Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

All the tricks, keys, secrets, unlocks, story mode guide, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Temporal Failures guide

Join the time patrol again and save Towa and Miira's universe in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 . In this guide you will find all the tricks for the video game designed by Akira Toriyama, valid for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

All Wishes Get Double XP     History mode
Bardock and Future Saiyan Temporary Eggs Temporary Failures
Secondary Missions Expert Missions Teachers


Wishes Shenron and Great Guru

Here we leave you a video with all the wishes we can ask Shenron and the wishes we added when the great Guru of Namek The dragon balls power us.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Dragon Wishes + Great Guru + Fill the Stomach


Get Double XP

We leave you a video to get the 40 Ton weights, an item that will multiply our experience x2.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Double XP - 35 Levels in 10 minutes


Below we leave you a guide to the complete story mode with all its unlocks and guides to the 5 temporal rifts, complete with all its missions, costumes, souls and differences between races.

First steps guide and complete Story Mode

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Data transfer

When starting the game, the first thing we have to take into account is if we have a saved game from the previous game. If so, we can transfer the data of one of our characters from 1 to 2, what does this mean? What do they leave us? passing its 4 special abilities, 2 definitive attacks and an evasive ability, all of this can be very useful for us to start with certain attacks that will make things easier for us. The only thing we have to do is customize our character with the attacks that we want to pass and start Dragon Ball Xenoverse, shortly after advancing in the game they will ask us to select the hero of Toki Toki City and that is where they let us choose the character of 1 .

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Heroes

For example, we have put the Recome Bomber as definitive attacks, which is always good for missions in which there are many weak enemies, and Cell's Perfect Kamehameha as a destructive definitive attack, as in this game the combos are very important as Skills, I recommend the Strike of Meteoros and Meteor Impact that allow us to make much longer combos.

Well, once we know all this, we will explain point by point what the icons on the map mean.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 map

1- History Event

To continue with the story we must always follow this icon, most of the time it is in the Time Nest, but sometimes they go outside, whenever we do not know how to advance we go to this icon and we will continue the story.

2- Mission event

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Mission Events

The blue exclamations can mean 2 things, on the one hand after completing story missions, we will unlock certain characters on the map with this icon, such as Saibaman, Appule, Chico Trunks etc., this is like in 1, they give us Secondary Missions which we will not unlock in the list of secondary missions until we have completed them alone. If we are missing a secondary mission, it is good to check these icons to see if we are missing any to complete. On the other hand, these icons can also be Time Patrollers who challenge us to a fight and when they win they can give us a Dragon Ball.

3-Temporary Failure Event

The Temporal Faults are 5 areas that we unlock after advancing in the story, in each of them we have different missions to complete and depending on whether it matches the race of our character we can get their awakened ability, what is this? They are specific transformations of each race. With all races we can and should enter the 5 Faults to get missions, EXP and obtain time warp eggs.

**For more information visit the Temporal Faults section, after the story mode.

4-Instructor Event

Just like in Xenoverse 1 we have Masters to learn their combat techniques, this time there are many more. If we see this icon it means that a Master has a mission available to us, when we complete them we will see that the icon disappears and a bold star remains, this means that we still cannot access the next mission.


We can do the missions of each teacher without worries, but the one we have chosen to be our Teacher will appear in this position, in the area of the Orange Institute in front of the fountain. The one we have with this symbol is the Master who will come to help us in some battles and with whom we will increase the affinity as we play.

6-Training event

When we train with Yamcha, or have done one of his lessons, from time to time they will give us the notice “a training with Yamcha is available” and this symbol will appear, we visit him in the leisure area, the island that is to the South and We will have a mission in which Yamcha asks us to look for an object, these missions are to obtain objects and they appear again and again as we progress.

7-Milk Deliveries

Milk deliveries are missions that Krilín gives us once we have done one of his lessons as a Teacher, he appears in a store that is on the street that connects the commercial area with the Orange Institute. We have to distribute the milk without dropping it and we will get rewards, just like Yamcha's, it comes out again and again as we progress.

8-Challenge Missions

The Challenge missions are given to us by the God Kaiyoshin at the door of the Orange Institute, simply when we skip them we can go visit him to complete them.

Now we leave you with all the chapters of Story Mode and in each one I detail their unlocks after completing them.

-Unlocked Secondary Missions.

-Teachers Unlocked.

-Unlocked Playable Characters.

-Events such as Temporary Faults, Flight License, Expert Missions etc.

