FedEx SMS scam: what it is, how to avoid it and how to delete the virus

Don't fall into the trap of FedEx package virus SMS scam; We teach you how to detect it and how to prevent your Android mobile from being infected

Below we are going to explain everything about the FedEx SMS Package Scam, a dangerous mobile trap Android which may cause your personal data to be exposed to third parties. And the call FedEx virus makes the user believe that they have a package pending delivery, so it invites us to click a link to manage the sending a package imaginary. The dangerous thing about the matter is that if we fall into the trap, a dangerous trojan virus on our smartphone that can access our bank account. Let's see What is this virus, how to detect and avoid it and finally, if possible get rid of it.

The FAKE SMS SCAM from FEDEX: This is the VERY DANGEROUS VIRUS that it HIDES and how you can ELIMINATE IT

FedEx SMS Scam: How to Avoid the Virus

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What is the FedEx SMS scam?

The FedEx SMS Scam It is one of the latest methods of Trojan virus infection in Android phones that is about steal bank details of the user who falls into the trap. Worst of all, the scam includes user name in SMS, which multiplies the chances that anyone will actually believe it.

This virus belongs to a well-known family of Trojans that uses the SMS technique with link to try to trick the user into downloading the virus. The complicated thing about this new virtual threat is that it comes with the user's own name, which can make anyone trust the warning and click on the direct link believing that it is an official SMS from FedEx, a well-known package shipping company.

FedEx SMS scam: what it is, how to avoid it and how to delete the virus

The types of SMS notifications usually vary, although the objective is none other than to notify of a supposed package that is about to arrive to your home; Whether it is about to arrive or delivery has not been possible, always try to ensure that by clicking on the link the user can manage the delivery of the false shipment.

The link takes the user to a website that appears to be from FedEx, although in reality it is a fake website even though it includes logos or texts that seem official. The page will require the user to download an app to manage the shipment, inviting the user to download a fraudulent APK application. When installing said app, it will ask the user to accept various permissions that leave the mobile phone at the mercy of the Trojan.

So much so, that the first thing the fraudulent app does is replace the SMS app of the infected mobile phone, so that the affected person cannot see or send SMS and does not know that the virus is working incognito. This particularity is already very dangerous, since the user does not know if he is sending SMS without knowing it, with the possibility of receive high bills for SMS that you have not sent.

On the other hand, the app is capable of collecting all the actions carried out with the mobile, reading usernames and passwords in all the apps or websites in which you write; Thanks to this, the Trojan can easily access your banking apps. To all this we must add the possibility of expand via SMS through your contact book, spreading their illicit activities to more and more users.

FedEx SMS scam: what it is, how to avoid it and how to delete the virus

How to avoid getting infected with the FedEx SMS virus

The most obvious thing is that if you do not expect any shipment of packages to your home, do not open the FedEx delivery notification SMS. And if by chance you are expecting a package or, even more coincidence, it is from FedEx, The user is never asked to download any app, since these operations are carried out through the website of each courier company.

Another clear sign of a scam is that fraudulent websites that try to pass themselves off as legal companies use domains similar to real ones, but never the same. For example, in the case of FedEx, the scam will use a fake domain like, when the actual FedEx website would be or similar.

On the other hand, no legal company will ask the user to download an app in APK format, since in the case of offering an app, it will always be through Google Play on Android or App Store on iPhone (iOS). Never through APK file downloads. Finally, if an app asks you numerous permits When installing, be wary. This virus will ask you for access to the call log, SMS, contacts and other sections of your mobile that an official app would never request.

FedEx SMS scam: what it is, how to avoid it and how to delete the virus

How to know if your cell phone is infected with FedEx SMS

If unfortunately you have reached this point because you suspect that your mobile has been infected With the FedEx SMS virus, you can find out through the following clues. The first and clearest is that your SMS app has been replaced and it is no longer the original Android. No official app would replace an app on your mobile.

Another proof that your mobile has been infected is that it has already you can't access your old SMS. And if you do not have access to the SMS app, suspect a possible infection. You can also ask someone to send you an SMS to check if you really get new messages.

You can also try search for the malicious application itself. In the app search box on your phone, write FedEx; If an app of this type suddenly appears, your mobile phone has been infected. Another anomalous behavior of the mobile phone is that when accessing the Play Store, closes suddenly. Finally, you can check your mobile service operator's bill to see if they have registered illicit SMS sending; If so, you will quickly identify the infection.

How to delete FedEx SMS virus

Once you have checked if your mobile phone has been infected, we come to the key point: can we really get rid of this mobile virus? The first step is minimize possible damage caused. And if you think you have accessed apps or websites with a password with the infected mobile, try change all your affected passwords through another mobile phone or a computer.

Another action you can do is contact your operator to report the problem and have it block your SMS temporarily or even deactivate your SIM temporarily if necessary. Once these first actions have been carried out, let's see if we can eliminate the virus completely.

The first thing you can try is to access Android in safe mode, so that you can restart the terminal with the factory apps and can delete the fraudulent app manually, since in this mode it will not be able to run. Although if you prefer to do a total cleaning and start from scratch with your mobile, you can restore the terminal to factory settings, formatting and deleting all its contents, including the FedEx virus. Make sure before you have Backups of your contents, if you want to restore them later, but do not enter passwords of any kind before formatting so that the virus does not read them.

You can always try with Android antivirus or other methods advanced, although the best and most effective methods are the two that we have described.

Now you know what it is FedEx SMS virus, how to identify it and how to get rid of it. Be careful with the apps you download with your mobile and don't risk it!

FedEx SMS scam: what it is, how to avoid it and how to delete the virus

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