How to change Instagram email

If you want to change the email of your Instagram user account, we show you step by step how to do it, in addition to changing your username

Let's see how to change Instagram email, that is, the email of your user account of such a popular social network. And if you have any problem with your Instagram account, it is recommended change the associated email in order to avoid losing the account permanently. Either in case you have been hacked account or you have forgotten the password, you can change the mail address and username easily. Don't miss below how to change email instagram.

How to Remove, Change or Delete EMAIL from my INSTAGRAM Account

How to change Instagram email

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How to change email on Instagram

So, if you used an alternative email or one that you don't normally use for your Instagram user account, you may encounter login problems. Therefore, it is most recommended that set up a regular email account or to which you have access frequently.

Luckily, it is possible to change your Instagram email account easily through the Web page wave mobile app; The steps are the same in both cases and we will tell you about them below:

  1. Access your Instagram profile.
  2. Choose the option Edit profile.
  3. The current email address will appear under Profile Information.
  4. Click on the email address to edit it.
  5. Enter the new email address you want to set up.
  6. Click on okay to complete the process.

How to change Instagram email

Once you have set up a new email account on Instagram, you will receive a confirmation email in said account. Open the new email in your inbox and confirm your new email address through the attached official link. Remember that if you do not verify your new email address, you will not be able to access your Instagram account.

How to change email on Instagram without logging in

In the event that you cannot log in to your Instagram account for whatever reason, you can also change email address even if you're not logged in. Of course, before continuing with this process, make sure you have access to the phone number either email registered in your Instagram account.

And without access to phone number or to email, you can lose your Instagram account permanently. Follow the steps below to change email address on Instagram without logging in:

  1. Go to the Instagram login page.
  2. Click on the option Get help located below the login button.
  3. Enter the email, phone number or username associated with said Instagram account.
  4. You will have the option to receive an email, text message, or log in with Facebook.
  5. Wait for Instagram to redirect you to the password change page.
  6. Follow the instructions until you reach the email address confirmation page.
  7. Now enter the new email address and phone number.
  8. Confirm the new data.

How to change Instagram email

How to change username on Instagram

Finally, we are going to tell you how to change instagram username so that you have all the related options at your fingertips. Although the first thing of all is to make it clear that the Username and the Instagram display name

So, username is unique and appears at the top of your profile in the app or at the end of your profile URL on the web version. It's a name exclusive to each profile and cannot be repeated on Instagram. In addition, it has some restrictions:

  • It cannot be more than 30 characters.
  • It can only contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores.

On the other hand, the display name is displayed on your profile, below your user picture. this name is not exclusive of each user and can be repeated on Instagram, in addition to containing special characters such as emojis.

So if you want change your username to display on Instagram You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access the Instagram app on your mobile.
  2. Click on it your avatar icon located in the lower right corner of the screen to access your profile.
  3. Now click on the option Edit profile.
  4. Click on Username and type the new display name.
  5. Click on the symbol okay at the top right of the screen to confirm.

The process is the same in web version of Instagram. Now you know everything about how to change instagram email, as well as the options to change your username at your fingertips.

How to change Instagram email

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