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*This guide It is made in Normal mode, in Asylum mode the locations of the objects change.

We will only focus on the objects that we need to be able to advance and continue with our adventure, For collectibles, secrets, weapons, video tapes, coins, etc. you can consult our cheats entry by clicking here.

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  • Dog Heads
  • Scorpion Key
  • Shotgun
  • Jack


  • Flamethrower
  • Raven Key
  • Marguerite
  • Series – D Arm


  • Grenade launcher
  • Snake Key
  • Red card
  • Blue Card


  • Mine
  • Find Ethan


  • Necrotoxin E
  • Final combat

Prologue – Beginning and Guest House

After the opening video, we arrive with Ethan in the car near a house lost in the forest. We have to move to the left until we reach the guest house. Once inside, we will see a closet with a chain that we cannot open. We advance to a room in which we find a television with a video, a fuse box (we see that one is missing) and a fireplace, inspecting the fireplace we will see that it has a handle on the right, when using it we will open a secret door in the wall to the right of Fireplace.

Resident Evil 7 - Guest House Fireplace - Secret Entrance

We advance through this area until we reach the basement where we will find Mia in a cell. We have to take the pliers on the table on the left to be able to open the door and free her. After the talk we follow Mia through the basement until we return upstairs, when we go up the stairs we will see that we cannot move forward, we return to the stairs and we will see Mia go up in a somewhat horrible way, here a fight against her begins.

Resident Evil 7 - Guest House - Fuse and stairs

After the combat, we receive a phone call from a person named Zoe who tells us to go out through the attic and unlocks the door at the back, we go out again to the previous area where we entered, In the closet that had a chain, now we can use the pliers to break the chain and get the fuse. that was missing in the room in the video, we take it and place it in the fuse box, now we can activate the staircase that leads to the attic.

Resident Evil 7 - Fight Mia

Once we go up in the room on the right we will find a gun and ammunition, okay now When we reach the attic we will reach some stairs, be very careful because as we start to climb, Mia will appear from the window with a chainsaw, we have to kill her by being accurate with headshots, when she attacks us with the chainsaw we can block the attack and leave her in a position where it will be easy for us to hit the head, when we finish with her, a man will appear who will help us. He knocks us out with one blow and welcomes us to the family, the game begins.

Part 1 – The Main House – Jack, Dog Heads, Scorpion Key and Shotgun.

Resident Evil 7 - Main House Map - Home

After the above we wake up tied in front of a rather peculiar family, after the sequence in which they leave due to the arrival of a police officer we will manage to free ourselves, here Jack's chase begins, in this area We have to get the keys to the trapdoor that are at the end of the hallway on a table and use them in the room after the kitchen, the pantry, where we will see the trapdoor in the background on the left, throughout this section Jack (the father) is looking for us and if he catches us he will finish us off quickly, but we can block his attacks as much as possible. which can give us a certain advantage to escape through the trapdoor. 

Resident Evil 7 - Main House - hatch

Well we go down and move forward until we reach a room where we will find a trunk (the trunks return) and a recorder to save the game, As soon as we leave through this door we will receive another call from Zoe (the phone is next to the recorder), again it is Zoe telling us that we have to get out of the house.

Resident Evil 7 - Main House - Police

At the end of the hallway where we took the keys, if we move forward we will see a double metal door but we cannot open it, when we have verified it to the other side near the entrance to the garage we will see how a policeman calls us through the window, talking with him he will give us the knife, which we need to be able to cut the tape that blocks the garage door control, we use it on the box to open it and access the garage where we will meet the policeman. While we talk to him Jack appears from behind and finishes him off, Here begins another fight against Jack, by killing the policeman we can collect his gun.

Resident Evil 7 - Main House - Garage

We can face this combat in 2 ways, or killing Jack with shots to the head or being quick to grab the car keys on the table to the right of where we entered and using them on the car to be able to run him over, whatever happens when we manage to kill Jack and pick up the gun, we go up the stairs that were lowered after the car explosion, At the top we will find the statue of the ox that helps us open the metal door that we saw before. 

We continue until we reach the door and open it using the ox statue, which will give us access to the main living room and the second floor of the main house from the house and where we will receive another call from Zoe who insists that we leave the house, we see a door at the exit that has a relief with a 3-headed dog, In order to get out we need to find the 3 heads and place them.

