which they can sell things they no longer need and also find that product you were looking for. best price. So much so, that on Wallapop they buy and sell all kinds of objects, from clothing to furniture, including appliances, books, video games, sporting goods, toys, collectibles, antiques, bicycles, scooters and even vehicles such as cars or motorcycles, among many other things. We can find almost everything! Therefore, it is essential to resolve all doubts about how to pay in Wallapop to make your online purchases in the most convenient way safe.

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How to pay on Wallapop

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Buying and selling methods on Wallapop

When you find a Wallapop product that you are interested in, you have to follow a few simple steps to make the purchase in the best way possible. The first point to check is the origin or location of the seller. In their profile you can see their location, as well as the ratings from other users (if you have them), something essential to see if someone is trustworthy or if there is a history of problems with that specific seller.

If the seller lives in the same town as you, the most common thing is to establish a meeting place and carry out the buying and selling in person; In this way, you pay cash in hand and there are no more problems. In addition, you will be able to complete the transaction faster (without depending on shipping), save time and check status of the product at the same time, in order to save you possible disappointments.

Now, if you want to buy something from a user who lives far from your locationWhat options exist to make the purchase online? Keep reading.

How to pay online: all the options

In the event that you cannot arrange a meeting in person with the seller, you can always resort to the possibilities of Wallapop Shipping, the app's own system to carry out transactions through shipments. To do this, you will have to add the details of your credit card in the Wallapop application, in addition to verify your identity adding images of your ID both from the front and the back, a series of steps that you will have to do through the settings of the application itself. To do this, click on the icon You located in the lower right corner of the screen and in Transactions click on Shipping. Finally in Bank data you will have to fill out the different fields.

How to pay on Wallapop

Once you have your Wallapop buyer profile ready, you can make purchases through shipments; Yes, keep in mind that at the sales price of the product you buy you will have to add shipping costs, since they are assumed by the buyer and not the seller. When making the online purchase, you can choose if you want to collect the package at your post Office closest to your location or receive the delivery to your home.

For greater security, buyer's payment Wallapop retains it in its virtual wallet; Once the seller receives the notice, you can ask the app to the payment is transferred to your bank account. In this way, the buying and selling processes are subject to the Wallapop rules and control.

Shipping prices are 2.50 euros with Correos and 2.95 euros with Seur, always for the most common packages weighing between 0 and 2 kilos. The Wallapop shipping price list is the next:

  • 0-2kg | Shipping to one address: €2.95 | Post Office: €2.50
  • 2-5kg | Shipping to one address: €3.95 | Post Office: €2.95
  • 5-10kg | Shipping to one address: €5.95 | Post Office: €4.95
  • 10-20kg | Shipping to one address: €8.95 | Post Office: €7.95
  • 20-30kg | Shipping to one address: €13.95 | Post Office: €11.95

There is also the possibility of take out insurance for shipping with the following prices:

  • Purchases from €1 to €25: management cost €1.95
  • Purchases from €25 to €1,000: variable management cost depending on the price of the product (between 5 and 10%)

In addition, the Wallapop Shipping service is only available for purchases between 1 and 1,000 €, leaving prices lower or higher than said interval out of this possibility. As we say, for the seller the service is free, since it is the buyer who assumes the shipping costs.

Is there cash on delivery or Paypal at Wallapop?

He cash on delivery or the possibility of paying once the product has been received It is not available on Wallapop, since the platform uses its own rules. The same happens with PayPal, one of the most common payment methods in online purchases, which is also not available as a payment method. So, everything goes through Wallapop Shipping, so that users have Wallapop itself as an intermediary in case any problem arises.

How Wallapop Protect works

Wallapop Protect is his own security Service from Wallapop so that in purchase-sale transactions there is no problem for both the seller and the buyer. The service is mandatory for Wallapop online purchases and sets its price according to the value of each purchase and sale. Don't miss all the details of Wallapop Protect through our guide.

Now you know all the Wallapop payment methods, so that you can buy and sell your products with complete security and without any problem.

How to pay on Wallapop

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