How to unlock an iPhone with Apple Watch

All the tricks to unlock your iPhone with the Apple Watch when you wear a mask or sunglasses; learn how to configure and use this iOS feature

Let's see how to unlock an iPhone with Apple Watch, so that you can access your mobile iPhone even if you wear a mask or sunglasses. And with the arrival of the pandemic, the global use of face mask has caused problems for use Face ID comfortably. Furthermore, with good temperatures and more hours of sunshine, it is very normal to use Sunglasses, so the unlocking function via Face ID is limited. Now if you have a Apple Watch you are in luck, because you can use the Apple smartwatch to unlock easily your iPhone. But how do you do it? Let's see how to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch easily.

How to unlock your iPhone with a MASK and an APPLE WATCH

iPhone: how to unlock with Apple Watch

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What do you need

If you want to unlock your iPhone through the Apple Watch you will need the following:

  • A iPhone with Face ID (iPhone X or later models).
  • iOS 14.5 or a later version.
  • A Apple Watch Series 3 or later models.
  • WatchOS 7.4 or a later version.

Additionally, this unlock feature needs the following requirements:

  • The Apple Watch must be linked with iPhone.
  • iPhone and Apple Watch must have the Wi-Fi connections and Bluetooth activated (no connection to a Wi-Fi network is necessary).
  • The Apple Watch must have a code and the wrist detection activated.
  • The Apple Watch must be in the wrist and unlocked.
  • You must use a mask that covers your mouth and nose or some sunglasses that cover your eyes.

How to unlock an iPhone with Apple Watch

How to set up unlocking with Apple Watch

Follow the steps below to set unlock function with Apple Watch:

  1. Accede to Settings of the iPhone.
  2. Click on the option Face ID and code.
  3. Write your code.
  4. Now head up Unlock with Apple Watch and activate the function next to the watch name. If the watch does not have wrist detection activated you will have to activate it.

How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

After meeting the requirements and configuring the functionality, let's finally see how to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch; follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, make sure you have a face mask, Sunglasses and the Apple Watch on wrist and unlocked.
  2. Activate iPhone by lifting it or tapping the screen.
  3. Look towards the iPhone to unlock it.
  4. Now you can Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to start using it.

How to unlock an iPhone with Apple Watch

Considerations for unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch

Before using the unlock function iPhone with Apple Watch You must take into account the following considerations:

  • When Apple Watch successfully unlocks iPhone, the watch provides haptic response and displays an alert.
  • If you didn't want to unlock the iPhone, press the button Lock iPhone from Apple Watch screen. The next time you unlock your iPhone after pressing this button, you will need to enter the code on your iPhone.
  • Unlocking with the Apple Watch only works if the watch is unlocked on the wrist and the iPhone is close, since the feature does not use Face ID to recognize and authenticate the user's identity.
  • Unlocking with Apple Watch only works to unlock the iPhone and does not verify identity for use with Apple Pay, passwords stored in the keychain, or password-protected apps.

How to unlock an iPhone with Apple Watch

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