Raditz Attack

-The Time Patroller Arrives: Defeat Raditz. We fight Raditz alongside Goku and Frieza, a very simple fight.


-Teachers: Krillin, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han, Piccolo.

-Access to Secondary Mission 01 – You have to do it yes or yes.

-Patrol Academy – Elder Kai Challenge Missions – You have to go yes or yes.

After speaking with the Goddess Kaiyoshin at the statue of the Toki Toki hero, the Elder Kai awaits us in the Time Nest to offer us 2 new missions: History of the Earth, History of the planet Namek.

History of Earth (Saiyan Saga)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Chapter 1

-Earth Defense against Saiyan: Reduces Nappa's health to a certain point, we fight alongside Yamcha, TenshinHan, Piccolo, Krillin and Boy Gohan.

-Turles, the other Saiyan: Reduces Turles' health to a certain point, we fight him alongside Goku.

-Saiyan brutality! Limitless: Defeat all enemies, we fight against Nappa and Vegeta accompanied by Goku.

-Transformation into Gram Mono – Defeat all enemies. We fight alongside Goku against Nappa and Vegeta converted into Great Ape, be very careful in this fight that can be uphill for us. You have to remove their resistance and then hit them, be careful when they regain their resistance they attack hard. When fixing an enemy with the right Sitck we can select their head, their trunk or their tail (it is good to perform a throw to the tail when they are stunned). It is best to focus first on Nappa since we cannot kill Vegeta, when we finish With it, Vegeta's life will be recovered and in the middle of the fight he is joined by Gohan and Krillin.

History of Planet Namek

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Chapter 2

-Frieza's Assistants: Reduces Zarbon's health to a certain point. We fight Dodoria and Zarbon alongside Krillin, focusing on Zarbon and lowering his energy helps us to a certain extent.

-Slug, the Evil Namekian: Reduces Slug's health to a certain point. We have to reduce their power until Trunks comes.

-Dodoria in Pursuit: Defeat Dodoria.


Unlocks Chapter 2

-By completing any of these two Sagas we unlock the temporary rifts and we will have to visit all 5 to continue.

Temporal Faults: Mr. Satan's House, Bu's House, Capsule Corp. Frieza's Ship, Great Guru's House. The goddess Kaiyoshin tells us about the great temporal faults, here we can do missions, each one has a direct relationship with the races, we will obtain the specific transformation of each race and in each one we will get 1 of the time distortion eggs (See Temporal Faults) .

By completing the 2 missions we unlock the following:

Unlocks Chapter 2_1

-We can also do the first progress test.

-Teachers: Boy Gohan, Nappa, Raditz, Vegeta.

-Saibaman to the North: Gives us Secondary Mission No. 14.

-Secondary Missions: 02, 06, 09, 12.

-Playable Characters: Zarbon and Dodoria.

Ginyu Force

Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Chapter 2

-All in one! Ginyu Force: Defeat all enemies. We have to defeat Guldo and Recome along with Krillin, Son Gohan and Vegeta.

-It's Son Goku! Evil Plans: Defeat 1 enemy. We fight alongside Goku and Vegeta against Burter and Geese, we don't have to kill them just lower their energy, in the middle of the fight Turtles will come and power them up, we fight against them again accompanied by Goku.

-Give me back my body: Defeat all enemies. Ginyu has taken over Trunks' body. Fight alongside Goku against him and Geese, halfway through Trunks will join us with Ginyu's body. Finally, in this same battle we have to face Turtles plus Ginyu with Goku's body.


-Secondary Missions: 12, 15, 17.

-Playable Characters: Guldo, Recome, Burter, Geese and Ginyu.

The fight against Frieza

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Chapter 4

-Nail's Frenzied Combat: Reduces Frieza's health to a certain point or fights for a certain period of time. We fight Frieza alongside Nail.

-Turles and Slug, evil ambition: Defeat all enemies. Fight against Slug and Turles accompanied by Gohan Boy. We cannot kill them directly until we have reduced both of their health, in this combat they can give us negative effects. When both are low, they will suffer a power increase. We have to beat them again.

-Emperor Frieza's Terror: Reduces Frieza's health to a certain point. We fight Frieza alongside Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan Boy. In the middle of the fight we will be alone until Goku comes and in the end we have to protect him so he can launch the universal force.

-Birth of a Super Saiyan: Reduces Frieza's health to a certain point. We fought alongside Super Saiyan Goku until he was almost lifeless.

-The final combat: Defeat all enemies. We fight until a sequence occurs in which both of them reach 100% power. This fight can become difficult, if we have problems we will have to raise our character's level a little.


