How to take care of the iPhone battery

The best tips and tricks so that the iPhone (iOS) battery wears less

Let's see how to take care of the battery iPhone, the popular mobile Manzana. And with the passage of time, performance and autonomy of the batteries suffer, losing effectiveness. So much so, that incorrect use of the device can cause several of its components to suffer and lose effectiveness, including the battery. Although using the iPhone correctly we will also notice a worse battery performance over the years, after hundreds of uploads and downloads. That is why below we offer you the best tips and tricks to optimize the care of your battery iPhone.

iPhone: how to take care of the battery

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Look for the best environmental conditions

One of the most important aspects to keep the iPhone battery (and any other mobile phone) in the best condition is that it is always kept in the better environmental conditions possible, either when used regularly or if it spends time locked in a drawer or box. Thus, the ambient humidity must be maintained between 0 and 95% no condensation; about the temperature, the ideal would be to be between 16 and 25 degrees Celsius, although nothing serious happens between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius either.

Half charge if you are going to spend time without using the iPhone

Another measure that is advisable to follow is leave the battery half charged if you are going to leave the iPhone unused for a while. Furthermore, if it is stored in a drawer, it must have ideal humidity conditions, and it is not recommended that the sunshine on the terminal. It is also important that the iPhone is stored in its original box, so that dust does not get into its internal components.

How to take care of the iPhone battery

Do not use the iPhone when it is very hot

In the moments of maximum demand and performance, the interior of the iPhone can reach very high temperatures, even becoming dangerous for the proper functioning of its internal components. When high temperatures occur inside the terminal, a warning usually appears on the screen informing you of this, although it is preferable not to go to such extremes. If high temperatures are reached, it is best to leave the iPhone on standby for a few minutes or a good while, turning it off if necessary. Never try to cool it with external methods such as putting it in the refrigerator or placing it near an ice pack, for example, since the sudden contrast in temperature can be fatal for its internal components.

How to take care of the iPhone battery

Remove the case when charging the battery

Continuing with the previous section, and in order to prevent the increase in temperature, it is totally advisable to remove the mobile phone case when charging the battery, if it has one, of course. And if you have a case or casing on your iPhone, it is convenient remove it when charging, since it is during this process that it usually heats up more internally, thus preventing the hardware and the battery itself from suffering more than desired.

Activate optimized battery charging

Starting with iOS 13, iPhones incorporate the functionality optimized loading, an artificial intelligence system that learns from the user's habits allowing the battery to charge up to 80%, anticipating the time when you will use the mobile again so that it is at 100% at that moment. In this way, less wear on the battery is favored. To activate this mode, access Settings – Battery – Optimized charging.

How to take care of the iPhone battery

Charge the battery before it runs out

It is convenient charge the battery before it is completely empty, especially on the first charge of the mobile. And if you prevent it from reaching the charging 0%, you will not consume a new charging cycle. In the end, a charge cycle for each complete discharge up to 100%, thus you will favor minor deterioration of the battery. On the first charges, it is normal that they have a lower autonomy than expected, since the mobile has to carry out many processes and adapt to daily use. After a week of regular use, the battery will be at full capacity.

Go to low power mode

Use the low power mode It is not at all negative for the battery, as is often stated; This battery saving mode does not affect the good condition of the battery, nor does it negatively affect charging the battery with this mode activated. All the low power mode does is limit some extra features of the mobile phone, in order to promote its autonomy.

Update iOS to the latest version

Have your iPhone or any other Apple device updated to latest version of iOS It is essential for optimized use of all its resources, including the battery. And while it is true that some updates have arrived with a minor bug or error, Apple quickly fixes it with new patches. Thanks to having the latest iOS updates, you can enjoy the better battery optimization, consumption and resources.

Calibrate the battery from time to time

If you detect errors in the behavior of the battery, such as changing a charge percentage to a much lower one or turning off at low battery levels but without reaching 0%, it is advisable to check the battery status through the Calibrate battery option. Thanks to that, battery usage will be optimized and errors of this type will be avoided.

How to take care of the iPhone battery

Check which charger you use for your iPhone

If you have chosen to use a charger different from the original Whether because you like it more, because you have lost it or it has been broken or it is longer, you must make sure that it meets the MFi certification (Made For iPhone). These types of unofficial chargers meet Apple's quality standards and guarantee correct use with the different iPhone models despite not being from the apple brand. Yes indeed, Always avoid using unofficial chargers or those that do not meet Apple standards. In any case, it is best to use the official charger that comes with the iPhone, in order to obtain the best results and take care of the condition of the battery.

How to take care of the iPhone battery

Do not use batteries that are not original

Finally, and continuing with the theme of the previous section on unofficial accessories, in the case of the battery We must always use an official Apple battery for iPhone. And many users choose to replace the official battery when it stops working with a much cheaper unofficial one, something that is not at all recommended, since it can damage the internal hardware and offer charging and autonomy results well below what is expected. expected. In this sense It is advisable to pay more for an official product like the battery that Apple uses, thus sending the terminal to the official service.

How to take care of the iPhone battery

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