How to solve Bluetooth connectivity problems on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7

There are effective methods to get your phone to connect correctly via Bluetooth with these tricks.

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 was launched, connectivity Bluetooth was revealed to be a serious problem and with the departure of Galaxy S7 This has not improved. Not even software and firmware updates have been able to solve all the problems. If your Bluetooth does not work on your Samsung cell phone and you have any of these problems, keep reading.

How to solve Bluetooth connectivity problems on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7

By reading this tutorial, we assume that you have downloaded the latest firmware version for your device, attempted to pair Bluetooth devices, reset them several times, and read and followed the instructions for pairing devices. Remember that they must be put into discovery mode first and that the default standard Bluetooth keys They are usually four zeros "0000" or "1234". But if your Bluetooth still doesn't work, follow these tips:

Solution to Bluetooth connectivity problems on the Galaxy S6 and S7

There are several basic things you can try to resolve Bluetooth errors.

  • Turn off WiFi and try again with Bluetooth only
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth > and delete all paired devices
  • Disable or uninstall apps that use Bluetooth and restart your device

It is known that there are certain applications that interrupt the operation of Bluetooth, so deactivating them can solve the problem.

On the other hand, Samsung indicates that clearing the cache can solve many of the problems on the Galaxy S7 and S6.

Synchronizing contacts causes bluetooth music cuts

A common problem is that the synchronization of the phone's contacts with the car's hands-free system works incorrectly, not synchronizing all the contacts and causing repeated cuts in the music every so often, or worse still, blocking the entire system. .

Currently we usually have hundreds if not thousands of contacts on the phone and this causes this type of errors since there is a lot of data to be transferred, saturating the system on many occasions.

The quick way to solve it is:

  • Turn off contact syncing in your phone's Bluetooth options. We select the hands-free system and in the configuration wheel we deactivate the "Share contacts" switch

If we don't want to be so radical, we can try to reduce the number of contacts on the mobile until the number does not block the Bluetooth system.

How to clear Bluetooth cache

  1. Open the Settings panel and go to Applications
  2. Select Bluetooth
  3. Select Clear Cache and then Clear Data
  4. Restart the phone

This operation clears the Bluetooth cache which is proven to effectively solve the problems according to many users.

If this does not work, you can clear cache at a much lower level as a last alternative:

How to clear the cache of a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Press and hold the power, home (center under the screen) and volume up buttons until the Android logo appears
  3. With the volume keys select the "Wipe cache partition" option from the "Recovery" menu that appears and press the power button to confirm the selection
  4. In the same way, confirm with "Yes"
  5. Wait for the operation to finish and select "Reboot" for the phone to reboot.

This last process normally corrects most Bluetooth problems and erratic functioning, we hope it works for you too.