Unlocks Chapter 4

-Flight License: Now we can fly through Conton City.

-Masters: Zarbon, Ginyu, Frieza, Dodoria, when we defeat them as we approach where these new masters are.

-Metal Cooler to the North: Gives us secondary mission No. 27.

-Appule in Goku's house: Noda secondary mission No. 28.

-Secondary Missions: 20, 22, 23, 25.

-Playable Characters: Nail, Turles, Slug, Frieza 1st form, Frieza final form, Frieza 100% power, Cooler 4th form.

After completing this part of the story, the next time we go to the Time Nest, the God Kai will propose that we either go with the Time Patrollers (starts the saga of the androids and Cell) or look for Trunks (starts a Different Future) .

Cell Saga

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Chapter 5

-Strategic doubt: Defeat all enemies. Lower the energy of Cº 17 with the help of Piccolo, once we take away his energy, Cell 1st form will appear and we have to fight him, Cº18 joins us. Later we are alone against Cell together with Cº 16, when We almost finish off Cell and the fight will end.

-Miira, Kingdom of Demons: Reduces Mirra's health to a certain point or fights for a certain period of time. While Goku faces Perfect Cell, we have to fight Miira and hold out until Goku retires to give way to Gohan.

-Awaken the anger of Son Gohan: Defeat the enemies. We fight against 3 Cell Jr. Together with Yamcha and Ten Shin Han, we have to hold on until Mr. Satan throws Cº 16's head at Son Gohan and transforms into Super Saiyan 2. After this we fight with him against 3 other Cell Jr. and Cell.

-Power level of 10 billion: Defeat 30 Metal Cooler. First we fight in the same area against while Son Gohan fights against Cell 8 Metal Coolers, then we move to Namek and there we fight against 10 but ourselves, finally Trunks joins us to kill another 12. In this fight a Definitive Attack of radio can come in handy, like for example the “Recome Bomber”.

-The Last Father-Son Kamehameha: Defeat Cell. The final fight against Cell, be careful that in this battle he is going all out, if we can carry a healing object it will be good for us.


Unlocks Chapter 5

-Secondary Missions: 25, 29, 31, 33, 35.

-Android No. 17 – To the left of the arch of the stairs that go up to the Time Nest, it gives us secondary mission No. 39.

-Playable Characters: Young Son Gohan, Metal Cooler, Cº 16, C17, Cº 18, Cell 1st form, Cell Jr. Power Cell 100%.

A different future

Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Chapter 6

-Son Future Warrior Gohan: Defeat all enemies. We fight against Cº 16 accompanied by Son Gohan of the Future. When we defeat him, Miira will appear and after taking some of her life, Trunks will join the fight with us.


-Secondary Missions: 40.

-Playable Characters: They are Gohan from the future.

-Trunks: the last warrior: Defeat all enemies. We fight against Cº 16 accompanied by Trunks from the future, once we defeat him he will return to the fight and Cell will join him.


-Secondary Missions: 43.

-Playable Characters: Future Trunks, Perfect Cell.

After having completed these 2 Sagas, Cell Sagas and A Different Future, we unlocked a few more things.

Unlocks Chapter 6

-Expert Missions: The Goddess Kaiyoshin tells us about temporary failures, in these failures we will face expert missions, as they are somewhat different from the others we have to do 2 tutorials to understand them no matter what.

-Masters: Cell, Slug, Cº 18

Bu Saga

Dragon Ball xenoverse 2 - Chapter 7

-Get away! Life or death battle. Reduces the Bu monster's health to a certain extent. We fight against Broly while Vegeta and Goku fight each other, when Goku falls we have to hold on against Broly until Bu comes. Here we fight alongside Vegeta against them, we eliminate Broly and leave Bu with minimal life.

-The Bu monster attacks: Defeat the Bu monster, or fight for a certain period of time. We fight Super Bu accompanied by Piccolo and Gotenks.

-Son Gohan's power is reborn: Reduces the Bu monster's health to a certain point. Defeat all enemies. We fight against Super alongside Ultimate Gohan, in the middle of the fight Broly appears, so we must defeat him and reduce Super Bu's health until the fight ends.

-Janemba, angel of the underworld: Defeat Janemba. A very simple fight, in the middle of the battle Vegeta comes to help us.

-Transcendental Galactic Combat: Reduces the Bu monster's health to a certain point. You have to endure the fight fighting alongside Vegeta until Goku can use the universal force to destroy Bu.


