What is the name of Thor's hammer?

We discover the truth behind one of the most popular and viral Google searches of recent times due to the success of Marvel Studios in the cinema

Let's answer the viral question "what is the name of Thor's hammer", one of the searches most popular of Google of the last times. And after the boom of the movies Superheros of Marvel Studios and its own universe of comic book characters, memes and jokes have not been long in coming in relation to specific topics, such as the name of the Thor's powerful weapon, god of thunder, played in the movies by actor Chris Hemsworth. And how could it be otherwise, the motivation and the answer to this question is not what you are thinking... Let's discover below the solution to such a curious mystery In Internet.

What is the name of Thor's hammer: Jonathan

Beyond the obvious (his name is none other than Mjölnir), this specific search (and its derivatives such as “What is the name of Thor Jonathan's hammer?" either "what is the name of thor's hammer") comes from the actor's response Paul Rudd in a 2018 interview while promoting his film Ant-man and the Wasp, also from Marvel Studios, when asked about the name of the thunder god's classic weapon. Neither short nor lazy, Rudd responded “Jonathan”, without specifying whether or not he knew the correct answer. Although the director of Thor Ragnarok, the always prankster Taika Waititi, months earlier he responded to the same question with “Jeff”, even though he knew perfectly well that his name was Mjölnir (a separate mention for the pronunciation of said word, but that would be for another debate).

What is the name of Thor's hammer?

And this is the solution to the famous Google search; there's no more. Basically, the general public wants to know or see again the witty response of “Jonathan", instead of knowing the true origin of a legendary weapon forged with the Asgardian metal known as Uru by order of the god of war himself Odin, an almost heavenly hammer that can only be wielded by those of whole heart and morals capable of summoning elemental powers such as thunder, lightning, wind and rain. In short, a storm capable of wreak havoc on enemies.

Now you know the whole truth about one of the viral searches further popular of recent times on the Internet; although if you were a fan of the MCU (Marvel Cinematographic Universe) you most likely already knew the answer.

What is the name of Thor's hammer?

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