How to charge iPhone 13

The best tips and tricks on how to charge your iPhone 13 battery, achieve greater autonomy and extend the life of your Apple battery

Let's see how to charge iPhone 13 through the best tricks and tips to achieve greater autonomy, extend battery life and know in what time is most advisable charge your mobile Manzana. And it is that the iPhone battery It is one of the most important components, since it allows the functionality of the terminal itself and for everything to work perfectly. Although there are many urban legends about the battery and its charging; Therefore, below we offer you a complete guide on how to charge the battery iPhone 13 and the best advice on how to care for it and extend its useful life.

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iPhone 13: how to charge the battery

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How to charge the iPhone 13 battery

There are several methods to charge the iPhone 13, from the most common through the USB Lightning cable until the wireless charging on devices specially designed for this, either at home or in the car if it offers the option. It is also advisable to use a Extreme battery to connect the USB cable and charge the iPhone battery whenever you need it.

How to charge iPhone 13

How long to charge the iPhone battery

Since the existence of the first mobile phones, there has been a myth that It is bad to leave your phone charging all night. In the terminals of yesteryear it was not recommended, since if you left the charge on for many hours you could overload the battery. In today's terminals like the iPhone 13 this does not happen, since when the load reaches 100%, loading is blocked and prevents surges.

Additionally, it is advisable to charge the battery between 30% and 70% so that the calibration between hardware (battery) and software (iOS) is more precise. Furthermore, controlling the loads in this way you will extend the useful life of the battery, since this way your electrolytes are less worn out.

When is it best to charge the iPhone 13 battery

Actually, you can charge the battery at any time, whenever necessary. In this way, if you see that you have a 30% battery and you are going out in the afternoon, nothing happens if you charge the battery for a while to avoid running out of charge at any time, while you are away from home. So you will earn a few extra hours.

Although the most recommended is charge iPhone overnight, so that you don't worry about the daily load of the mobile and fully recharge while you sleep. Remember that when the iPhone reaches 100%, charging stops so as not to damage the battery. In addition, an automatic backup will be made overnight to iCloud, Apple's cloud.

How to charge iPhone 13

Furthermore, it makes no difference whether you charge the iPhone while off or on; Yes, if you charge while the iPhone is off, it will charge faster, since the operating system will not have to power any process.

Which charger to use to charge the iPhone 13

To charge the iPhone 13 as quickly as possible, it is best to use the terminal's own charger, in this case, the one from 20W, in order to enjoy the fast charge Of battery. Likewise, you can use more powerful chargers without problem, since the iPhone will only use the flow of charging energy necessary for proper operation. In this way, you can use without fear other iPad or Mac chargers.

How to calibrate the iPhone 13 battery

If you see that the terminal turns off with more than one 10% of available battery or you detect abnormal behavior in its autonomy, you can calibrate the battery to get a better experience. This is a common problem in older terminals or with outdated iOS versions.

  1. The first step is to completely discharge the terminal battery.
  2. Then charge the battery to the 100%.
  3. Now restore the device.
  4. Finally, completely discharge the battery again.

Following these steps you will improve the calibration of the battery with the software.

How to charge iPhone 13

How to know if the iPhone 13 is charging

When the iPhone begins its wired or wireless charging period, a message will appear. battery shaped icon on the terminal screen showing that it is charging and the percentage of battery charged. Additionally, a message will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. green battery shaped icon with loading animation.

How to know if the iPhone 13 has already been charged

Unfortunately, in the latest models of iPhone the battery charge percentage does not appear in the top status bar. Luckily, when the iPhone is charging, if you press on the locked screen you will be able to see the charge percentage that has the battery at that moment, just below the time.

How to charge iPhone 13

Also, if you want you can add a widget for battery showing the percentage at any time; don't miss the best tricks to see the battery percentage on the latest iPhone models.

Now you know how to charge the iPhone 13 battery, as well as the best tips and tricks to extend battery life and have more autonomy in your daily life.

How to charge iPhone 13

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