How to access BOE auctions

Learn how to register and what the requirements of the BOE auction portal are to buy luxury homes and high-end cars at a good price

Let's see how to access BOE auctions, in order to have the opportunity to buy houses and cars at a good price. And it is that he State official newsletter continually puts up for auction properties and vehicles seized from citizens who have not been able to afford a major debt as a form of payment. That is why many citizens access this type of official auctions to try to buy luxury houses and high-end cars at prices well below market value. Of course, the BOE itself warns that it is possible that many are in bad conditions. Even so, it is a unique opportunity to get hold of that house or car you want at the best price. Therefore, below we show you how to register and what are the requirements to access the BOE auctions.

BOE auctions: how to register and access

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How to access BOE auctions

To participate in auctions on-line of the BOE it is only necessary access its official website ( in order to have access to the BOE State Agency Auction Portal, where we can search for properties and vehicles by province. In this portal we can find everything from houses to cars, including motorcycles, vans and even parking spaces.

And it is that his own BOE State Agency Auction Portal offers a search engine that allows locate auctions through different criteria such as:

  • Origin
  • Guy
  • State
  • Address
  • Date
  • Identifier
  • And more

Thus, it is possible search for properties by location or address, as well as cars by depot address from which the auction is made. In addition, the portal itself allows registered users receive email notifications to know the start time of the bidding period for each auction in which you are interested.

How to access BOE auctions

How to register to participate

Registering for BOE auctions is very simple. It is only necessary to have a electronic certificate recognized, a DNI or NIE to identify yourself or the Cl@ve system, whether it's Cl@ve PIN or Permanent Cl@ve.

As we say, registered users have multiple advantages; and beyond the auction notifications discussed in the previous section, registered users can also participate in the auctions themselves, make deposits, view auction details such as the maximum bid amount or subscribe to new bids of interest.

Unregistered users

On the other hand, it is also possible access BOE auctions without being registered, although in this way fewer services are accessed, such as making auction searches in progress through different criteria, check public details of each auction such as general information, Data from the Managing Authority, the lots that make it up, in addition to the interested or the creditor, if permitted by the Managing Authority of each auction, which will determine whether said data is public or not.

Now you know what are BOE auctions, how to register and how to bid in them to get the best prices on high-end items such as houses or cars. Don't miss the best opportunities of this type of official online auction!

How to access BOE auctions

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