Resident Evil 7 - Main House - Door 3 heads

Well, here we have a few objectives, apart from the 3 dog heads, we have 2 doors with a Scorpion (one to the right of the door with 3 dog heads) and another on the second floor in the "Recreation Room", We also see a room with a shotgun (which we won't be able to take until we get the Scorpion key) and a pedestal to place something in front of a painting. Well, let's go in parts with everything.

Main House Floor 1

Resident Evil 7 - Main House Map - Floor 1

1 – In position 1 of the main hall We will find a clock, where we can remove the pendulum and take it even the clock we have in the living room. By putting it we get white dog head, we already have the first one.

Resident Evil 7 - White Dog Head

2 – In this area we have the pedestal with a projector, we will use it after investigating floor 2, in the room below the main hall we have the shotgun that we cannot take yet.

Main House Floor 2

Resident Evil 7 - Main House Map - Floor 2

Going up the stairs through the main hall, we will reach the 2nd floor, Here we will see 2 doors with a snake key (in the main room and in the children's room) here we will not be able to access until we advance further in the game, we will open them. 

1 – In this position in the recreation room we will find a book, if we inspect it inside we will find the head of a blue dogAlso in this room we have a scorpion key where we see that there is a broken shotgun that will be used to collect the shotgun from floor 1, we still cannot take it.

Resident Evil 7 - Blue Dog Head - Wooden Statue

2 – In the bathroom we will see a full bathtub, if we empty it we will find a wooden statue which helps us to place it on the pedestal on floor 1, mark 2, but be careful because as we take this piece, Jack will appear and chase us again, on floor 1 and floor 2, our objective is to escape from him and be able to reach the area where we have to place the wooden statue on floor 1, when we achieve it, we must rotate the piece to form the figure of an eagle, which will give us access to a secret area on floor 1.

Resident Evil 7 - Projector and wooden statue puzzle

When solving the puzzle behind the painting, a passage will open, which takes us to a secret area of the Main House, we advance between the wall until we reach a room with a deer, here we will find a door with a crow, we will open it later . We continue and we meet the first Holomorph, enemies that we must shoot in the head to kill them quickly, we advance until we reach a room with a trunk and a recorder to save the game and some stairs that lead to the Processing Area where we will find the third Dog Head and the Scorpion Key.

Processing Area

Resident Evil 7 - Main House - Processing Area

Scorpion Key

Be careful, here we are going to find a few enemies, we can proceed in two ways, in position 1 we find the Scorpion Key, what is going to happen to us allow us to take the Shotgun but we have to go back to Floor 2, although now since we have this key we can open the door that was next to the clock that connects the main room with this area, which will make us go faster or we can pick it up later, since in position 3 we have the third dog head but we have a confrontation with Jack and the shotgun can be useful although it is not essential.


Resident Evil 7 - Main House - Shotgun

We go for the shotgun, from the position of the key we return to the stairs where the room with the trunk was but instead of returning to the deer room, we use the scorpion key on the right as we go down the hallway of the stairs . We go up to the recreation room on the 2nd floor and open the door to pick up the broken shotgun., now we can take the shotgun from the statue in the main hall leaving the broken one in its place.

Dissection Room Key

Resident Evil 7 - Main House - Dissection Room Key

good now we have to get to the Morgue in the Processing Area, but for this we have to get the key to the dissection room, in position 2 on the map the Crematorium room we will find containers of corpses, to get the key we have to open the bottom one all the way and then open the one with a red hand on top, by doing this we will unlock the first one where we will find the key to the dissection room, we have to go to the next one position 2 in the generator room and use the key to reach the MorgueBe careful that throughout this journey we are going to encounter a few enemies, we can try to avoid them and quickly get to the door in the generator room using the key as quickly as possible or choose to kill one depending on the ammunition and health we have .

Resident Evil 7 - Main House - Jack and Red Dog Head

Once in the Morgue we go up the stairs and at the bottom we will find the red dog's head hanging, but as we pick it up we will have to face Jack again. In this fight the problem is the lack of space, you have to constantly run away from him and hit his head well, if we already have the shotgun it will be easier for us, Jack appears with an ax and we have to manage to throw him and attack him while he is stunned, we can also hit the corpses to unbalance him momentarily. When we shoot him the first time he will go for a double saw in the shape of a blade, the good thing is that it also There is a chainsaw that we can takeWith this weapon things are balanced, with the blocking button we reject its attacks perfectly, we have to shoot it several more times and the important thing is to see when the chainsaw is going to seize when the light turns flashing red and take enough distance with Jack to be able to start it without problems and get back to work. Once we finish with him we will have the 3 dog heads and we can leave the house.

