How to watch RTVE Play

We tell you how to watch RTVE Play for free, TVE's new on-demand video and audio platform that replaces A la carte. How to watch on SmartTV, PC and mobile phones?

Let's see how to watch RTVE Play for free, the new video and audio on demand platform from Spanish Radio Television and which replaces the previous TVE service called To the letter. It is a service like many others currently available through which all kinds of content are offered, from the programs and series offered on channels such as TVE-1 and The 2 to a great offer of Spanish and international series, as well as movies and documentaries of all kinds and themes. And the best of all is that it is completely free; But how can you access all this offer? audiovisual from RTVE Play? Below we will tell you how to see RTVE Play free via SmartTV, PC and mobiles iOS and Android.

RTVE Play, the new A La Carta

How to watch RTVE Play for free

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How to watch RTVE Play for free

RTVE Play is the new RTVE on-demand content service, betting on a much more comfortable and intuitive interface and design, in addition to offering new functionalities to catch up with other similar platforms; all with exclusive content that makes it more attractive to many users. But, How can we access RTVE Play?

As we say, RTVE Play is totally free, so we will only have to access its service from the chosen platform and start enjoying its content without spending a euro. To access RTVE Play you only need to enter one of the following internet addresses, either for television or radio, respectively, from any PC, mobile or tablet browser:

We can also download the official application, RTVE Play app, available for both devices iOS (iPhone) as Android:

In addition, we can also download the app for SmartTV; To do this, we just have to access the app store from the menu of our smart TV and search RTVE Play. Once the shortcut has been downloaded, we can start enjoying its content directly from the television.

Finally, if you want to enjoy a completely personalized experience that offers you content according to your tastes, you will only have to register completely free.

How to watch RTVE Play

How RTVE Play works

RTVE Play allows its users search for specific topics through movies, series, documentaries, sports, news and much more, in addition to offering a huge content file available at any time.

On the other hand, sections of the usual RTVE channels, as:

  • TVE-1
  • The 2
  • 24 Hour Channel
  • Telesport
  • TVE Catalunya

As well as a channel dedicated to the youngest with PlayZ, with a large catalog of programs, series and much more especially focused on the little ones in the house.

As we say, to enjoy a fully personalized experience it is only necessary register on the platform completely free of charge; To do this, you only have to provide the basic personal data from any online registration, such as:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Postal Code

In addition, if we register in RTVE Play we can enjoy extra features most interesting as continue viewing the contents where you left them paused, create favorite content lists or see the live shows from the beginning, in addition to go back or forward in the videos or reduce screen to continue browsing the Internet while you continue watching RTVE Play.

Finally, you can also choose language and subtitles among those available for each content or enjoy the original version in foreign content.

Now you know all the details about RTVE Play, how to access totally free to its contents and how to register to enjoy a completely personalized experience.

How to watch RTVE Play

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