Unlocks Chapter 7

-Great Saiyamans: In the Tourist District, they give us secondary mission No. 51.

-Secondary Missions: 47, 53, 57.

-Teachers: Gotenks, Boo Monster.

-Playable characters: Adult Gohan, Fat Bu, Super Bu, Little Bu, Janemba, Broly, Broly (Supervillain), Gotenks, Monster Vegeta.

The Battle of the Gods

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Chapter 8

-Battle in divine company: Defeat all enemies. You have to defeat Miira and Towa's masked companion and then defeat Towa, being careful because the first opponent almost always gives us a negative modifier.

- Beerus' Fury for Flan: Reduces Beerus' health. You have to fight Beerus with Wish. Be very careful since Beerus is very powerful, when he focuses on wish you have to try to do as much damage as possible, having recovery items will be good for us.


Unlocks Chapter 8

-Teachers: Beerus, Turles.

-Child Trunks: at the entrance to the Time Nest, he gives us Secondary Mission No. 69.

-Secondary Missions: 61, 63.

-Playable characters: Bills.

Frieza's Resurrection

Dragon Ball xenoverse 2 - Chapter 9

-The Emperor of Terror Returns: Defeat 15 soldiers from Frieza's army. Reduces Frieza's health to a certain extent.

-Golden Frieza's Revenge: Defeat the enemy. We fight against Golden Frieza accompanied by Goku, halfway through the fight Metal Cooler joins the co-bat but also Vegeta on our side. Finish the brothers once and for all!

-The return of the brothers. Defeat all enemies. After the sequence, we find ourselves against the brothers again but this time under the control of Towa, defeat them forever.


-Secondary Missions: 70.

-Playable Characters: Son Goku Saiyan Blue, Vegeta Saiyan Blue Golden Frieza, Supervillain Frieza, Supervillain Metal Cooler.

The final battle

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Chapter 10

-It's time to train with Whis! : Defeat Whis. We face Whis accompanied by Beerus, in the middle of the fight Beerus will leave us alone, be careful with Whis' strength and life, it may be difficult for us to finish him off.

-Bardock, the masked man: Defeat all enemies. We fight Bardock accompanied by Trunks, when we lower his health a little Miira comes to help him, kill them both.

-The secrets of Towa: Defeat the hero. Towa has brought Toki Toki's hero and has him fight for her, defeat him. We fight against Towa and the hero, focusing on the hero and finishing him off works for us.

-By the power of Shenron: Defeat Towa. Towa's health must be reduced almost to the end to prevent her from finishing Shenron.

**Until we complete this mission, we cannot make wishes from Shenron

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Chapter 10 Final

-Correcting the story. Defeat Miira: We fight alone against Miira, we have to hold out until Towa joins us in the fight due to Miira's madness, when Towa joins us, Miira transforms into a supervillain, refilling her energy again, we have to kill him again. Once we finish him off, Miira will absorb Towa, here she reveals her final form, Goku joins the final fight. Finish Miira once and for all. In this form it is very powerful and has 4 bars of health, with level 50 or so we can pass it without problems, it is good that we carry healing items. There are 2 attacks of this enemy that we must know so that it does not reduce our health drastically, an attack in which it disappears and creates whirlwinds, here we always have to cover or it will hit us incessantly and another in which it begins to shoot blue balls in all directions , you also have to cover yourself. Thanks to the fact that Goku fights alongside us, we have to take advantage of the moments in which Miira focuses on him. After defeating him we will access the ending and the credits.


Unlocks Chapter 10

-Conton City Music: Now we can change the Conton City music from the options menu.

-Secondary Missions: 70, 77, 81, 87, 90,98.

-Goten in the tournament area: He gives us Secondary Mission No. 86.

-Teachers: Pan, Jaco, Goku.

-Playable Characters: Whis, Future Trunks, Bardock, Masked Saiyan (Bardock), Towa, Miira, Supervillain Miira.

Final Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Unlock Bardock SSJ 3 and Future Saiyan

Once we have completed the story mode, the Kaiyoshin of time tells us that there are some eggs that give off evil energy, in the large temporal faults (see Temporal Faults, to know how to obtain each one) we need to find 5, one in each temporal glitch, when we deliver them we have to talk to Trunks to the right of the entrance to the Time Nest. We leave you a video to find them.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Obtain all 5 Time Warp Eggs


-Saiyan Pride Forever: Defeat Miira. We have to fight Miira while Bardock gradually increases his power, when we lower his health a little we will transform into Super Saiyan, then into Super Saiyan 2 and then into Super Saiyan 3, little by little we will have superiority but it is good that we carry some object healing since at first our little resistance can cause us great damage.