The backyard

Resident Evil 7 - Courtyard

Once we go out to the patio we will see a caravan where Zoe lives, inside we will find 3 cages with different items that we can open using the ancient coins that we have been collecting *see the secrets section in the link above. Here we have several things to do, We will see in the background a pedestal to put an object in front of the projector but we don't have it yet and in the background we will see a door with 2 cards, one red and one blue in which we cannot do anything eitherAlso behind the caravan we have another double door that we cannot open either. When we leave the caravan we will receive a new call from Zoe who asks us that we have to find a serum in the Old House, but to be careful because Marguerite is lurking there. mother and is looking for us, we set out there through the Northeast until we reach a door that leads us to the Old House.

Resident Evil 7 - Courtyard

Part 2 – Old House – Flamethrower, Raven Key, D-Series Arm

Resident Evil 7 - Old House Map 1

Our first objectives upon arriving at the Old House are take the Flamethrower and the Stone Statue to place on the pedestal of the Gallery and be able to advance to the left side of the House.

Resident Evil 7 - Old House - Nests

Upon entering we can only go to two rooms, the Guest Room and the Living Room and in both we will see that there are insect nests and if we get close a cloud of them attacks us, but in reality they are not that harmful, we can go through both sides, except that in the Living Room we have to bend down and in the Guest Room we don't. We can break these nests by shooting but we will also spend a lot of ammunition, it is best to wait until we have the flamethrower, on the other hand there are also closets that are full of spiders and if we get close they will jump for us, with the flamethrower we will clean them without problems.


Resident Evil 7 - Old House - Flamethrower Backpack

1 – We head towards the Gallery where we will see a pedestal to place another statue, and just when we go outside on the way to the trunk room we find the "Flamethrower Handle", in the trunk room at the back we find a backpack to make our inventory larger.

Resident Evil 7 - Old House

1 – Well now we have to go to the dining room and go outside, in front we will see a nest and a mechanism to put a crank that we do not have, we can also go to the bottom on the right to the "Water Pump" room where we will find the "Flamethrower Nozzle."

Resident Evil 7 - Old House Fireplace

2 – Now that we have the flamethrower in the "Living Room" we will see an insect nest that covers the chimney, We finish him off and go through the chimney hole until we reach the basement where we will find the stone statue that we have to put on the Gallery projector (we have to form a spider).

Resident Evil 7 - Old House - Stone Statue

3 – But when we return after having taken the statue, Marguerite will be looking for us with her lamp, be careful not to meet her or she will launch a cloud of insects at us, we can kill her but it makes us lose a lot of ammunition, the point is to get to the Gallery avoiding it by placing the statue we open a secret entrance that allows us to get there to the other side of the house.

Resident Evil 7 - Old House Map 2

Now that we have managed to reach the other side of the Old House, our objectives are, get the Crank and get the Raven Key to open the door that we see on the right, going up some small stairs to enter the Sanctuary of Marguerite.

Crow Crank and Key

Resident Evil 7 - Old House - Crank

1 – In the background on the right we will see a hole (which we saw in Mia's film) to go underground and find the Crank, thanks to it we can use the mechanism that is just outside the hole a little further ahead to raise a bridge that allows us to quickly cross from one side to the other.

Resident Evil 7 - Old House - Raven Key

2 – Now we go to the outside area where we take the flamethrower nozzle and destroy the insect nest to be able to use the crank on the mechanism and raise another bridge towards a bathroom where we will find the Raven Key.

Resident Evil 7 - Old House - Marguerite

3 – We head towards the left side of the house to open the door with the Raven Key, but just when we arrive Marguerite pushes us and we fall into a hole, she will be up there sending us insects, we have to shoot her as much as we can until she falls, the flamethrower will help us to get rid of the insects and Marguerite Shotgun or Pistol, when we finish with her He falls into the hole and we'll see how he's my light...referring to the lamp he always carries, we go up the stairs while Marguerite breaks down and we can finally use the Raven Key.

