What WhatsApp hearts mean

Discover the meaning of WhatsApp hearts through their shapes and colors. Decorate your messages with all kinds of hearts according to their meaning

Let's see what do hearts mean WhatsApp, the famous emoji that have acquired a special meaning over time and that we detail below. And WhatsApp users are creating internal codes with the most varied combinations of emojis and hearts occupy a very important place in the codes of the popular messaging app snapshot. So much so, that depending on the heart combinations (in shape and color), users can express all kinds of words and emotions with just one emoji message. Therefore, below we offer you the meaning of the different colors of WhatsApp hearts according to Emojipedia.

What is the meaning of WhatsApp hearts?

Below we offer you the meaning of WhatsApp hearts according to their colors and the rules of the Emojipedia:

  • White Heart: Symbolizes purity, happiness, loyalty or trust
  • Purple or purple heart: symbolizes a forbidden love, a hidden love. A relationship between lovers, between couples who live a furtive relationship.
  • Red heart: If you already have someone special, this is definitely the heart you should send. Traditional. Red expresses desire
  • yellow heart: it is to express that you give a love without conditions, without lies, without resentments
  • Green heart: represents growth, fertility
  • Blue Heart: is the saddest of all. It is used to express that the flame has gone out in a relationship or that the couple has already lost their sensuality.
  • black heart: represents sadness and pain, although some use it as a symbol of black humor
  • orange heart: symbolizes a love with less intensity. That is, it serves to send a message of love as a friendship, rather than as a couple.
  • Broken heart: It is used to express the pain or suffering felt after having lost a love through betrayal or romantic or sentimental rejection. The broken heart symbolizes heartbreak
  • floating hearts: symbolizes that it is a love from afar
  • Heart on fire: The Emojipedia website mentions that a lit or burning heart means passionate love or lust. Also, it serves to detail that a past love has been burned and to move on.
  • Heart with ball or dot below: It means a love that hurts, since that small dot denotes that the heart is bleeding
  • united hearts: unlike the two separated hearts, this one tells us that love is not distant for long.
  • Growing heart: It is the one that gives the sensation of heartbeat
  • Heart with yellow stars: It is a love that is capable of waking up someone who is lifeless. From dawn until dusk, love is tireless.
  • Heart with bow: It is used to express that you are willing to give your life, your heart in order to be together.
  • Heart pierced by an arrow: Cupid's arrow has pierced you: you are hopelessly in love!
  • Broken heart: refers to the rupture of a feeling, especially love between two people
  • Heart with stars: it is related to the brightness that a feeling is represented in people

What WhatsApp hearts mean

Now you know the meaning of the colors of the WhatsApp heart emoji; remember that some forms of one's own emojis may vary depending on the type of mobile, whether iPhone (iOS) either Android.

What WhatsApp hearts mean

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