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Take control of the nighttime superhero and get the most out of Batman: Arkham Knight with our advice.

Batman Arkham Knight Finals

Have 3 endings to enjoy in Batman Arkham Knight.

  • We can see the first one completing Story Mode.
  • We will unlock the second when activating the protocol "Fall of the Bat" after having completed at least 7 "Most Wanted" missions.
  • To unlock the last ending we have to collect all 243 collectibles and defeat Enigma in a final fight.

Most Wanted Missions

One of the objectives in Batman Arkham Knight are the most wanted missions, in each of them we will face a classic Batman enemy, we leave you some videos to solve the most complex ones.

The Two Faces of Crime



The perfect crime



Night Creature



Riddler's Revenge


Videos of Collectibles

In total we have 243 collectibles to collect, we leave you videos of each area to easily locate the ones you are missing.

Bleake Island



Panessa Studios



Miagani Island



Founder's Island



Stagg Airships



Arkham Knight Headquarters


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