How to play Snake

Learn to master the classic snake game and enjoy one of the most famous and iconic video games on mobile phones and computers

Let's see how to play snake, also know as snake game, one of the video game most mythical and iconic in history that became a phenomenon with the explosion of mobile phones, specifically those of the brand Nokia at the end of the 90s, and which, to this day, continues to be a demand for all types of users. But, How do you play Snake? What are your best tricks? And most importantly, where can we play the snake game easily? Below we answer all these questions and others that may arise about the famous game of the snake.

Snake: how to play the snake game

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Origin of the game Snake

The Snake game as such was not born with the legendary Nokia like 3310 or 6110 in 1997, but the first game as such was a 1976 arcade game called Blockade, in which the player controlled a line of green pixels that grew by eating the different pixels spread across the screen; When the “snake” collided with itself, the game ended. The concept is really simple and Nokia brilliantly transferred it to the screens of its first mobile phones at the end of the 90s with the famous monochrome snake.

How to play Snake

And although Nokia was the one who popularized the game among the large mass of its mobile users, the snake game has been one of the most popular since the Internet began to reach homes, with numerous web pages that offered the game in different formats, maintaining the same mechanics.

How to play Snake game

To play Snake in its most classic version you will need a computer, mobile phone or tablet. There is also the possibility of playing a modern reinterpretation of the snake game with Snake Pass, a video game for PC and consoles.

In almost all classic versions of Snake you can only move up, down, right and left, either with the keys (on computers or old phones such as the aforementioned Nokia) or by sliding your finger across the screen in the desired direction.

How to play Snake

All this with aim to eat (or go over) the fruits that will appear on the screen every time you get one. In the classic version the snake is the line that you move across the screen and the fruit (apples) are the red elements that appear. The objective is make the snake grow as much as possible until it fills the entire screen, as long as let's not collide with any part of his body, at which point the game will end.

How much longer is the snake, it is more difficult to control it and continue playing without losing. That's the real charm of Snake. Additionally, in some versions of Snake, every time the snake eats an apple, it will not only increase in length, but also will move faster.

Strategies to win the Snake game

There are several strategies that we can follow to get as far as possible from Snake. The first of them is move spaciously and cover maximum playing space. To do this, it is advisable to move close to the limits of the playing space to leave enough space for the snake's body; We must keep in mind that depending on the version, if we hit the wall we lose, although it is also possible cross it and appear on the opposite side.

How to play Snake

On the other hand, we always recommend move zigzagging around the screen until the next objective, since this will reduce the possibility of colliding with the snake's own body and leave room to continue growing in a controlled manner. Makes tight turns to leave clearance if you need some margin for an emergency maneuver.

Where to play the game Snake

As we say, there are numerous options to play Snake, both through numerous websites with snake games on-line available on computers and mobiles apps that emulate various versions of the classic game, available on the App Store and Google Play. You can also play Snake Pass, a videogame for PC and consoles based on the famous snake game, although somewhat more complex.

Now you know everything you need to know about the snake game, from its origin to how it is played and the best strategies, as well as where to currently play the legendary Snake.

How to play Snake

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