Resident Evil 7 - Old House - Serum

Upon entering we see an altar with a box. When we open it we find the recipe to make the serum, we need the head and arm of a series D, and advancing through the area we will reach a door with a scale and a lamp, it seems that the mechanism is connected to the door and we need another lamp to balance the scales, Marguerite's. 

Resident Evil 7 - Greenhouse

We return to the hole where we finished with it, and we will see the lamp but how an arm picks it up and carries it away (for this to happen we must have inspected the scale), We jump to follow Marguerite and advance through the tunnel until we emerge through a well that leads us to the greenhouse., we can also unlock the door that was behind the caravan in case we want to access the trunk, since now we are going to have a confrontation with Marguerite.


Resident Evil 7 - Greenhouse

We equip ourselves with whatever we want (leave free spaces since there are quite a few items in the greenhouse), when we enter we will see plants on the right, moving forward we go to the lower floor and we will see a hallway with a closed door, some stairs and a room with a closet full of them. of spiders, as soon as we go up those stairs Marguerite grabs us from the window and the fight begins. Upstairs we will find another closet and ammunition in the area, we go back to the lower floor and in the greenhouse to the left on the floor we have healing items and to the right at the bottom another closet as well as items in the area.

 Resident Evil 7 - Greenhouse - Marguerite

It is a simple combat and we have plenty of ammunition to kill it, we simply have to be attentive to where it is and shoot it at the insect nest that it has on its body, be careful when it climbs the walls and the ceiling on all fours, if it locates us It will jump towards us, it is best to shoot it so that it falls and cannot make the jump or as a last resort block its attack. When we lower its health, it will act in the same way but sending us clouds of insects and we will have several in the area bothering us, we proceed the same until finish her off and be able to take her lamp.

Resident Evil 7 - Series D Arm

We return to the scale room and place the lamp, we enter the children's room and we have to get to the cell where we will see in the background on the right a Toy House and inside a paper that when turned over reveals a secret passage where we find the D series Arm. Zoe calls us to tell us to meet her at the caravan.

Part 3 – Lucas' Party, Grenade Launcher, Serpent Key, Serum

When we arrive at the caravan we will receive a call from Lucas, he has taken Mia and Zoe and has the Head of Series D, he tells us to look in the refrigerator where we will find the head of the police officer that Jack killed with a note on the back.

The first thing we are going to do is take the grenade launcher Now that we have the Raven Key and take the Serpent Key, our objective is to find the two Cards (Blue and Red) that allow us to enter what Lucas calls his party.

Grenade launcher

Resident Evil 7 - Grenade Launcher

Well, we take the Raven Key and return to the main house, as we enter to the left we unlock a door with the Scorpion Key. We enter through it to go to the room that had a Deer, there was another Raven door, inside we will find the Grenade Launcher that suits us. to come very well, remember to take space.

Snake Key

Residnet Evil 7 - Snake Key

According to the note we had to go to where the policeman's corpse was, this is in the Morgue of the Processing Area where we confront Jack to get the red dog head, we will find the headless corpse and by inspecting inside we will obtain the Snake Key.

With the Snake Key we can open 2 rooms that were on the 2nd floor of the Main House, the children's room and the main room In each one we will find 1 of the cards.

Blue Card

Resident Evil 7 - Blue Card

In the children's room on the right we will see a lamp that we can inspect to find a red button which makes them go down some stairs to the attic, upstairs we will find in a closet a video tape with the Clown Puzzle (see the secrets section above, video tapes), on the right when we go up on a shelf we will find an Ax and a Wooden Shotgun (also consult the secrets section to see its usefulness) and in the background a projector that By solving it you unlock the Blue Card.

Red card

Resident Evil 7 - Red Card

In the main room, apart from finding a Bag to make our inventory larger in the small room on the right, next to the bed on the left we will see a clock, if we move the hands to set 10:15 the bed will move revealing a secret path, we reach an area where we find the Red card, it is the Processing Area workshop where we were never able to enter, we go up to the main room and go to the left of the caravan to place the 2 Cards that allow us to advance Be careful in the yard, we are going to find a couple of fast Holomorphs.

Luke's Feast

Resident Evil 7 - Luke

After placing the 2 cards we go up some stairs and we will find an armchair and a TV, Lucas speaks to us through it, after the sequence, we advance through some corridors with plastic, be careful that there are mines, we can explode them with a shot or locate the cables and avoid them by crouching. 

