Dead Space 3 Cheats for PS3, PC, Xbox 360

All tricks, cheats, unlockables and collectibles for Dead Space 3

Face the final battle against the necromorphs with Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 3.

Infinite Resources Trick

We leave you a video to be able to get unlimited Resources.


Weapon Making Tutorial

One of the new features in Dead Space 3 is the possibility of manufacturing weapons, we leave you a video tutorial to better understand their creation.



Peng Treasure!

Once again another of the achievements in Dead Space is finding Peng's treasure! We leave you a video to find it easily.


All Costumes

  • Space – Chapter 2. Lightweight suit designed to protect the wearer from prolonged exposure to radiation and commonly used by private sector rescue workers
  • Arctic – Chapter 9. Suit woven from confidential SCAF synthetic fibers that insulate the body from extreme cold and hypothermic conditions
  • Archaeologist – Chapter 11. Suit woven with puncture-resistant microfibers to increase physical protection and body heat retention
  • Legionnaire – Chapter 14. Decommissioned thick military armor worn by 23rd century SCAF forces highly valued by collectors and historians
  • Elite – Chapter 16. Frontline assault suit used by the 401st SCAF division designed with advanced survival and biophysical support technologies
  • Engineer – Complete the game on any difficulty. Vintage CEC uniform worn by USG Ishimura mining and engineering personnel and one of the first suits with integrated DRI biological monitoring system
  • Environmental – Complete all optional missions. Suit distributed to SCAF research scientists on Tau Volantis and designed to withstand ionizing radiation from the planet's mantle
  • Flight – Collect all 40 artifacts. Suit used by SCAF pilots that continuously monitors the wearer for symptoms of stress and fatigue and can inject stimulants into the bloodstream to counteract these effects
  • Excavation – Collect all the weapon parts. Extremely heavy and durable space suit, designed for industrial asteroid extractors and long-distance rescue workers

All collectibles

Dead Space 3 It has 257 objects to collect divided into Parts of Weapons, Artifacts, Circuits and Records. We leave you some videos to locate them all without problems. In chapter 7 and 12 we do not have collectibles to collect.

Collectibles Prologue, Chapter 1 and 2



Collectibles Chapter 3



Collectibles Chapter 4



Collectibles Chapter 5 and 6



Collectibles Chapter 8



Collectibles Chapter 9 



Collectibles Chapter 10



Collectibles Chapter 11



Collectibles Chapter 13



Collectibles Chapter 14



Collectibles Chapters 15 and 16



Collectibles Chapter 17



Collectibles Chapters 18 and 19


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