Guide to configure your new Android smartphone

Follow our tips to start your new android mobile step by step

Whenever something falls into our hands new smartphone AndroidWhether it is a personal purchase or a gift, we must configure the device in many aspects, from starting the operating system to transferring our contacts, to configuring the internet connection or customizing the interface.

Therefore, we offer you a complete guide with the most important steps when configuring your new smartphone of the android, a series of tricks that you should not lose sight of if you want to release your mobile with all the guarantees. Next, the definitive guide to setting up your new Android smartphone.

How to configure your Android smartphone or tablet

Android Setup Wizard

Luckily, Android smartphones They have their own configuration assistant that guides us step by step to make the process of preparing our new terminal easier and lighter. But due to the numerous steps to follow, it is advisable to have a guide on hand to help us complete the following questions.

Choose the language

The first step we must complete is choice of our language and, in certain cases and according to versions, the region where we are located. We can also configure the accessibility options according to our needs and in case we need any additional assistance.

Guide to configure your new Android smartphone

Connect to the Internet

The next step we will ask for access to the SIM card, although we can always leave it for last. So, if we press Hop, we can carry out the operations corresponding to the SIM card, which can be MicroSIM either NanoSIM. If we see that our previous SIM card does not fit the new terminal, we can always opt for an adapter or ask our operator for a duplicate in the new format.

Now we can connect our smartphone to the Internet. It is best to do it through a WiFi network so as not to exceed the data expenditure of our mobile network, since it is very likely that we will have to download a lot of data. Thus, we just have to search for our network and insert the corresponding password.

Guide to configure your new Android smartphone

Sign in to Google

Now we have two options: configure the mobile from scratch or recover the information from our previous terminal. Once we are clear, we must log in with our Google account or, if we do not have one yet, create one. Luckily, if we enter our Google account, the terminal will synchronize our contact data, emails, events, etc. Besides, if we already had an Android smartphone with the backup option activated, our smartphone will appear in the list of previous devices. Thus, we will recover the installed applications or we can choose which ones we want or do not want to install on our new Android.

Terminal security

Now comes the time to decide on the security system of our new Android smartphone. In the most modern devices with a fingerprint reader we can register our own fingerprint to access your mobile phone in the fastest and most comfortable way. We can also opt for more traditional methods such as a numerical combination or a sequence of points at our choice. Once the system has been decided, we will have to configure a secondary unlocking method.

Guide to configure your new Android smartphone

Google services

These are typical user contracts of companies. Normally we skip all the fine print until the virtual button I agree, although it does not hurt that we read its different sections. All sections can be configured later from the smartphone's Settings, such as Backup to Drive, Location, Bluetooth either Send system data to Google.

Google Assistant

And we come to the last step, where we can give permission or not so that the Google Assistant can store our Location History. This feature stores our visits to different places to offer us much more personalized information in real time. It will be our decision if we want Google to locate us at all times or not. Of course, we can always delete the location history through the device's Settings.

Guide to configure your new Android smartphone