-Trunks' story is born: Defeat all enemies. We fight with Son Gohan from the future against the androids C17 and C18. First we start the fight alone, after a while Future Trunks joins us. Be careful, it's a tough fight.


Secret Mission Unlocks

-Super Saiyan of the Future: Awakened Skill Saiyan Race.

You can recover Ki faster than any other type of Super Saiyan. Press the buttons again to undo the transformation.

-Playable characters: Bardock Super Saiyan (Combat Suit 4, in normal Bardock).

Temporary failures

There are 5 in total and in each of them we can carry out missions. We unlock them after completing the Saiyan Saga (Vegeta and Nappa) and the History of Namek (Zarbon and Dodoria). Furthermore, in each of them, after progressing through the missions, we can obtain a "Time Distortion Egg." After having them, we can all access the secret story mission. Although we can and should play them with any race that we have created, each one is associated with a race to be able to obtain the specific transformation and we only achieve this if we play with that specific race.

House of Mr. Satan: With the human race.

House of the Great Elder Guru: With the Namekian race.

Capsule Corporation: With the Saiyan race.

Frieza's Ship: With Frieza's race.

Home of the Bu Monster: With Bu's race.

For example in Capsule Corporation, there are specific missions that we can only perform if we are Saiyan. Below we talk about each of them. 

Temporal Glitch – House of Mr. Satan

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - House Mr. Satan 100%

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - House of Mr. Satan

In the House of Mr. Satan you can become a student of the Great Saiyaman, joining the Justice Patrol and fighting at his side against powerful villains or earning Zeni by working as Mr. Satan's bodyguard.

Mr. Satan.

To become Mr. Satan's bodyguard you will have to do what he asks of you. As soon as he is satisfied he will reward you with Zeni. The amount of Zeni collected will increase if your character is an Earthling.

Mr Satan Challenges

The challenges are to complete a certain number of missions (they start counting from when he tells us), perform combos (we can complete them before he asks us to).

Challenge 1 – Complete 5 missions.

Reward: 2000 Zeni.

Challenge 2 – Perform a 35-hit combo during a mission.

Reward: 2000 Zeni.

Challenge 3 – Complete 6 missions! (any mission works).

Reward: 5000 Zeni.

Challenge 4 – Do a 45 hit combo during a mission.

Reward: 5000 Zeni.

Challenge 5 – Complete 8 missions! (any mission works).

Reward: 8000 Zeni.

Challenge 6 – Perform a 50-hit combo.

Reward: 8000 Zeni.

Challenge 7 – Complete 10 missions (any mission will do).

Reward: 10,000 Zeni.

Challenge 8 – Complete 5 missions without taking damage.

Reward: 10,000 Zeni.

**This challenge is also cumulative, if we have already made perfect Victories before he tells us, they will count.

Challenge 9 – Complete 12 missions (any mission will do).

Reward: 20000 Zeni.

Challenge 10 – Defeat 10 enemies in expert missions!

Justice Patrol.

House of Mr. Satan - Justice Patrol

To the right of Satan's position we find the pair of Great Saiyamans and Jaco, speaking with them they will propose missions to fight for justice with them, in total we have 6 missions to complete that we can repeat whenever we want after completing them all by accessing them through the Torai robot near Satan. Also by completing them we obtain Time Warp Egg 1 (see below).

No. 01 – Hero Wood – Teach them a thing or two about teamwork!

Enemies: Great Saiyaman 1 and 2.

No. 02 – Collector Patroller – Finish off the Ginyu force while you get some ship parts!

Enemies: Ginyu Force, we fight them in groups, accompanied by Jaco and the Saiyamans.

No. 03 – Heroes vs. Patrollers – Participate in the patrollers' practice combat and polish your skills.

Enemies: We fight against 3 Time Patrollers, accompanied by the Saiyamans.

No. 04 – Monster Party – Show them what it means to be a hero.

Enemies: 6 Cell Jr, Cell and Super Bu, we fight against them in groups first with 6 Cells Jr, then Cell and then Super Bu, we are accompanied by the 2 Saiyamans and Jaco.

No. 05 – Calling all heroes! – Revive all the fallen.

Enemies: Saibaman. In this mission we have to revive 4 NPCs, while 3 Saibamans attack us, to revive the fallen companions we must fix them and stand next to them, Great Saiyman also helps us lift them, as soon as we do so the mission ends, it is not necessary finish off the enemies.

