Social Security SMS Scam: what it is and how to avoid it

Have you received a suspicious message from Social Security? We offer you the keys to identify this new mobile scam method

Let's see What is the Social Security SMS scam?, a new method of cybercrime which is intended to steal the victim's personal data by posing as said official body. And there are many scams that come through SMS messages on mobile phones or emails, all of them with a single objective: to steal your personal or banking data. That is why below we show you what is this scam Social Security and how to avoid it so as not to fall into the trap.

SMS Social Security scam: how to avoid

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What is the Social Security SMS scam?

The hackers or cybercriminals They usually use traps in the form of SMS or emails to impersonate official organizations such as the Treasury, the DGT or the SEPE, in order to make the victims believe that there is some kind of problem and that they fall into the trap of access a misleading link, in order to give your personal or banking information to third parties without knowing it.

And one of these latest scams poses as Social Security, warning users that they must access a link to follow a new government regulation and continue quoting as normal. Evidently, it is a deception so that victims fall into the trap for fear of not continuing to contribute.

And there is no obligation on the part of Social Security to update taxpayer data, much less through a simple SMS. So much so, that Social Security will never contact the taxpayer through this method, since it already has its own official channels and their respective information campaigns.

Social Security SMS Scam: what it is and how to avoid it

How to avoid the Social Security SMS scam

If you receive an SMS of this type, be suspicious and don't open it. And if you open it, never click on the attached links, since in this way you would enable access to your personal or banking data to third parties, surely cybercriminals.

After receiving an SMS of this type you have two options, ignore or delete it. Obviously, we recommend delete it directly without even opening it.

Now you know What is the Social Security SMS scam and how to avoid it. Never, never click on the attached links in this type of SMS messages or via emails. And if you want to contact official organizations, always go to the official channels enabled for this, whether online or in person at one of their offices.

Social Security SMS Scam: what it is and how to avoid it

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