Final Fantasy XV Cheats for PS4, Xbox One

All Final Fantasy XV cheats, tips, unlockables and secrets

Travel alongside Noctis, Prompto, Gladioulus and Ignis, on a journey to Altissa, recover the Crystal and obtain worthy revenge on Final Fantasy XV.

How to get more experience

Below we leave you with several tips to level up faster by taking advantage of the experience multipliers.

Dishes that we can cook

Longwhythe Special +50% experience : Garula Meat, Gighee Ham, and Aegir Sprouts.

King and Prince +30% experience : Minitriz Meat, Epiornis Egg and Saxham Rice.

Mixed Snack +20% experience : Xiphocalamus Breast, Gighee Ham, Aegir Sprouts.

Equipment and Spells

Kopoamulet : An object that increases the experience obtained by the character who has it equipped, we can find one in the Crestholm Canals dungeon, in Leide. 

 When creating spells we can add objects so that the magic also has other effects. Ancient books give us level 3 experience, ancient coins level 4, the old ticket level 6, Ancient Platinum Level 8 and Rare Coins Level 12. We can add several objects of the same type to a spell, so we reach level 99 experience with that spell, although it will cost us quite a few items. As long as we use the spell during a battle it will help us.


At the Leville Hotel in Altissia we can obtain experience multipliers when sleepingAfter completing the previous steps, it is best to travel to this location and obtain an experience multiplier which will help us quickly level up.

How to get the Regalia Type-F flying car

We leave you a video on how to get the Regalia Type-F flying car and get the Achievement/trophy "Where we are going we don't need roads".



Obtain the 13 Ancestral Weapons

Below we leave you a video to get the 13 Ancestral Weapons that we can equip for Noctis and get the Achievement/Trophy "Remember who you are".



Infinite Sprint

While you are sprinting, Press the sprint button (L3) when the sprint ends, just before. If successful, Noctis will regain energy and the bar will automatically fill to the maximum, so you can continue sprinting without waiting for the character to regain stamina.



Justice Monster Five minigame

We leave you a video with the location of the Justice Monster Five minigame and get the Achievement/trophy I ask for Justice!



How to get the Bio Blaster Weapon and Seller in Lestallum

Here we leave you a video to get this weapon quickly and the location of a seller that will make the beginning of the game much easier.




200 gil for all – Raise Promtpo's photography hobby to level 2.

Fasten seat belts - Pilot the Regalia in Manual Driving.

Where we are going we don't need roads – Drive the Regalia Type-F.

Here my sword, here my gun – Equip a weapon in Noctis' four main weapon slots.

Hunter is the one who goes hunting – Complete a beat.

When everything is lost – Complete Chapter 12.

Count on my sword – Command an ally to use a skill.

Take care of your chocobo and it will take care of you – Ride a chocobo.

Echoes in eternity – Complete Chapter 09.

Hey boss, what's the mission? – Complete 20 side quests. 

The stuff dreams are made of – Synthesize a spell.

The king has returned – Complete Chapter 14.

Choose life, choose a mission – Complete 10 side quests.

Sometimes I see legataroas – Capture the image of Gentiana in a photo.

I was taking a break – Use Lux Itineris to a blue marker position during combat.

Guiles and fish never sleep – Raise Noctis' fishing hobby to level 2.

I will never go hungry again – Raise Ignis's cooking hobby to level 10.

Illusions can be very powerful – Cast a spell.

I love when the missions turn out well – Complete 40 side missions.

You will need another bigger yacht – Complete Chapter 07.

We are not at the end of Eos, but from here you can see – Get the rest of the trophies in the game.

There is nothing left but to fight – Complete Chapter 13.

I don't want to survive, I want to live! –  Raise Gladio's survival hobby to level 2.

Our experts are working on it – Complete 5 side quests.

You never know what the tide brings – Complete Chapter 06.

Think like a fish – Raise Noctis' fishing hobby to level 10.

Perfect, they are all… perfect – Raise Prompto's photography hobby to level 10.

Professional, very professional – Unlock the 20 categories you want.

Remember who you are - Obtain all 13 ancient weapons.

If the world turns its back on you… – Execute a joint ruse.

If you want something, go for it - Raise Gladio's survival hobby to level 10.

You always get somewhere – Complete Chapter 01.

Only dreamers move mountains – Defeat an Adamantaimai.

I am Mr. Noctis, I solve problems – Complete 80 side quests.

Keep your friends close – Complete Chapter 10.

East wind and gray fog – Complete Chapter 05.

And two hard-boiled eggs – Raise Ignis' cooking hobby to level 2.

I wanted a mission – Complete a side quest.

It is a trap! – Complete Chapter 11.

This is Lucis! – Reach Chapter 01.

You can not pass! – Defeat Ifrit on Normal difficulty level.

Don't mock the gods! – Complete Chapter 04.

Oh Sidéreo, my Sidéreo! – Summons a Sidereal.

I ask for justice! – Play the Justice Monsters Five minigame.

Unlimited power! – Unlock 50 categories in the Skill trees.

Get your dirty hands off me! – Execute a joint lock.

I am the king of Eos! – Complete Chapter 08.

Who are you going to call? – Unleash Noctis' Spectral Chorus.

Where do you go today? – Complete Chapter 03.

Why do we fall? – Complete Chapter 02.

And is it possible to learn that power? – Learn your first skill.