No. 06 – Collecting scrap…- Get the key item.

Enemies: Dragons Shenron, Neo Shenron, Eis Shenron, Omega Shenron, accompanied by Pan, Great Saiyaman 1 and 2 and Jaco. Pan asks us to find 6 pieces of Giru, we fight the Dragons while we have to search for the pieces, but if we collect 6, the mission will end even if we have not defeated the enemies.

After completing the Great Saiyaman missions, we can go talk to Mr. Satan to receive “Time Warp Egg 1”.

Additionally, a robot called Torai will appear next to Satan so we can repeat the Justice Patrol missions as many times as we want.

Temporal Rift – House of the Elder Great Guru

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - House Elder Guru 100%

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Grand Elder House Guru

To defend the peace of the house of the great elder Guru undertakes missions on a regular basis. When a mission is available you will receive a notice. If you ignore a quest or fail to complete it, the security of the Grand Elder Guru's house will be compromised. If you are diligent and preserve the peace of the place, your efforts will be rewarded. In addition, you can offer objects to the locals and receive others as a thank you. If your character is Namekian, you will receive more items.


Great Guru House - Mekuji

We can find this peaceful Namekian to the left of the house tending a garden. We can help him by giving him certain objects that will be useful for agriculture, after a while he will usually give us food in return, although sometimes he can give us other things. Once we give it the last one, the objects reset, that is, we can continually give it objects to increase our food reserves. Here I leave you the objects that are requested and their rewards, although these may vary.

Energy Capsule M -Reward: Giant Apple x3.

Total Energy Capsule M – Reward: Water x3.

Antidote M – Reward: Water x 3.

Revitalizing M – Reward: Lettuce x3.

M Energy Capsule – Reward: Sweet Potato x3.


House of the great Guru - Nail

Right at the door of the house we meet Nail, every time there is a warning we have to do his missions which consist of helping him prevent the villains from taking over the dragon balls.

In these missions we don't need to kill the enemies, simply collecting the balls and putting them in the time machine helps us, if they kill Nail, nothing happens either.

The missions are consecutive and each time we will have to collect one more ball until we collect all 7, when this happens Nail will let us enter the great Guru's house, and the missions restart, that is, we have to visit the great Guru 2 times ( see below).

No. 01 – Defend Namek Part 1 – You have to recover 3 dragon balls.

Enemies: Appule, Dodoria, Zarbon, Frieza.

No. 02 – Defend Namek Part 2 – You have to recover 4 Dragon Balls.

Enemies: Appule, Raspberry, Dodoria.

No. 03 – Defend Namek Part 3 – You have to recover 5 Dragon balls.

Enemies: Appule, Rapsberry, Zarbon.

No. 04 – Defend Namek Part 4 – You have to recover 6 Dragon Balls.

Enemies: Burter, Recome, Geese, Ginyu.

No. – 05 – Defend Namek Part 5 – You have to recover the 7 Dragon Balls on earth.

Enemies: 3 Saibaman and Raditz.

No. 06 – Defend Namek Part 6 – You have to recover 7 Dragon Balls on the ground.

Enemies: Nappa and Vegeta.

The great Guru

Great Guru House - Great Guru

The first time I visited the great Guru, I only had to complete the first 5 missions and the second time after completing the 6, plus the first 5, perhaps it is a mistake. In another game with another race, every 6 has worked for me. The fact is that you have to enter twice since we get 2 different rewards.

-The first time we talk to him, he gives us a boost like Son Gohan and Krillin in Namek, the attributes have a normal range of 1 to 100, but after receiving this gift the range will go from 1 to 125.

Great Guru House - Potential Great Guru

-The second time we visit him, he grants us a power increase for the dragon balls.

Great Guru House - Dragon Wishes

**This is very poorly explained here, this really means that the next time we invoke Shenron we have these new 4 wishes, but another one also comes out that they do not mention at all.

-I want to have a full stomach!

Furthermore, once the talk is over we delivers Time Warp Egg 3.

Temporary Glitch – Capsule Corporation

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Capsule Corp 100% - All items and transformations

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Capsule Corporation

In this area we can train with Vegeta and use a robot that we have on the right to create the QQBangs.


Dragon Ball xenoverse 2 - QQ Bang

They can be created in the combination machine to the right where Bulma is. We can choose which pieces to use to join them and create a QQ Bang, They have to be Clothing Accessories or Materials. Rare outfits and materials improve the quality of the QQ Bangs created. These will far surpass their normal counterparts, but if we do not equip any, we will only receive attribute bonuses from Super Souls.