Resident Evil 7 - Door Password

After these corridors we reach a room where there is a door with a panel and a trunk, as we approach Lucas will appear on the other side of the door and tells us several passwords, all wrong, It doesn't matter what we put Whether it's one of the ones he says or the one we want, the important thing is to move away from the door since a trap with spikes falls from the right when Lucas finishes saying Tic Toc Tic Toc... when the trap is activated, we will see that a passage on the right wall.

Large Holomorph

Resident Evil 7 - Barn

We arrive at the Slaughterhouse area, be careful here again with the mines and explosive boxes that Lucas may have placed, in the back room after the hallway. We will find some Steroids downstairs in the closetBe careful with the mines, there are several inside. We advance to the left, in this area we will find several Holomorphs and a room with a trunk to organize our inventory since there is a combat very close, we advance from the trunk room and go to the left, there is a generator that does not have a Battery, We found her upstairs going up the stairs.

Resident Evil 7 - Large Holomorph

When placing it, Lucas begins to speak to us through speakers while we hear the noise of an elevator, he has a surprise prepared for us, a large HolomorphBe careful with getting close to these enemies or they will take a lot of life from us and also be careful with their vomiting when we shoot them, they usually hit us even if we are far away, we have to take advantage of the scenario to always have a point to cover ourselves and be able to shoot them well while they don't vomit.

The clown puzzle

Resident Evil 7 - Large Holomorph

After finishing off this enemy, we go down the elevator where he went up until we reach a room where we will see a burned body sitting in a chair with a sign attached that says "You're Next" 1408 which is the key to the door, further ahead there are some stairs that we can activate with a button and return again to the door where we meet Lucas, but in order for him to let us in after entering the key he tells us that we have to leave everything we have on us in the trunk. We do it and enter.

Resident Evil 7 - Clown Puzzle

Here we face the same puzzle as the tape that we found in the attic of the children's room where we took the Blue Card, the clown puzzle, but we already know the solution, we have to take the candle and go to the cake, it will go out due to the water that falls whenever we enter the cake, we leave and We light the candle in the kitchen by pressing the action button to activate it, then with the candle lit we go to the door on the right that has a red ribbon on the knob and we burn it with the candle to be able to enter, here we We are going to find a door with a lock and a key, we put "LOSER" and we go in to take the valve to close the water in the area of the cake, now we can go through with the candle lit, so that Lucas does not burn us we do not have to take the handle of the barrel as in the video tape, since if If we remove it we will burn ourselves, the only purpose of the tape is to know the LOSER password and avoid removing that crank.

Resident Evil 7 - Bomb

When we activate the trap, Lucas, seeing that nothing happens to us, lets it fall a bomb with a timer must be taken and placed in the hole in the back wall and so when it explodes you can continue.

Resident Evil 7 - Series D Head

Finally we managed to escape from Lucas's trap, advancing through the hole in the wall we reached a room where Lucas was monitoring us, we find the Head of the D-Series in the box on the table and a trunk to collect our items, later we go out to the pier and we need the Crank to raise 2 bridges so equip it in the inventory. As soon as we leave we activate the mechanism with the crank and continue, if we go to the left we will reach a path on which we cannot continue and at the bottom a door, going to the right we will reach another mechanism to raise another bridge and be able to reach the door, be careful that when we activate this last bridge when we return to cross it, several enemies will appear, 2 of them from the rapids, it is best to ignore them and run to the door.

Resident Evil 7 - Zoe and the Serum

Upon entering we find a trunk and several items in the room, upstairs we have Mia and Zoe and we must give him the head and arm of the D-Series but when we do so and he creates the serum we will automatically enter a final fight against Jack, so Before going up and giving the ingredients to Zoe, you have to equip yourself for this battle. The Grenade Launcher is very useful for this combat, especially on Asylum difficulty. Remember that to make Grenade Launcher ammunition we need to combine Solid Fuel + Strong Chemical Fluid.

Final Jack

Resident Evil 7 - Final Jack

This is Jack's last form, the combat takes place in an area with two floors, and we have items in both (ammunition and life), Jack's body is full of eyes, we have to destroy them all alone with shots, which It is better to always be on the different floor than him, if he is down go up and vice versa, even so we can easily cover ourselves from his physical attacks, the Grenade Launcher is good because with one shot we can affect several eyes and also when the flames remain we can possibly break him a pair. The eyes that are on the sides of the arms, it is best to break them with shotguns when you come down from above, the one with the tail because it moves a lot is a great option to use the Flamethrower, it has another one on the bottom that It is better to wait for him to go up and while he supports himself to go up, shoot him as much as we can, plus he has 2 others, one in the abdomen and another in the face.

