How to view saved passwords on Google

Do you want to know what personal passwords Google Chrome has stored on your regular devices? We tell you how to see passwords on PC and mobile

Let's see how to view saved passwords in Google Chrome, The popular Internet navigator of Google. And when we enter a web page in which we have the possibility of enter a password through Google Chrome, the browser itself suggests us if we want save our personal credentials in relation to that website so that we can access it again directly and without having to enter them again the next time. By doing so, all these passwords are stored in the browser itself, so it is always interesting to have control What passwords do we have saved in Chrome? for greater security and control. Therefore, below we show you how to see the saved passwords in Google easily.

How to view saved passwords in Google Chrome

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How to view saved passwords in Google Chrome on PC

First let's see how to access our passwords stored in Google Chrome through PC. To do this, follow the following steps:

  1. Access the browser Google Chrome.
  2. Now click on the icon with your profile image located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the potion Manage your Google account.
  4. A full screen window will open; now select the option Security.
  5. Now scroll down until you find the section Password manager, where you will be told the number of passwords stored in your account.
  6. By clicking on this option you will be able to see the different stored passwords; Click on each of them to manage and edit them.

How to view saved passwords on Google

To access each password you will have to Enter your Google password to confirm your identity. Once inside you can see them, edit them and even delete them if you see fit.

How to view passwords saved in Google Chrome on mobile

In the case of Google Chrome for mobile we can access the passwords from the google password manager or from the options that the browser itself gives us. To do this, access Settings – Passwords, for both iOS and Android.

How to view saved passwords on Google

You can identify with Face ID and Touch ID in the case of iOS (iPhone) or with him fingerprint reader on Android (if the mobile has it). In the case of mobile devices you can only view passwords and copy them to the clipboard, since in this case there is no option to edit them. To do this you will have to do it from a PC following the steps in previous section.

Now you know how to access your Google Chrome passwords on both PC and mobile, to edit them, delete them or just view them.

How to view saved passwords on Google

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