Vegeta Missions

Vegeta Missions

Upon entering this area on the left we have Vegeta, if we are not of the Saiyan race he gives us 3 missions to train with him. The first one does not appear more or less until we are level 30. In each of these 3 missions we will have to fight against Vegeta, first in normal mode, then in Saiyan and then in Saiyan 2.

No. 01 Train with Vegeta: Easy (Normal Vegeta).

Reward:Training Suit.

No. 02 Train with Vegeta: Medium (Vegeta Super Saiyan).

Reward: Gi CC.

No. 03 Train with Vegeta: Advanced (Vegeta Super Saiyan 2).

Reward: Elite suit. 

After completing these missions Bulma calls us to talk to us and give us the Time Warp Egg 2, but if we are Saiyan race we will get it after Vegeta's last mission No. 04.

**Saiyan Race only.

If we are of the Saiyan race, after the second mission, we have to talk to Vegeta who will tell us about transforming into Super Saiyan, he tells us to talk to his family. We have to talk to Bulma and Chico Trunks who are on the right, when we do we talk to Vegeta again and another line of missions will begin.

No. 01 – Saiyan Awakening: Defeat Son Goku and Vegeta. Fight with everything you have and gain a new level of power. This fight is to the death against Vegeta and Goku, first we will fight against them converted into Saiyans, and we have the ability to become Saiyan. When we defeat them Goku transforms into 3rd grade and Vegeta into 2nd, we have to win no matter what and obtain the Saiyan Awakened Skill.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Super Saiyan Ability

When Saiyans use the awakened ability “Super Saiyan,” the Special Attacks guide will display a list of forms along with their Ki cost. While this form lasts, the power of Special Attacks increases, and other moves change. Charged attacks during Vanishing Step will teleport you to the enemy, thus facilitating a guard break. However, Ki regeneration is slowed down.

But this is not all, after completing this mission since we do not carry out mission No. 3 when we have a notice from Capsule Corp. it will be to complete it. Once we have it and reach level 60, Vegeta will call us again to complete one last mission and give us another transformation ability “Super Vegeta”.

No. 4 Final fight against Vegeta (Vegeta Saiyan Blue). At the end of this fight We receive the new ability and the Super Soul – You are number 1!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Super Vegeta


Ki blasts stronger than any other type of Super Saiyan! The more Ki you have, the higher the level when you transform (2 max).

Temporal Glitch – Frieza's Ship

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Frieza's Ship 100% - All Items

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Frieza's Ship

If you visit Frieza's spaceship, you can join Frieza's army, but be careful, because you will have to fight for ranks. You will be forced to choose sides and serve one commander or another. Choose your faction wisely, as future missions will depend on your decisions. Additional missions will be available if your character is a member of Frieza's race.

After completing the Ginyu saga we can finally access the interior of the ship but we have to give a Combination M capsule to Appule, once we give it to him he will let us enter Frieza's Ship and tell us that we must go and present ourselves to him. Frieza immediately.

No. 01 – Frieza's Test – It's time to take the Frieza army recruitment test. Defeat 6 Frieza soldiers.

After completing this mission, the next time we are called, we will have to choose to join Dodoria or Zarbon, each one has 2 missions, and they try to eliminate the other and then our superior to keep their position. It doesn't matter which one we choose. That's if we won't see the missions we reuse.

Frieza's Ship - Dodoria and Zarbon

Dodoria Missions

No. 02 – Dodoria the Powerful – Show Zarbon's army the strength of Team Dodoria. Fight alongside Dodoria against Zarbon and 2 companions.

Nº 05 – To the Top of the Head – Crush Dodoria's team and be the new officer of Frieza's army! Beating Dodoria will help us.

Zarbon Missions

No. 03 – Zarbon, the handsome – Show the Dodoria army the strength of Zarbon's team. Fight alongside Zarbon against Dodoria and 2 companions.

No. 4 – Enough of narcissists! – Crush Zarbon's team and be the new officer of Frieza's army, beating Zarbon will help us.

After completing the Dodoria or Zarbon missions, the next time we are called we have to join Captain Ginyu and complete 2 missions.

Ginyu Missions

Frieza's Ship - Ginyu Missions

No. 06 – Test of the Ginyu Force – join the Ginyu Force to improve your skills.

Enemies: Burter, Guldo, Recome, Geese, Ginyu.

We fought in groups, first against Burter and Guldo, then against Recome and Geese and finally against Ginyu.