Resident Evil 7 - Death of Jack

When we finish with all his eyes he will submerge and it seems that the combat ends but he appears again in front of us and attacks without stopping, here it is resistance, let's see who dies first, in each attack charge we have time to hit him some good shots in the eye of the head (he only has this one) and his attacks, if we cover ourselves well, they won't do us much damage, with accurate shots we will finally finish off Jack. 

The choice – Mia or Zoe

Resident Evil 7 - The Choice, Mia or Zoe

After the fight against Jack, when we go out to the pier we find Mia and Zoe, but since we have used a serum to defeat Jack, there is only one left and We will have to choose who to give it to, Mia or Zoe, The story will continue the same except for a couple of details depending on who we have chosen and there will be a different ending when completing the game with Mia, the good ending and with Zoe the bad ending. The choice is in your hand.

Resident Evil 7 - Ship - Ethan

Whatever we do, we will arrive on the boat to a ship stranded in the swamp, here we will take control of Mia to remember everything that happened inside the ship where she and Eveline came, shortly after moving forward we will find Ethan on the ground and We'll see how Evie's mutations swallow it up. We continue to the left to climb some rubble and reach a door to enter the ship.

Resident Evil 7 - Flashback Ship

Now we enter an area that cannot be lost, we simply continue along the only path we can take, advancing through the dark corridors of the ship and climbing the stairs to a room where we will see a flashback of two terrified crew members, when it is over we can go through the hole off the ground and keep moving forward.

Resident Evil 7 - Ship - Eveline

We continue inside the conduit and jump into a hole, we advance through the corridors until we emerge outside, we will see the broken ship. We go up to the left and see another sequence in which Evie kills a member of the crew, we go up the stairs, we jump into the water from above and we go up again to reach some stairs where we see Evie at the top. As soon as we go up them the back door will close.

Stranded Boat

Resident Evil 7 - Stranded Ship - Gun and Fuse

In this first area of the ship our objectives are to take the gun, take the fuse and go up to floor 3 to start the video tape. We will find the gun in the room..., the fuse in... and once we have this fuse we go to the stairs that connect the floors, we put the fuse to open the door and we go up the stairs to floor 3, to the floor 2 we still cannot access.

Resident Evil 7 - Eveline Tape

Shortly after advancing through the 3rd floor we will reach a room where we see Evie sitting in a chair and she forces us to watch a video tape (this tape is the only one we must play, no matter what).

Video tape

Resident Evil 7 - Stranded Ship - Vomit and Elevator

In the memory we have to find Eveline, after the sequence with Alan We are on Floor 2 of the Ship equipped with a submachine gun, we must follow the indicator on our wrist and reach the room in the center of this floor to see remains of Evie's mutations, in the corridors we will find an enemy, after get to the central room and check his vomiting we have to go to the elevator and go down to floor S2Be careful when entering the elevator, an enemy falls from the ceiling.

Resident Evil 7 - Stranded Ship - Map S2

*1 – Elevator, *2 – Corrosives, *3 Doors with Corrosives

In it floor S2 our objective is to catch the corrosives that is in the farthest area of the floor, there is no loss, we can only advance along one path, during the journey we will encounter several enemies that, thanks to the machine gun, will be easy to kill, we will reach the end where we will find 3 corrosives on a table , now we can open the locked doors.

Resident Evil 7 - Stranded Ship - Ribbon Elevator Return

As we go out the door in front we will see that we have a door that we can open using the corrosive, Eveline will speak to us, We head back to the elevator.Be careful that several enemies will appear along the way, In the hallway on the left of the map we have a double door to open with corrosive and inside we will find health and ammunition, where more enemies can join us is in the elevator area and while we wait for it to go down, be careful not to see ourselves cornered with several enemies, as we can access the elevator we go up to Floor 3.

