How to remove Facebook Messenger virus

The dangerous virus “Are you the one in the video?” continues to cause problems on many mobile phones; Find out how to avoid malware and what to do to remove it

Let's see how to remove viruses Messenger Facebook, specifically, the dangerous malware known as “Are you the one in the video?”, which has returned stronger than ever thanks to a new expansion that is infecting a lot of devices and computers around the world. And users receive a notification with the aforementioned title and a message that, when opened, multiplies by distributing itself automatically among all contacts on the victim's list. And it does so by compromising the security of the personal data of all those users let them fall into the trap. Therefore, below we explain What is the “Are you the one in the video?” virus, how to avoid it and how to get rid of it if it has finally infected our computer or device.

How to Remove Facebook Virus That Sends Messages by Itself - Quick and Easy

How to remove Facebook Messenger virus “Are you the one in the video?”

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What is Facebook Messenger virus

The video "Are you the one in the video?" of Messenger Facebook it's a phishing malware which aims to gain access to the accounts of affected users by obtaining passwords and personal data. Additionally, there are variations of this virus with message titles like “Are you tagged in this video?" either "Did you upload this video?”, so it is advisable not to let our guard down against possible spam attacks from this type of malware.

How to remove Facebook Messenger virus

Thus, once we access the trap message, a link will appear that will be the decoy to access the user's different queues, along with a thumbnail of an image, sometimes of a sexual nature to awaken the victim's surprise and concern, making him believe that he is the protagonist of a photo of this type. IF the victim falls into the trap and clicks on the link, a login page opens on the social network through which the infection was carried out, obtaining personal data such as email and password. And once the login has been validated, the same malware message is replicated among all the affected user's contacts.

How to remove Facebook Messenger virus

What to do if Massenger Facebook virus has been opened

If unfortunately we have fallen into the trap and have done click on Messenger virus link Facebook, we must follow the following recommendations to avoid a general infection and the theft of our personal data:

  • Before anything Notify your Facebook friends or Messenger contacts through a post on the Facebook wall so that they do not open the virus message.
  • Check the devices in which the affected Facebook account is logged in.
  • Change the password of the affected account.
  • Register an incident in it Facebook Help Center.
  • Protect the device with a antivirus and check the possible affected data.

Now you know what it is messenger virus Facebook and what to do to avoid falling into the trap, in addition to the recommendations you should follow if you have opened the link.

How to remove Facebook Messenger virus

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