Resident Evil Revelations Cheats for PS3, PC, Wii U, 3DS, Xbox 360

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Join Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield on Resident Evil Revelations.

All traces

Here we leave you a video to easily find the 30 fingerprints that we have to scan and obtain the "Last Victim" Achievement/Trophy.



Unlock Weapons Campaign Mode

  • PC356 Gun – Eliminate 150 enemies in campaign mode. 
  • PSG-1 Sniper – Analyze 15 Fingerprints. 
  • Hydra Shotgun – Complete the game on normal difficulty or higher. 
  • G18 – Analyze the 30 Traces. 
  • Infinity Rocket Launcher – Complete the game on Inferno difficulty.

Characters for Assault mode

  • Clive O'Brian: Reach level 20 in Assault mode.
  • HUNK: Achieve S rank in all Assault mode missions on Abyss difficulty.
  • Jack Norman: Complete all Assault mode missions on Abyss difficulty. 
  • Jessica Sherawat : Reach level 40. 
  • Keith Lumley : Complete episodes 4-6 of the Campaign. 
  • Morgan Lansdale : Achieve S rank in all Assault mode missions on Ditch difficulty. 
  • Quint CetCham : Reach level 5 in Assault mode. 
  • Rachel Foley : Get the "Triumvirate" Bonus in any Assault mode mission. 
  • Raymond Vester : Reach level 10 in Assault mode.

Assault Mode Outfits

Outfits for Jill: 
1. Complete the Ghost Ship mission.
2. Get a super rare weapon.

Outfits for Chris 
1. Deal 100,000 damage in a single shot in Assault mode.
2. Reach Level 30.

Suits for Parker 
1. Get 10 Bonuses in assault mode. 
2. Eliminate 10,000 enemies in assault mode.

Outfits for Keith 
1. Reach level 50 in Assault mode.
2. Obtain an S rank in all Assault mode missions on Sima difficulty.

Outfits for Quint 
1. Eliminate 10,000 enemies in assault mode. 
2. Get all rare weapons.

Outfits for Jessica 
1. Complete all missions in the Ditch level. 
2. Complete all missions in the Sima level.

First victim [Campaign] – Scan 1 hidden handprint.  

Investigator [Campaign] – Scan an enemy for the first time.  

Life on the edge [Campaign] – Stop an enemy projectile with your knife for the first time.  

Triple [Campaign] – Defeat 3 enemies with a stun grenade.  

A packaged offer [Campaign] – Defeat the Scarmiglione without destroying any of its parts.   

Dip [Campaign] – Swim in the Solarium pool When you return there in Chapter 4  

Dodge Master [Campaign] – Dodge 20 times.  

easy fist [Campaign] – Make 10 melee attacks at full charge.  

On the way [Assault Mode] – Reach player level 5.

Maximum synchronization [Assault Mode] – Perform a fully charged physical attack against an enemy at the same time as your partner.      

We'll find you, Jill [Campaign] – Beat episodes 1-3.   

Get us out of here! [Campaign] – Beat episodes 4-6.

Queen Zenobia [Campaign] – Beat episodes 7-9. 

Dissipated storm [Campaign] – Beat episodes 10-12. 

Hunting-BOWs [Campaign] – Defeat 150 enemies.  

In the spotlight [Campaign] – Defeat Rachel before she enters the cafeteria. 

Oozes Kicks [Campaign] – Defeat 10 Oozes with headshots.  

Die another day [Campaign] – Dodge the deadly attack of the Skagdeads. You will encounter a Skagdead during part 3-2  

Beyond the first circle [Assault Mode] – Clear all levels of Ditch Assault mode.  

Beyond the second circle [Assault Mode] – Clear all S-rated Ditch Assault mode levels.  

Beyond the third circle [Assault Mode] – Complete all Assault mode levels in Sima.  

Beyond the fourth circle [Assault Mode] – Clear all Assault mode levels in Sima with an S rating.  

Beyond the fifth circle [Assault Mode] – Clear all levels in Abyss Assault mode.  

Going forward [Assault Mode] – Reach player level 10.  

Experienced [Assault Mode] – Reach player level 20.  

Veteran [Assault Mode] – Reach player level 30.  

Genius [Assault Mode] – Reach player level 40.  

Lucky [Assault Mode] – Get a super special weapon.  

Untouchable [Assault Mode] – Get the “No Damage” bonus for the first time.  

5 below [Assault Mode] – Complete a level with your player level 5 numbers below the recommended level.     

Dark forest [Campaign] – Beat the Easy difficulty level or higher.  

Traces of tragedy [Campaign] – Scan 15 hidden handprints.  

Rockets are for losers [Campaign] – Defeat the Malacoda without using the rocket launcher. 

Beyond the sixth circle [Assault Mode] – Clear all levels of the Abyss Assault mode with an S rating.  

Exterminator [Assault Mode] – Defeat 10,000 enemies.  

Annihilator [Assault Mode] – Deal 100,000 points of damage to an enemy in one fell swoop.  

Collector [Assault Mode] – Get all the super special weapons.  

wasteful [Raid Mode] – Spend 1 million BP in the store.  

First Triplet [Assault Mode] – Get the "Triplet" bonus for the first time.  

Bonus [Assault Mode] – Get 10 bonuses.  

Shores of purgatory [Campaign] – Beat the Normal difficulty level or higher.  

Hall of hell [Campaign] – Beat the Hell difficulty level.  

Survivors of darkness [Campaign] – Beat the Normal difficulty level or higher without dying.  

Last victim [Campaign] – Scan 30 hidden handprints.  

Research completed [Campaign] – scan all enemy types.  

Beyond the seventh circle [Assault Mode] – Complete the Assault Mode bonus level "The Ghost Ship".  

Teacher [Assault Mode] – Reach player level 50.  

Superbonus [Assault Mode] – Get 50 bonuses.  

Megabonus [Assault Mode] – Get 100 bonuses.     

Ultrabonus [Assault Mode] – Get 150 bonuses.


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