Resident Evil 7 - Stranded Ship - Map Floor 2

*1 – Climbing hole, *2 – Doors with Corrosive

On the way the elevator stops on Floor 2 and we can climb out, we have to get to the stairs that lead to floor 3, at the top left on the map, if we go to the room where Alan was, we will see that there is no longer It is there, remember that on this floor there were 2 safes with corrosives, in both we will find explosives, in the central room We climb through the opening on the right (2) as we did before and we reached the stairs that lead to Floor 3.

Resident Evil 7 - End of Video Tape

We cross the door of the room where Eveline has made us watch the video tape, we will see a sequence where Alan falls, in the next room we can access a computer to record the video where Mia warned Ethan that we saw at the beginning of the game, we continue through the door at the back and we will see a sequence in which the ship is destroyed and we fall into the water, we return again to the room where we play the tape and Eveline asks us if we remember, the tape ends.

Resident Evil 7 - Stranded Ship - Elevator and Ethan

Well after seeing Mia's memories, we now know that The elevator is stopped on Floor 2, that for the doors that we could not open we need corrosives. We get going. We go to the room where Eveline finished off Alan and we open the elevator doors on floor 3, we will see the elevator hatch that we cannot open and some stairs, we go up them and jump through the hole to access Floor 4, here We will see on a camera monitor that Ethan is on the S2 floor, in the background we find the Captain's Cabin. where we find the Cross Key and the Map, we also see the submachine gun in a closet but we need a key.

Resident Evil 7 - Cross Key

As we leave the captain's cabin, we have the elevator doors on floor 4 that we can open to jump in, now that we have the Cross Key we can access floor 2 using it on the elevator hatch. When we get inside the elevator we will see that there is a note that tells us that the elevator does not work because it is missing a fuse and a cable, we need to find both pieces.

Corrosives and Machine Gun – Floors 2 and 4

Resident Evil 7 - Map Floor 2

The first thing we are going to do is take the submachine gun, since then we will have to face several enemies, to do this from the elevator we climb to the 2nd floor, just when we leave we will find the knife stuck in a bench (1), we have to go towards the central area where we saw Eveline's vomit and enter the room that had the door blocked in the video, right in front of the opening we were climbing through in the video (2).

Resident Evil 7 - Safe and Locker Key

Upon entering we will see a closed safe and boxes on the sides, we have to put the ones on the left side the same as those on the right side by turning them, inside we will find 3 corrosives, in the only door that we can use it on this floor (X) we will find, bomas and the key to the locker (which we use to get the Machine Gun in the Captain's Cabin on the 4th floor) and in the trunk room where we saw Alan for the first time we have another corrosive, we return to the 4th floor using the stairs on the floor 2 (3) we go to floor 3 and go through the elevator shaft to go up again to floor 4, be careful that now when we go down to the bridge we will find 2 enemies, we use the locker key and take the machine gun. 

Cable and Fuse – Elevator – Floors 3 and 1

Resident Evil 7 - Stranded Ship - Elevator Cable

Now we have to solve the cable and the elevator fuse, first we go for the cable, according to the note they have taken it to the Nursing section on floor 3, we jump down the elevator shaft and access floor 3, with the corrosive we open the door where we saw the sequence of destruction of the ship, moving forward we will reach a room where we see a device on the left and the cable that has 2 closures, we loosen them and remove it, in the room we also find several items and a corrosive , but as we enter this area a large Holomorph appears to complicate things for us, it is best to ignore it, grab the cable and rush back to the elevator to return to Floor 1.

Resident Evil 7 - stranded ship - elevator repaired

On Floor 1 the only thing we have to do is take the cable that we placed at the entrance to the stairs and take it to the elevator, but first in the Recreation Room (it needs corrosive) we will find a backpack to increase our inventory and another corrosive, with With the 2 objects in our possession we can now activate it and go down to S2 to save Ethan.

Resident evil 7 - Stranded ship - Rescue Ethan

We arrive at S2, we have to reach the area right in front of where we find the corrosives and again the path will be full of enemies, the double door where we used the corrosive on the tape is now open and we also have items, in the area of the stairs , now we also get a Large Holomorph, we can easily avoid it and continue on our way, once we reach the room where Ethan is, we will see a sequence where Mia gives us Eveline's tissue sample.

Resident Evil 7 - Swamp

*If we gave the serum to Mia, we will have to go through the only door we can to go after Eveline, but if we save Zoe, a fight against Mia will take place here, to attack her we have to take the Lever behind where we were trapped. In any case, we advance through the door to exit the ship, cross the Swamp and reach a booth where we will once again find the Cages that were in Zoe's caravan. The Magnum can be useful against the final enemy. We advance towards the Salt Mine. .

