How to upload a photo to Instagram

Learn how to upload photos to Instagram in the fastest and most comfortable way: share your photos now that easily

Let's see how to upload photos to Instagram, the popular social network for sharing images, videos, Stories, Reels and more with users of all the world. And Instagram is one of the most downloaded and used social tools today, an essential way to reach millions of users both professionally and for leisure. Not in vain, it is already part of the conglomerate of Facebook, with all the potential that this implies in terms of advertising and reach. Although one of the basic functions of Instagram is the photo upload, providing all kinds of information with the application of filters, image editing, color adjustments, location and tags so that other users appear in the photo. Therefore, we teach you everything you need to know about how to upload photos to instagram with your iPhone or Android mobile, a process that is always the same and that in the end will be as easy as it is natural. ¡Don't miss how to upload and share your photos through Instagram!

How to Upload Photos to Instagram Quickly and Easy

How to upload photos to Instagram

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How to upload a photo to Instagram step by step

Follow the steps below to upload a photo to Instagram:

  1. Access the Instagram app and enter your access data as long as you do not have the automatic account access.
  2. On the main screen you will see 5 main icons at the bottom of the screen; press the one that presents the + symbol in the middle.
  3. You will access a gallery in which all the photos on your mobile appear.
  4. If the image you want to upload is recent, it will appear among the first options; If you have more time, you can browse through your galleries/folders to find it.
  5. Select one or more images to be published in the same publication; When you have them selected, click on Following.
  6. You will access a new screen with the image or images to upload and the respective options to edit them. Here you can add an Instagram filter, crop it, rotate it, adjust the brightness, contrast or saturation, focus and more; When you have finished click on Following.
  7. Finally, you can add a caption with text that describes the photo, tags from other users or Instagram accounts, the geographical location of the image or the apps in which you want to share the publication, such as Facebook or Twitter, thus improving your productivity on social networks.
  8. When you have everything ready, you just have to click on Share to upload the photo to your Instagram account.

How to upload a photo to Instagram

Check the reactions of your followers or other Instagram users, their comments either I like, in order to gain new followers and continue growing. Of course, you must keep in mind that Instagram presents restrictions on adult content, so it is not allowed to upload images or videos of content +18; Be careful because they can ban you or delete your account for inappropriate behavior.

How to edit your photos before uploading them

Beyond the image editing options offered by Instagram, you can count on third-party tools dedicated to edit the images. There are many apps to edit Instagram images, although we recommend an application called Instasize, in order to go up panoramic images or other proportions, without any type of limitation. Also add original frames, effects and many more extras to make your Instagram photos something unique.

How to upload a photo to Instagram

Now you know how to upload images to Instagram, in addition to editing them to achieve the best result and succeed among your followers and attract the attention of others.

How to upload a photo to Instagram

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