5 tricks to save battery on your iPhone

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With the arrival of iOS 11, the new operating system for mobile devices from Manzana, the Cupertino company has managed to optimize many of the main resources of iPhone, among which stands out longer battery life. But how can we save battery life on our iPhone? Follow our 5 tips to extend the life of your iPhone's battery.

Background Apps

Current devices allow us to keep numerous applications in the background, which makes it easier for us to switch between them quickly and easily. Although if we keep many tasks open the RAM will consume unnecessary resources that will affect the battery life of our device, even if only minimally. Therefore, as long as we do not use applications in the background, we recommend ending them. We can also choose to disable multitasking through Settings – General – Multitasking – Dock.

iOS iPhone multitasking options

Background updates

iOS offers a feature that makes things much easier for us, since the device itself is capable of updating applications in the background so that, once we use them again, are already updated to the latest version. This property consumes a good percentage of each battery charge, so we can improve autonomy if we disable background updates. To do this we just have to go to Settings – General – Refresh in the background and leave active only those that interest us.

iPhone iOS Updates

Battery consumption of applications

It is always recommended review the applications that consume the most battery presented through Settings – Battery. In this section we can consult the specific consumption of each application and uninstall the ones that generate the least interest depending on your battery consumption.

Handoff and Airdrop functions

Although these two new features may be interesting for users who want Share your documents or multimedia content between your own devices from Apple, we don't usually use them much. To tell the truth, they consume very few resources, but we can always save some battery if we deactivate them through Settings – General.


Brightness of the screen

With the new large diagonal and higher resolution screens, Excessive brightness can lead to a high percentage of consumption. for our battery. We must always adapt the screen brightness to the ambient lighting conditions, lowering the brightness whenever possible, or resorting to the adjustment tool. Automatic brightness in Settings.