How to get percentages in Excel

Do you want to get percentages quickly and easily? We teach you how to calculate percentages of figures in Microsoft Excel, the popular data management program

Let's see how to get percentages in Excel, the popular office automation and data management program for computers. And many users use Excel daily in their jobs, in addition to accounting for own or company invoices, so knowing all its tricks is essential to make the most of the tools that Excel offers. AND calculate percentages It is essential in many operations, whether to obtain personal income tax, VAT or any percentage of a given figure. Therefore, below we show you how to calculate percentages in Excel quickly and easily.

How to calculate percentages in Excel

How to calculate percentages in Excel

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In our tutorial we are going to start by explaining how to compose the formula for calculate the percentage of a figure specific; In the second section we will explain the inverse calculation, that is, how to get the percentage when the only information you have is the difference between two figures.

How to get a percentage in Excel

Thus, first we are going to find out the percentage of a specific quantity or figure, such as, for example, the 21% of 300. The first thing will be to write both figures, the total amount and the percentage that you want to get. Now, click on the box you want and write the formula detailed below to multiply the figure by the percentage. In this case, to remove the 21% from 300.

The formula has the format =1*2, with 1 being the number and 2 being the percentage. With this formula you can write the numbers or write the name of the cell so that, if you change any figure, Excel will do the calculation automatically. For example, if you entered the total number in cell D2 and the percentage in cell E2, the formula would be =D2*E2.

When you type the formula in the cell and press Enter, Excel will show the exact result. Thus, continuing with the example described, the 21% of 300 is 63. And if you change either of the two figures, either the 21% or the 300, Excel will change the result automatically.

How to get percentages in Excel

How to find out a percentage in Excel

In this case we are going to do the reverse operation, that is, get the percentage of two figures known. For example, imagine that you have 50 euros and you need to spend 8 euros of the 50. What percentage will you spend? To perform the calculation you could make a rule of three; if 50 is the 100%, then 8 is X. This operation in formula math is (7/30)*100. This is the formula you must write in Excel.

As in the previous case, you have two options to write the formula. So, if you just want to get the result you can write the formula with numbers. But if you want the results to be relative to the number of other cells and for Excel to update the results automatically, then you will have to write cell addresses corresponding to each number or figure.

How to get percentages in Excel

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