How to turn off Find My iPhone

All the tricks to deactivate the search function of your iPhone if it does not turn on, if you have to repair it or from iCoud and why you should not do it

Let's see how to turn off Find My iPhone, the tool that offers Manzana for find our iOS terminal in case we lose it or it is stolen, to try to recover it as soon as possible and not endanger our personal data and contents of our mobile. And it is that lose iPhone It is one of the worst things that can happen to us in our daily lives, since it is most likely that we have all kinds of private information in it, both personal data such as bank details, cards, passwords, documents, photos and videos, messages and more. For this reason, Apple created the Find my iPhone function, a tool that allows you to locate the terminal if it is lost and even disconnect it remotely. But what happens if we want to disable find my iPhone? It's possible? Keep reading to find out how to turn off Find My iPhone.

How to disable find my iPhone

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Why you shouldn't disable Find My iPhone

Under no circumstances do we recommend disabling the Find My iPhone function., since it is a very useful and security tool; just in case you are going to sell your iPhone It is advisable to do so, something we will see later. And thanks to Find my iPhone we can find the terminal in case of loss or theft, block it completely, delete all its content or show a message on the screen with our number so that it can be returned to us in the event that someone finds it . Find my iPhone is a very useful security tool for Apple terminals.

How to disable find my iPhone

Why turn off Find My iPhone

The only reason we recommend disconnecting the Find My iPhone tool is if you are going to sell the mobile, so first you will have to restore it to leave it with its factory values. In this case, the iPhone itself will recommend that we deactivate Find My iPhone before completely restoring it and delete our data and Apple ID.

How to turn off Find My iPhone from iPhone

Deactivating the Find my iPhone tool is very simple and you will only have to follow a few simple steps through the terminal settings:

  1. Accede to Settings.
  2. Click on your user.
  3. Now click on the option iCloud.
  4. Go to the option Search my Iphone and click on it switch associated to deactivate it.

And that's it, from this moment on the Find my iPhone service will be deactivated; If you want to activate it again, follow the same steps and activate the switch again until it shows green.

How to disable find my iPhone

How to disable find my iPhone if the iPhone won't turn on

If your iPhone has stopped working and you can't access its Settings, before taking it to technical service you can access the settings of your device through iCloud. To do this, access the iCloud website and enter your access data, that is, your Apple ID and you password. Now polish on Look for and select the device for which you want to deactivate the function Search my Iphone. Next, go to the upper right part of the screen where your username is located and click on the drop-down menu. Now click on iCloud Settings.

Finally, click on the device for which you want to deactivate the function Search my Iphone and click on the x shown on the right side. Again, enter your password to finish the process. This way you can easily deactivate Find My iPhone from iCloud if you can't access your phone.

How to disable find my iPhone without password

It is not possible to disable Find My iPhone without the user password, since being a security tool, it would not make much sense to be able to access it without a security password.

Now you know how to disable the find my iPhone function from your Apple terminal.

How to disable find my iPhone

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