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All For Honor cheats, collectibles and unlockables

Join one of the 3 factions and become a legendary warrior in For Honor.

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Easy Steel 

Complete the Basic and Advanced Tutorial to obtain 3,500 steel. This will allow us to unlock 7 of the 9 classes at the beginning of the game. We can also spend less on classes and buy the "Champion State" time, which allows us to earn more XP and other rewards for a limited time. We leave you a video with more tips to earn Steel and how to invest it.



Parry (Counter Attack)

One of the most important movements that we must master in For Honor if we want to survive is the Parry, this will allow us to counter enemy attacks and go directly to an offensive position. We leave you a video to learn everything about the parrys and the differences between the characters. .

How to counterattack with Parry with all the beta heroes! For Honor!

Stats and Team

Here we leave you a video to know each of the stats of the equipment and what they are used for.

Stats and Team Guide! For Honor!



In total we have 235 collectibles across the 3 campaigns (Knights, Vikings, Samurai) are divided into two categories, Observables (collectibles that we have to collect by observing them) and Destructible objects. We have 144 Observables and 91 Destructibles. Collectibles are saved instantly upon pickup, progress is saved to online servers immediately. There is no need to get to the next checkpoint or pick them up again if we die. In the mission selection you can see exactly how many we have. Below we leave you videos so you can find them all in each of the campaigns.

All campaign collectibles – Knights

There are 81 Collectibles spread across the 6 missions of the Knights Campaign. A total of 54 Observables and 27 Destructibles.

For Honor - All Collectible Locations (Observables & Breakables) - Knights Campaign


All campaign collectibles – Vikings

There are 71 collectibles scattered across the 6 missions of the Vikings campaign. A total of 42 Observables and 29 Destructibles.

For Honor - All Collectible Locations (Observables & Breakables) - Vikings Campaign


All campaign collectibles – Samurai

There are 83 Collectibles spread across the 6 missions of the Samurai Campaign. A total of 48 Observables and 35 Destructibles.

For Honor - All Collectible Locations (Observables & Breakables) - Samurai Campaign



License without honor – Complete the knights chapter.  

Working hard for the loot – Complete the Vikings chapter.  

If you want peace, prepare for war – Complete the samurai chapter.

Welcome to the Blackstone Legion – Complete the first mission.  

Vandal – Get the 100% of the breakables from all the story mode missions. 

history master – Obtain 100% from the observables of all story mode missions.  

A medium achievement – Complete the story mode on Normal difficulty.  

A remarkable achievement – Complete the story mode on Hard difficulty.  

An exceptional achievement – Complete the story mode on Realistic difficulty.  

The beggining – Reach story level 10 in Story mode.  

The knot – Reach story level 20 in Story mode.  

Outcome – Reach story level 30, the maximum, in Story mode.  

Getting the band together – Recruit the 4 heroes from any of the factions.  

May you be knighted – Reach reputation 1 with a knight hero

Awesome - Reach Reputation 1 with a Samurai Hero.  

I have heard about you – Reach reputation 1 with a Viking hero.  

Anything serves as a weapon – Throw opponents into fire or against spikes 50 times.  

Unfair fight – Kill an enemy in a 1v2 situation in PvP.  

Caution below! – Kill 25 heroes by attacking them from above in PvP.  

Warrior with principles – Complete a PvP Mastery match with no dishonorable casualties.  

Do it for the honor! – Complete 50 honorable kills in 4v4 PvP games.  

I got your back! – Save an ally 50 times in 4v4 PvP games.  

Look how many feats – Earn the maximum Renown level 50 times in Mastery PvP matches.  

serial avenger – Activate revenge mode 50 times.  

Do not touch – For attacks 50 times.  

How to kill ants – Kill 5,000 soldiers.  

Duelist – Win your first PvP Duel game.  

Duel Master – Win 20 PvP Duel games.  

Fighter – Win your first PvP Brawl match.  

Fight Master – Win 20 PvP Brawl games.  

Domineering – Win your first Dominnio PvP game.  

Domain Master – Win 20 PvP Mastery games.  

Skirmisher – Win your first PvP Skirmish game.  

Skirmish Master – Win 20 PvP Skirmish games.  

Eliminator – Win your first PvP Elimination match.  

Elimination Master – Win 20 PvP Elimination matches.  

Good taste – Equip any hero with your first symbol, paint pattern and color palette.  

Play your way – Equip a single hero with a different pose and execution.  

New look! – Change the appearance of any piece of equipment.  

Evening dress – Upgrade a hero's second loadout by setting a feat other than the default.  

How superficial – Equip an ornament on all 4 heroes of a single faction.  

you are a magician – Select 4 non-default feats for a single hero.  

Screams devastation – Manually deploy war assets to a territory for the first time.  

For honor! – Participate in a season and come back to see the results at the beginning of the next.  

a reservist – Manually deploy war resources in 5 different rounds.  

Active service – Manually deploy war resources in 50 different turns.  

legendary hero – Reach reputation 5 with any of the heroes.  

A long way – Kill 50 opponents by knocking them off a ledge.  

Kit fan – Level up a piece of equipment of any rarity to its maximum level.  

And release the dogs of war – Manually deploy war resources to territories 100 times.  

Warmonger – Manually deploy war resources to 10 enemy territories.  

Protective – Manually deploy war resources to 10 allied territories.  

You are full! – Get 5 streaks of 5 kills in Elimination or Skirmish in PvP.  

Thoroughly – Equip a hero with heroic armor and weapons in all equipment slots.