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Survive the encounter with the Baker family in the latest game of the famous Capcom saga Resident Evil 7.

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Resident Evil 7 Items

Apart from weapons, ammunition and collectible objects, we leave you a list of the items that we can find during the adventure.

Resident Evil 7 Items

Grass – An herb that we can consume to regain a little health, can be combined.

chemical fluids there are of 2 types, the normal one (yellow) and the strong one (red) See the combinations below.

Gunpowder, Solid Fuel and Supplements They are objects that we collect but that are of no use to us if we do not mix them with chemical fluids.

Psychostimulants – By consuming them, object detection will be easier.

separating agent – We can use this fluid to separate already made combinations, but we must keep in mind that we will only obtain as a result when using it the Chemical Fluid or the Strong Chemical Fluid depending on the object that we separate with the separating agent.

Resident Evil 7 Combinations

Resident Evil 7 Combinations

Grass + Chemical Fluid – Normal Medication.

Grass + Strong Chemical Fluid – Strong Medicine.

Gunpowder + Chemical fluid – Pistol Ammunition.

Gunpowder + Strong chemical fluid – Improved pistol ammunition.

Solid fuel + Chemical fluid – Flamethrower Ammunition.

Solid fuel + Strong chemical fluid – Incendiary ammunition (grenade launcher).

Supplements + Chemical Fluid – Psychostimulants.

Supplements + Strong Chemical Fluid – Neural ammunition (grenade launcher).


Resident Evil 7 has two endings, once we go out to the pier after finally defeating Jack and meeting with Mia and Zoe we will be given the option to give the serum to one of the 2Depending on which option we choose, we will opt for one ending or another. Mia the good ending and Zoe the bad ending.

Resident Evil 7 - Endings and How to Unlock Them



  • Madhouse Mode – Completing the game on any difficulty will unlock this new difficulty mode.
  • Albert 001R-Gun – Upon completing the game we can find this hand cannon in the trunks.
  • The Secrets of Defense – Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
  • Infinite ammo – Complete the game on Madhouse difficulty.
  • walking shoes – Destroy all the Mr. Anywhere dolls or complete the game on easy.
  • The essence of defense – Destroy all the Mr Anywhere dolls or complete the game on easy.
  • X-ray glasses – Complete the game in less than 4 hours.
  • circular saw – Complete the game in less than 4 hours.


Old coins

In total we have 18 ancient coins to collect in the different locations of Resident Evil 7, these are used to open some bird cages that we can find in 2 areas of the game to get special items. In Madhouse Mode however the coins They change location and we also have 33 to pick up.

Resident Evil 7 - Ancient Coins - Normal


Mr. Everywhere Statues

Throughout the adventure there are 20 statues to collect, their location and number is the same in all levels, by collecting all of them we get the Achievement/Trophy "And now nowhere", also by collecting them all we get 2 unlockable objects, Shoes of walking and The essence of defense.

Bird Cages

Bird Cages

These cages can be found in two locations, one in the courtyard of the Baker mansion inside the trailer and others after leaving the boat and starting the swamp area. In both locations we will find 3 cages (the same in both areas) with a number below, they are the number of ancient coins we need to open each one.

Stimulating – 4 Ancient Coins.

Stabilizer – 5 Ancient Coins.

Magnum 44 – 9 Ancient Coins.

Resident Evil 7 - The Cages and their Items


Video tapes

Resident Evil 7 Video Tapes

One of the curious collectibles of Resident Evil 7 are the video tapes, in total there are 4 and apart from finding them we can play them in the videos that usually exist in the areas where we have the trunk and we can save. Each of them serves as clues to solve some of the puzzles during our adventure and by playing them we can control what happened on the tape. We leave you a video to locate them.

Resident Evil 7 - All Video Tapes


Wooden Ax and Shotgun

After defeating Marguerite and receiving Lucas' call, we find the Snake key, which allows us to enter the children's room. Upon entering we inspect the lamp to go down the stairs and go up to the attic, in this area we find an ax and a wooden shotgun, we leave you a video with their use.

Resident Evil 7 - Wooden Ax and Shotgun - Utility


All Steroids

The Steroids They are objects that increase maximum vitality, in total we have 4 to collect throughout the adventure, the video shows everyone's location, which will be useful for the Asylum mode.

Resident Evil 7 - Steroids - Location of all 4



Just in case – Close any door. 

shield forever – Block an enemy attack.  

Eureka! – Make a discovery by examining an object. 

Master of Unlocking  -Use a lockpick.  

Nice try – Place an object incompatible with the shadow puzzle.

Third Eye – Use psycho-stimulants.

Extra pockets – Increase your spaces for objects.      

She is alive – Travel to Louisiana. 

You are not invited – Escape from the guest house. 

You're not going to escape – Get out to the patio.  

Secrets in the dark – Discover the secret of the old house.  

Do not look back – Escape from the Baker home.  

Like a fish in the swamp – Escape from the ship.  

Medicines and sweets – Complete the game on Easy mode.  

Dirt and rust – Complete the game in Normal mode.  

This is personal – Eliminate an enemy with the knife.  

Exterminator – Clean a door infested with insects with the knife.  

Homemade meatballs – Eliminate an enemy by attaching a remote control bomb to it and detonating it.  

10 in chemistry – Create all objects containing chemical fluid and strong chemical fluid.  

You don't catch me – Complete Mia's video without Marguerite seeing you. 

Cinephile – Watch all videos in a game.  

Here, there and everywhere – Destroy a Mr. Everywhere figurine.  

The night comes to an end – Unlock a first ending.  

Just a memory – Unlock a second ending.  

blood and tears – Complete the game in Asylum mode.  

witch burning – Attacks and repels Marguerite while she walks through the old house.  

By the hair – Avoid Jack's scissors attack by crouching.  

Less is more – Kill two or more enemies with one shot.  

Crash landing – Shoot and knock down Marguerite when she jumps towards you.  

Surprise – Complete the "Happy Birthday" video in less than 5 minutes.  

Trust the pelican – Get all the ancient coins on easy or normal difficulty.

Madhouse Pelicans – Get all the ancient coins on madhouse difficulty  

avid reader – Read all documents in a game.  

And now nowhere – Destroy all the Mr. Everywhere figurines.  

We do not have time – Complete the game in less than 4 hours.  

Bachelor of logistics – Complete the game without opening the trunk more than 3 times.  

Healthy lifestyle – Complete the game without using a medicine more than 3 times.