Salt mine

Resident Evil 7 - Salt Mine - Elevator

When leaving the hut we continue through the swamp to an area where we have an elevator, several enemies come out and in the area we have items, when we finish with everyone and take the objects, call the elevator to go down, we can also do this area quickly, avoiding enemies and going directly to the elevator.

Resident Evil 7 - Salt Mine

Once down we will see a long corridor, at the back we will get a quick Holomofro and we have several mines, be careful with them, also from the back come 2 other Holomorphs, but if we hurry to go to the left so that they can see us we can make them They explode the mines and leave us the path free to run away. When we reach the opening, we continue to the right (if we go straight we will find 2 bombs and if we go to the left we will find ammunition for the magnum inside a tube).

Resident Evil 7 - Salt Mine - Wagon

Continuing we will reach a slope where we see that some logs block the way. Above there is a cart with stones that we can push so that it destroys the logs and in the process kills the enemies that follow us (only if we are fast).

Resident Evil 7 - Necrotoxin

After this we will reach an area that looks like a small laboratory, as we enter we will see 2 bathtubs on the right, between them and on the part attached to the shelf on the wall we have a stimulant to collect, in the next room we find a box for place the Sample of Eveline's tissue and get the Neurotoxin – E. Finally we have a chest and a save in the next room, we cannot open the door of this room until we have manufactured the Nerotoxin-E.

Resident Evil 7 - Die

When we leave we advance to the left, down to the right we have a couple of items on some drums, we cross an area with water and now after passing under some wood we will see Eveline who tells us "Die", here we have to follow the path Climbing upwards while Holomorphs come out, it is best to go as fast as possible since if we want to kill them all we are going to spend a lot of ammunition, so we will only shoot with the shotgun those who block our path and do not let us Moving forward we will be perfect, when we reach some broken stairs that we skirt by jumping to the left the danger will have passed.

Resident Evil 7 - Large Holomorph x2

But now we enter an area where in the background there are some stairs and when we approach them 2 large Holomorphs sprout from the groundBe careful with their vomiting, if we try to go up the stairs they will reach us and we will fall, we must kill them, we can take advantage of the 2 ramps that we have on each side to shoot them from afar and when they come towards us go to the other.

Resident Evil 7 - Return to the Guest House

After finishing with them we go up the stairs, shortly after advancing we will see a crack in the wall on the right through which we can cross to the other side and some wood, we cross them and we will find ourselves again in the Guest House, where at the beginning of the game Mia lay down on an armchair after saying that there was another door in this room, after the flashback the path is clear and she can go up the stairs.

Resident Evil 7 - Eveline

Now we will see how in the scenes in which Mia attacked us at the beginning of the game Eveline was involved in all of them, we return to the hallway where we entered, where the closet was that we opened with the tongs, we find Eveline and she will make Mia attack us with the chainsaw, we quickly climb up to the attic to begin the final battle.

Resident Evil 7 - Final Battle 1

When we go up to the bottom we will see Eveline telling us not to get close, with her psychic powers she sends us waves that take us away from her, we have to be careful to protect ourselves when they are going to hit us to resist the impact and be able to get closer to her, with A couple of times when we do it right we will reach her to inject her with the Necrotoxin and finish her off.

Resident Evil 7 - final battle 2

Eveline is revealed to be the old woman in a wheelchair who accompanied the Baker family. She suffers from a mutation that makes her giant. At this moment we will see ourselves trapped with her and as she approaches us, if the head reaches us it will kill us without a doubt. remedy, important that here we can move a little backwards to avoid being caught, all the ammunition we carry is the time to spend it, and if we had the Magnum it is the time to use it, although the last trunk is the one in the room where we created the Necrotoxin if they kill us we can reorganize the inventory.

Resident Evil 7 - Final Battle 3

Finally, after defeating her inside the house, she throws us outside and we see her total size, now we have to shoot her in the head as much as we can until she knocks us to the ground and tells us to use a weapon that they leave us at our disposal. right when we fall after being grabbed by Eveline, with this weapon we will put an end to the nightmare and see the final scene.

Resident Evil 7 - Final

We are now prepared to face the Madhouse mode.

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