No. 07 – Beat the Captain! – Defeat the Ginyu force and you will soon be working as Frieza and Coller's assistant!

Enemies: Ginyu Force.

We fought again in groups this time against Geese and Guldo then Burter and Recome and finally against Ginyu, we began the fight accompanied by two allies.

Once we finish with the Captain and take his position, we can join Frieza or Cooler (he didn't come out before, but after defeating Ginyu we can find him in the area where the medical capsules are. Just like with Zarbon and Dodoria we must choose and we will finish off the other side, then both Cooler and Frieza will ask us to help them train to become the most powerful, each one has 4 training missions.

Frieza's Ship - Frieza and Cooler Missions

Cooler Missions

No. 08 – Stupid Younger Brother – Get revenge on Frieza's lackeys. The universe is Cooler! **By completing this mission Cooler gives us the Super Soul “Hell begins here!”

No. 11 – The Power of the Emperor – Defeat Cooler.

No. 13 – The Power of the Emperor 2 – Defeat Cooler.

Nº15 – The Power of the Emperor 3 – Defeat Cooler.

No. 17 – The Power of the Emperor 4 – Defeat Cooler. **By completing this mission Metal Cooler gives us the Super Soul “I'm not like my brother!”

Frieza Missions

No. 09 – Arrogant Big Brother – Get revenge on Cooler's lackeys. The universe belongs to Freezzer! **Upon completing this mission Frieza names us his commander and gives us the Super Soul – I will not lose!

No. 10 – The power of the Emperor – Defeat Frieza. A fight against Frieza's final form.

Nº12 – The Power of the Emperor 2 – Defeat Frieza. A fight against Frieza's final form.

No. 14 – The Power of the Emperor 3 – Defeat Frieza. Another fight against Frieza final form.

No. 16 – The Power of the Emperor 4 – Defeat Frieza. Another fight against Frieza final form. **Upon completion it gives us the Super Soul – You will die in my hands!

Frieza becomes his golden form after this fight, where Cooler was in his final form, Metal Cooler now appears. Also now we can talk to one of Frieza's soldiers, Navel, who gives us “Time Warp Egg 5 x1”.

**Only if we are from Frieza's race

After completing the previous missions, we get this new one, Mission No. 18, we have to rebel against him to become the owners of the universe, I got this mission by joining Frieza and not Cooler, I suppose that if we join Cooler there will be than rebel against him. But I can only verify 100% after we join Frieza.

Frieza's Ship - Frieza Mission 18

Nº18 – The Omnipotent Frieza – Defeat Golden Frieza.

Once we complete this mission we will get one last one:

No. 1 “Awakening Frieza's Race” in which we face Frieza, Metal Cooler and Golden Frieza, in this mission we achieve the Awakened Skill exclusive to the “Golden” Frieza race.

Frieza's Ship - Golden Skill

Using the awakened ability “Gold” of Frieza's race increases the rate of fire, number of projectiles, and power of normal Ki Bursts, and alters the properties of charged Ki Bursts. It also improves movement speed, increasing long-range attack capabilities.

Temporal Rift – Home of the Bu Monster

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Home of Bu

The monster Bu lives alone and feels lonely, you should help him expand the family. If you collect food in Conton City and feed it to the Bu monster until its Satiety meter is full, a new family member will be born. Typically, your family can have a maximum of 6 members, but if your character is a monster, the limit will increase to ten.

Boo Monster

In the image above on the right we can see Bu's satiety bar, it is quite difficult to raise it to the top, every time we do so a small bu of a random color will appear (among 3 possible), we can get food in various ways, as rewards They give us NPCs by talking to them in Conton City, Mekujin rewards in the Grand Elder Guru's House or by purchasing it in the item shop.

Food Home Monster Bu

In the store they sell us, apart from several items that cost between 750 and 3000, 2 objects that can come in handy, Roasted Fish and Pitalio River Fish, which raise their bar much more than the other objects, yes, each unit of any of these Two fish are worth 5000 and we need about 17 to raise the bar to the maximum, so all the money we can save for this will be well spent. In addition, you also have to feed the little Bu that you create.

If you give food to a member of the Bu monster's family, he will go for a walk. When he returns he will give you an object, which will depend on its type.

Home Monster Bu - Minibus

Those in Red bring us Super Souls.

The Blue Recovery Items.

The yellow ones, clothes.

If you give food to the same family member five times in a row, it will change color randomly.

Once we get Monster Bu to create 6 familiars, he will give us a special object that he intended to eat, "Time Warp Egg 4".