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All Mass Effect 3 cheats, secrets and unlockables

Prepare the offensive to save the human species from extinction in Mass Effect 3.

Battlefield 3 soldier in multiplayer mode

To unlock this soldier for multiplayer mode we just have to link the Battlefield 3 online pass to your EA account.

Mass Effect 2 Import Bonus

If we import a Mass Effect 2 file we will obtain the following bonuses:

  • Character and squad level from Mass Effect 2 will carry over to Mass Effect 3. 
  • We will obtain platoon points to adapt it to the imported level.
  • And your Virtue/Rebel points will increase your Mass Effect 3 reputation meter by a quarter. 

Prejek Paddle Fish

If we import a game of Mass Effect 2 with the live Prejek fish to Mass Effect 3 and keep it throughout the adventure by completing the game we can import the character again and we will receive a special bonus from Liara in the Normandy, it gives us a bonus of +10% damage to any weapon.

Infinite Reputation

During the game part when you are about to land on the planet Gellix to rescue the defecting Cerberus scientists, after the scene where you talk to Jacob and immediately before talking to Dr. Brynn, there will be a former Cerberus official Dr. Brown crying to her husband next to the screen. Talking to her we get +2 reputation. Next, we save and exit. Load the saved game file, and Dr. Brown will still be in the exact same position. We talk to her again to get another +2 reputation. It can be repeated constantly.



Experience Trick

If we discover a container of medi-gel while we already carry as much as we can, we will receive experience points instead that correspond to the difficulty in which we are playing. If we change the difficulty to a harder one before opening the container, we will receive more points. Then we can change the settings again and continue our game.

Weapons Location


  • M3 Predator: We get it in the prologue of the game.
  • scorpion: In the mission "Priority: South'Kesh", you can find it on the floor of the room where Mordin asks you to reactivate the elevator's power generator. After reactivating it, look for the weapon before turning on the elevator.
  • M-5 Phalanx: In the mission "Priority: Tuchanka", you can find her on the ground above the stairs just before the Reaper starts shooting at you.
  • M-358 Talon: In the mission "Priority: Citadel", in the C-Sec headquarters, there is a hallway with four offices, one of them closed. At the end there is a console where you can activate the door, go back and you will find the gun.
  • M-6 Carnifex: In the former Cerberus scientists mission, you can find it on a pipe in the maintenance hallway.
  • Arc Pistol: In the mission "Priority: Battleship Geth", Tali gives it to Shepard.
  • M-77 Paladin: It can be purchased at the Specter office in the citadel, in the terminal, for 200,000 credits.


  • M-23 Katana: In the mission "Priority: Mars" they give it to you.
  • M-27 Scimitar: In the mission "Priority: Palaven", it is in the main turian camp, on the ground, after completing the first objective.
  • M-22 Eviscerator: In the mission "Grissom Academy: Investigation", you can find her on a red couch, after saving the first student.
  • M-300 Claymore: In the mission "Traverso alticano: Krogan Team", you will find her in the abandoned camp, in the building on the left.
  • Graal Spike Launcher: In the mission "Priority: Tuchanka", you can find her next to a standing guard, at the beginning of the mission.
  • Disciple: In the quest "Lesuss: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery", you can find her after discovering the lone Asari, and entering a room full of cannibals.
  • Plasma Geth Shotgun: In the mission "Priority: Rannoch", enter the combat area where there is a Geth on a balcony, kill all the enemies and search to the right of the entrance.
  • M-11 Wraith: You can purchase it at the Specter terminal in the citadel for 250,000 credits.

sniper rifles

  • M-92 Mantis: In the mission "Priority: Mars", just after going down a ladder, you will find it on the right, on the ground.
  • M-97 Viper: In the mission "Priority: Palaven", you can find it on some boxes, in the center of the turian camp.
  • M-13 Raptor: In the mission "Priority: South'Kesh", you can find it on a bench, when Mordin asks you to reset the elevator's power supply.
  • M-29 Scorer: In the secondary mission "Tuchanka: Bomb", he is on a ramp, after the first combat zone.
  • Javelin: You get it in the mission "Rannoch: Admiral Koris".
  • M-98 Widow: You get it in the mission "Priority: Thessia".
  • Black Widow: Purchase it for 250,000 credits at Specter's office in the Citadel.

Submachine guns

  • M-4 Shuriken: In the mission "Priority: Mars", you can find her inside a security room, where Liara works. You have to grab the gun before activating the security console.
  • M-9 Tempest: In the mission "Tuchanka: Turian Squad", you can find him on the ground after killing some enemies and going up some stairs.
  • M-25 Hornet: In the mission "Priority: Citadel", you can find it after entering an area and taking an elevator, on the right side.
  • M-12 Locust: In the mission "Priority: Horizon", you can find it to the right of the laboratory at the beginning.

assault rifles

  • M-8 Avengers: They give it to you in the Prologue.
  • M-15 Vindicator: In the mission "Priority: Mars", just before entering the Archive chamber, you are in a security room next to the main hallway.
  • M-96 Mattock: In the mission "Grissom Academy: Investigation" you can find it when you leave the class, in the hallway with the red benches.
  • Phaeston: In the mission "Tuchanka: Turian Squad", you can find her after chasing a harvester, near the dead turians.
  • M-76 Revenant: In the mission "Priority: Citadel", you can find her after killing a Cerberus combat engineer who is working. Kill him, and enter the bathroom in the previous area to find the weapon.
  • Geth Pulse Rifle: In the mission "Priority: Perseus' Veil", you can find her near the control room. It is practically on the main road, on the right.
  • M-99 Know: You get it in the mission "Priority: Horizon".
  • M-37 Falcon: You get it in the mission "Priority: Cerberus Headquarters".


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